USC Saturday Buzz: Lost Weekend For Pac-12

Great weekend for the Pac-12: Oregon loses. USC doesn’t play.

The Ducks’ loss also deprives USC of a potential victory over a top 10 team if they had both been undefeated heading into the Pac-12 title game.

USC is looking at six regular-season games now at best and Clay Helton will be thrilled to get to the Rose Bowl, preferably against someone besides Ohio State.

The best part was the Pac-12 officiating at the Oregon-Oregon State game, where a line judge did not call a TD for Oregon State when QB Tristan Gebbia appeared to score and let a blatant offside take place.

And this memorable line for head official Steve Strimling, whom I remember doing high school games I covered back in the 90’s.

74 thoughts on “USC Saturday Buzz: Lost Weekend For Pac-12

    1. Looking at that photo of the Ducks and the Beavs, it is obvious why the quackers lost. The Oregon uniform has to be the worst-looking in many moons.

      For what it is worth, 24/7 gives USC a 58% chance of signing Korey Foreman. 32% to LSU, 10% to Clemson. Foreman is announcing on Jan. 2. Drake and Korey on the edges…

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      1. Thanks for cheering me up, trojan67.
        I needed it.

        Drake and Korey on the edges, with our very good NT talent!
        Sumpin to look forward to!
        Go So’oto Go!

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      1. I love that you were outed!


        1d ago
        Well this IS interesting. I am not sure if this site is for me anymore. Each email address used generates a unique symbol that represents the email address. One person on this page has 10 such symbols generated for his username. That is some next level trolling. And none of messages upon this thread has anything to do with the the purpose of the thread. It has developed into a prepubescent name calling.


      2. Trojandude outed you, Charlie Bucket. So great!

        Trojandude207 1d ago Well this IS interesting. I am not sure if this site is for me anymore. Each email address used generates a unique symbol that represents the email address. One person on this page has 10 such symbols generated for his username. That is some next level trolling. And none of messages upon this thread has anything to do with the the purpose of the thread. It has developed into a prepubescent name calling.


  1. Just happy that the Trojans and the other Pac 12 teams got to play a few exhibition games in 2020….
    Thanks, Larry. Thanks, Gavin.

    If Bowl Season even occurs, one must wonder how the LarryScott Football Subdivision will do? I find it highly probable that the LSFS (aka Pac12) could go 0fer. Anyone wanna play Fickell’s Cincinnati in a Bowl Game this Winter?
    Heck, do you think Sonny Dyke’s SMU Mustangs (aka the fighting Lazaruses) would like to tee it up vs the Berkeley Bears?

    We’ve all discussed repeatedly how the Left Coast mentality does not dovetail with a competitive sport like College Football. This year confirms our suspicions. How’s College Football doing in the uber-liberal New England States (excluding Pennsylvania)?

    Never bought into USC playing in the CFB playoff this year–and I’m the eternal optimist on this page.

    The Pac 10 was dying before USC re-emerged from dormancy in 2001 (6 wins to close out that season was a barometer). The other 9 teams up’d their game and the Pac10 did pretty well in Bowl Games. After USC’s decade in the wilderness, the Pac 12 has lowered itself to a mediocre standard, with Oregon a “slight” outlier. To the Big 12, Big10, ACC, ND, and SEC we say,
    “come on in and take all the HS recruits we’ve lavished effort and taxpayer money (or private funds) on!”

    …Hoping Merton Hanks has an answer for the LSFS. I’ve been a Pac 8-12 fan in ALL SPORTS for 51 years. Really don’t wanna see us take up the Ivy League model.

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    1. Great post, Bourbon. Way back in the day there was more parity across the conferences. Dee Andros had good teams at Oregon State. Prothro at UCLA. Huskies could be counted on to have a good team, Cal sometimes was very good. That was when the midwest and south were still discovering the passing game. I still think we would have crushed Texas if we had played them. They ran the wishbone, and they couldn’t have gotten outside Jimmy Gunn and Charlie Weaver. In hoops, the conference had the Sam Gilbert-assisted bruins.

      Hard to develop a good conference when few if any of the university presidents/chancellors have no interest in sports beyond the $$ that are generated, so they go out and hire Larry Scott who says he will max out revenue but at the expense of screwing up schedules.

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      1. True dat.
        We all recall the “three yards and a cloud of dust” offenses that the Big10 would bring to Pasadena every Jan 1. Took ’em a few decades to catch up.
        I think everyone in the Big 8 and the Southwest Conference also ran the ball 50 times a game.

