Anyone Getting A Cardboard Cutout Refund?

Did you spend $55 for a cardboard cutout for the Colorado game?

Or $330 for a sideline cutout?

Are you getting a refund or does it carry over to the Washington State game?

29 thoughts on “Anyone Getting A Cardboard Cutout Refund?

      1. Ahh, if I’d known I’d have struck a nerve with you, I would’ve never posted this. Please know that any resemblance that post has to you is merely coincidental, and all characters are fictitious.

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      2. SteveBitch exudes class and intelligence , especially in his new post praising his role model Drunk Sark.

        Steve B.

        7h ago

        I am afraid you are right. USC stinks on the road ( away from
        the L.A. Coliseum ). They have been extra lucky in all three
        games catching Utah in their 1st game of the season. Helton
        is just a loser in preparation while Harrell is a mediocre play
        caller. Sark is the man now with his head on straight.
        Roll Tide!!


    1. Hard to believe that LA County is relatively sane place. The 49ers are banned from practicing or playing – Santa Clara County has banned contact sports for the next 3 weeks.

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  1. Since the SC game got cancelled, I got to watch a lot of college games this weekend. I know that I am one of Gomer’s harshest critics for his nervous sideline demeanor, the wasted time outs, the lack of discipline, etc. But there are a lot of good college coaches that have their teams Ill-prepared also (it must be the lack of a normal pre-season due to Covid). Here are the teams that looked pathetic this weekend..,Michigan, Penn St, Northwestern, Oregon, Auburn, Stanford just to name a few. And all are led by coaches that have more pedigree and success than Hugs. I think it’s safe to say that this season is wasted. Only Alabama looks the same as always.

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    1. Calabasas – I agree. While Helton, which without a doubt, is totally clueless. Stanford, Penn State, Oregon, and Auburn are typically well coached teams. I think there has been so much starting, stopping, and starting again there is no continuity and flow. Doubt around every corner. Hell, nobody knows what is going to happen tomorrow much less next week. With the exception of the SEC, every other conference is screwed up. Of course the Pac12 wins the day as the worst. My guess there is not a playoff this year because COVID gets so bad in December. What a cluster…

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  2. Anyone who would ask for a refund because their cardboard cutout didn’t get to be at an actual game should immediately be punched in the tenders and giblets.

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    1. You act like not seeing your cutout enjoying the game is something a person could just shake off…. like it was nothing….

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  3. My cardboard cut out is in quarantine. I took a picture holding a sign saying “Hire Felton” unfortunately Felton is the last name of a UCLA running back. The athletics department notified me Felton wasn’t available. I wrote back that it was clever ruse wherein people would mentally switch the two first letters and see Fire Helton. But the athletic department told me there was an NFL player by that name but he wasn’t available. I have not seen my cutout yet and I’ve watched all one of our home games. I even watched the CO- SDSU game hoping Felton would show up. No such luck. SMH (stop mumbling Helton)

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