USC Shuts Down Following COVID-19 Positive Test

USC has basically shut down and sent people home today after the news of a player testing positive for the coronavirus.

USC was supposed to have offensive coordinator Graham Harrell and two players at a press conference this morning. That was scrapped and the Trojans will not do any football activities today.

The player is symptomatic. No other players have tested positive.

There will now be contact tracing, including the seating arrangements on the flight from L.A. to Salt Lake City, to see who else might be exposed to the virus.

UCLA and Cal had a player test positive before games this season and the games were played. But what happens this week depends on the results of the contact tracing.

  • The kickoff for next week’s Washington State game has been moved from 6:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. in order to comply with the 10 p.m. curfew that will be in effect in Los Angeles County.

29 thoughts on “USC Shuts Down Following COVID-19 Positive Test

  1. The question is: Will USC practice (or be allowed to practice) during the mandatory tracing and testing which is now ongoing?

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  2. The tyranny of Tyrant Newsome, yoga pants Gracetti has made communisim look like capitalism. They are a fuking joke. It is horrible what they are telling us but not doing what they say.

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    1. There aren’t any hospital beds left. So try not to have a heart attack, get in a car wreck, or get drunk and fall down until this thing is over. The problem is especially bad where I know an ER nurse. They’re currently filling up the cancer ward w/ COVID patients. The idea that anyone is trying to take your rights away is laughable. I mean, we made it through 8 years of Obama and still have all my guns.

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      1. Red topped anything ever done in film with his portrayal of Pockets in “Hatari”……


  3. Shutting down because one player tested positive is like locking the bathroom because someone farted. I’m getting old I guess. Back in the day you quarantined sick people and left the rest alone. (but that was before snowflakes were invented)

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  4. Rialto – you need to copyright that joke.

    Speaking of amazing, Supervisors Barger and Hahn really pushing back on the proposed outdoor restaurant ban per famed LA County psychologist Ferrer and her minions. They got Ferrer to publicly admit today that they are not using LA County data on contact tracing to make their decisions but relying on CDC.

    I think there is hope with these 2 supervisors. Now if they can talk with Mark Ridley or Ms Hilda to agree we may have just pulled a hail Mary. Notice I did not mention Kuehl, she is so far left and anti-business, she makes Owns looks like a conservative.

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  5. Update
    Our fearless leaders have upheld the 3 week restaurant ban for outdoor dining.

    I guess that hail Mary was incomplete or complete and time just ran out.

    Now we have someone to target more than Clay-
    Psychologist Ferrer makes $450K per year not including perks to wreak havoc on so many lives. Last I saw, all LA County Health officials are unelected. Not sure why they have so much power.

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