USC Stat Of The Night

Why is Clay Helton happy tonight?

Because Alabama, Notre Dame, Washington and Oregon are a combined 20-0.

And they were all wiped off the schedule. Washington and Oregon are 5-0 and were replaced by Washington State and Oregon State, who are 2-3.

It’s good to be Clay Helton!

21 thoughts on “USC Stat Of The Night

    1. Is a horseshoe perpetually lucky?
      If so, I’m breakin’ in and stealing his lucky ‘shoe.
      I’ve got a few stock picks I’d like to cash in on.

      Musta been Secretariat’s shoe.

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  1. Liked by 3 people

    1. So this is gonna’ give Larry Scott a “thrombo!”
      He can’t book a 9PM USC or UCLA (or Stanfurd, Cal) start time.
      What’s a knucklehead to do?

      Oh, perhaps a 7AM kickoff in the Coliseum?

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  2. Does this surprise anyone??

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    1. In the NFL, there are a few QB’s–Russell and Patrick come to mind–who feast on quick releases against the blitz. Wanna’ blitz me? Ga’ head.

      In CFB, few of the young QB’s have that skill set as throwers.
      With their feet, several can make you pay…

      I think Slovis–with some really smart QB coaching–could be one of those guys.

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      1. Slovis is plenty smart. The difference between Slovis and Wilson is that, right up to and including last Thursday, defenses still have no clear strategy how to defend against Wilson’s athleticism. I think very few defensive coordinators worry about Slovis’ ability to pump and run. He’s not as quick on his feet and he doesn’t take the hits as well as Wilson (to state the obvious). And…this is the part I don’t get —when the pocket breaks up, Slovis is holding on to the ball longer than he did last year…..


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