        My worry is that all the real College Football fans have left CA, leaving behind a bunch of soccer loving, tennis playing, no pectoralis allowed nu-males.
        I was amazed at how rabid were the Iowa fans in San Diego last December.
        I was outnumbered 10 to 1 everywhere I went.

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      1. Btw the hapless harbaughs are taking on the futile franklins this am for those who want to see a couple of scottie’s pick to replace…

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      2. Broadway Joe on Game Day…God bless him, he may as well be on his second Bloody Mary of the day, every other prediction is based on what happened back in the ’60s.

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      3. Pudly —The reason the Oregon player attack on “no natty” is such a gasser is the Oregon players were in position to do serious damage….but their clubs kept slipping outta their grip….

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      1. chippie could spend more on his players with all that nike money, eh Michael? ruins can barely afford his pastry budget, except for the state general fund.

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      2. Pudly’s right —we need an outlet! It’s time we start trying to guess who the murderer is on “The Undoing”…

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      3. Pudly –do you remember the scene in Monty Python’s “The Meaning of Life” where that guy keeps ordering pastries ….until he blows up….?

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      1. Pudly —I am very disappointed in the police. If these sovereign citizens say these mansions belong to them, well, that’s good enough for me…..

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      1. gt — Cancel a game (or a season), give us a bit of extra time and —bingo— it happily turns into ‘kill or be killed’ on InsideUSC….

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    1. Review of The Lives of Others:
      “The movie resonated for many former East Germans. The regime functioned by making everyone complicit in a brutal system of isolation, using fear to compel ordinary citizens to not only give up their personal freedom but to betray their neighbors. It forced moral choices between career and personal integrity.”

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      1. Clever. Reminds me of the great scene from Captain From Castile where Caesar Romero asks his Mayan guide whether the tribe they’ve encountered is friendly or unfriendly and she says “sometimes they are friendly and sometimes they are not.”
        [btw, when the tribe’s chief points to the statues of the tribal gods protecting the village, Caesar Romero orders those manning his cannons to blow them apart….and then Franz Waxman’s “Conquest” is played]…

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  2. No game today so I got dragged to a casino of the former Stanford mascot kind. Acres and acres of big screens and nothing to see.
    I was reading the posts and hoping to jump in but every time I looked there were ten more posts. I saw Bucket’s name and wondered if he was still in chocolate business or just the fudge factory.
    But back to the casino. I hate penny machines with a passion and that’s all they have in some places. The trouble with those things is that call a jackpot of $ .40 a win, but If I bet $ 1.50 it’s a loss. And jackpots are never in even amounts. Congratulations you won $.32 I wanted to double my money so I folded in over and put it back in my wallet. Then my wife realized she was down to $.16 in her machine upon which swears she was winning on so she asked for my cash. What the heck I gave her a twenty dollar bill. I told her she could have anything over the twenty that she won, but I wanted my $20 back. A while later she brought me $19.46 and said “ here’s your $20. I won $200 and decided to cash out. I got $219.46, but the machine where I turned my ticket in gave me 2 one hundred dollar bills.” On our way out we stopped at a restroom. I saw a sign that said “wet floor” so I did.

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      1. Hey 22, you dim, stupid 8 ball, here’s the PA Supreme Court’s answer to that Holf HS propaganda you posted earlier:

        (CNN) “The Pennsylvania Supreme Court dismissed a lawsuit Saturday night from US Rep. Mike Kelly and other Republicans, after they had tried to invalidate absentee voting and block the certification of votes in recent weeks.”

        “The dismissal adds to a growing number of losses in court for Republicans and supporters of President Donald Trump, who have tried to attack voting systems in the wake of President-elect Joe Biden’s victory. The lawsuits have failed almost uniformly.”

        “The court was unanimous in deciding against Kelly and others, and refusing to block vote certification on Saturday. Five of the seven judges wrote that they believed the lawsuit had been filed far too late, a year after absentee voting procedures had been established in the state and weeks after millions of Pennsylvanians voted in good faith.”

        The scumbag, Adolph J. Dump is cold, month old, burnt toast. Isn’t it grand!! Doo dah, doo dah.



  3. Rialto has a new writer. Give him a raise.

    To answer BK’s ?, Why is P76 such an AH?
    It’s genetic, I suspect.



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