The Non-Uniform USC Uniform

Another trademark of the Clay Helton era.

Every USC player I saw against Utah wore black shoes and black or white gloves.

But here is wide receiver Tyler Vaughns in yellow gloves and red/black shoes. And I doubt anyone cares at USC.

It’s called a uniform for a reason, though.

17 thoughts on “The Non-Uniform USC Uniform

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      1. Yep, Michael. He’ll have the shortest time in office since William Henry Harrison. Maybe Joe will catch a cold like Harrison on inauguration day, as well.


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  2. I remember when SC players on the team all wore black shoes with white socks with discpline coaches and they played discplined hard nose football. Now you have Helton with his, “Can’t we all get along” attitude. This is not good.

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  3. I understand that having only 6 games leave very little time for vitriol, but pace yourself Scott! I saw Bru wearing red gloves and assumed he forgot his white gloves. Also many receivers dropped passes wearing the white gloves during the first quarter. Maybe they grabbed the ones they that worked after that.
    As for red shoes in the NFL you get fined for wearing non uniform equipment. I guess Tyler is special.

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