USC Morning Buzz: Welcome To Celebrate U.

I can remember writing that there were times USC players under Pete Carroll were too demonstrative after making a big play at the risk of getting an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

Now USC celebrates even when it doesn’t make a play.

It seemed like the defense was always celebrating against Utah. I remember after Utah’s QB bounced an incomplete pass to a receiver, the USC cornerback started jumping up-and-down like he made a play and he wasn’t even close to the ball.

This isn’t the first year USC’s been acting in an embarrassing manner during games but I thought the entirely new defensive staff would stop the over-celebrating. Instead, it seems to be getting worse.

“It’s hard to change the culture when the person at the top doesn’t want to do it,” said a USC coach.

59 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Welcome To Celebrate U.

  1. I mentioned this yesterday. Too bad it was on another blog. I wondered in print if our players had given on up being in the NFL and we’re trying out for the 🩰 ballet. The need to pound your chest like a cartoon gorilla isn’t listed among the rules of football.
    Especially maddening is seeing it after every play. You did your job let our cheers be your demonstration.
    Here are some suggestions that are like unwritten rules that have never been written.
    1. No demonstration for gang tackles.
    2. Solo tackles behind the line of scrimmage one muscle beach flex.
    3. Deflected pass no demonstration (that’s your job)
    4. Almost intercepted no demonstration, hang your head, learn to catch.
    5. Pick six, strut out of the end zone like the Ohio State drum major pull a hammy.
    6. Blow through the line and nail the quarterback, take a lap and remember in practice don’t nail the quarterback.
    7. Make a truly spectacular play during the game, three step strut one gorilla pound, two points to the sky and thank god and maybe a high five if you think the camera is still with you.
    8. A truly classy player will blow through the line in a game, cream the quarterback then get up and dust himself off. As a gesture of goodwill reach down to help the mangled player up while saying, “same thing next down?” That’s the way they done it when TV wasn’t watching.

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    1. I like it when our defensive backs let the ball go through their hands….and smile…. or snap their fingers.

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      1. In fairness, I should add that our defensive backfield is a shitload better this year than any year under Pendergast —they aggressively play the damn ball.

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  2. Funny funny blogger ‼️ Last two weeks he spent railing about the lack of energy and emotion. Today he protests against any demonstration of emotion. I suppose when the team you rail against is 3-0, the pickens get a bit thin and worn.
    Whatever. On to 4-0, beat the horns off the buffs!

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    1. Ha! [J. P. Donleavy wrote that “you can never be wrong if your sentences contain their own rebuttal.” Scott avoids this advice as far as individual sentences go —but he follows it from article to article.

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    2. SUCC could be just as easily 1 -2 except for the lucky bounce of the ball. I sincerely hope SUCC runs the table on their cupcake FB schedule so they have to play good teams that don’t do cheesy, bubblegum celebrations for doing their job or rely on blind luck to win a game.

      #52 – 6


      1. Even when we’re down, there’s one thing I can count on in this world…ruins havin to look up to find us..
        Dolt, heard ruins attendance is up this season. Couldn’t be any lower than last year.

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      2. bruin attendance is up from last year cuz woke, science based bruin fans anticipated covid in 2019 ….and self quarantined….

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      1. Like everyone else —I hope this is the last we hear on this story, Pudly. Isolated case. End of story. Over and done with. Like I say, I hope…..

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      3. “It would be excessive to cancel the game over one case of covid …but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen…”
        [Paraphrasing Vincent from Pulp Fiction]…….

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      1. Not that these stories are necessarily related…but…. has there been any further word on the condition of Stepp…or Carr?

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      2. Vavae can carry the load 20+ att per game and make “it” (tackling him) hurt in the 4th qtr. Christon can dart for 10 carries and catch a few out in the flat.

        Let Stepps recover. It’s and exhibition season anyway. While CU is an improved ball club under Tucker/Dorrell, I’m not sure that they are a physical/defensive juggernaut.

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      3. They have some talent and an underrated coach…..but, let’s face it, it hurts when your QB doesn’t have anybody to throw to AND you don’t have any defenders in your backfield.

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      4. I have a feeling this could be a 40 point plus game for SC and they win by 17 or more…or Slovis will pull it out at the end, 31-27. You just never know with Clay…he has the uncanny ability to have his team play to the lowest common denominator

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    1. No shit, Pudly. That’s a lot of “out for the season’s”….
      Question: Does USC seem to lose more players “for the season” after one or two games than any other NCAA program?

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  3. What the athletic department prioritizes now is the power of positive thinking and pushing negative thoughts away.

    That takes precedence over emphasizing coaching, fundamentals or even picking the best assistants or head coach possible.




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    1. It was actually worse, marvienna. After thanking the Iowa fans for cheering against us and the Iowa team for scoring repeatedly against our defense, Helton said something like “We were good tonight —but now we’re taking the step to GREAT.”

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  4. Back to the subject of “Celebration U…..”

    This is a Tik Tok/snapchat/instagram/FB/youtube world these young fellows live in. Every single positive moment must be immortalized, digitized, and sent over the broadband. While I don’t prefer it, I understand it and I accept it.

    In this incredibly challenging year in which we have DEMANDED that all these young people sacrifice everything important in THEIR young lives to the benefit of a bunch of old, fat, hypertensive, dyslipidemic, type II diabetic lazy entitled shut in Americans who would have never in their lifetime thought about the discipline of diet and exercise, I say “go fuckin celebrate kids!”

    (I spent 30 years of my young life trying to get Americans away from shitty food and off their arse. I retired 10 years earlier than anticipated as I saw the effort futile. Did ya’ know the leading cause of cancer in America is now obesity?)

    One of the things I most enjoy about Women’s Volleyball is how they come together after each and every point–won or lost–and celebrate and encourage each other. Watching Briccio and her team take down the vaunted Women’s Stanford team from my courtside seat at a ROCKIN’ Galen counts as one of my greatest USC sporting experiences.)


    It’s just a game, right?

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    1. I agree with every word…. [I just get worried sometimes that the celebrations look a bit like taunting and we’re gonna end up fucking ourselves over —- unlike a Saban or Meyer team]…..

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      1. Oh, I agree, Michael.
        I think a quick 5 min overview in Summer Camp by a Pac 12 ref is all that is required. But I share your concerns, and I mostly agree with Rialto.

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    2. Yeah, like football, volleyball lends itself to in game celebrations with a “dead” moment after each play. Like to see swimmers try that after each that would be something to crow about!

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      1. Maybe Chip could get his team to jump around this monolith…and they’d evolve into football players…..

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      2. And to clear —we’re referring here to mainly spoiled middle class white kids dressed in their [Soros purchased] black antifa body armor ….

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  5. We already know after five years, Helton has no boundaries and no discipline. That’s why they regress and never progress. Without rules and discipline – and only “the love of my life” stuff, this is what we get on field. A culture-less, clue-less Clay.

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  6. This excessive celbration is for the birds. Great teams get done with the play, tap each other and get back in the huddle. They knew if the celbrated, the next guy comes in and does the same thing and gets ready for the next play. This is too bad.

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