USC-Washington State Game Moved To Sunday Night

The USC-Washington State game was moved to Sunday night at 6 p.m. and will be shown on Fox Sports 1 . . . if the game is even played.

USC said in a statement it has four positive test cases and seven other players in quarantine that it identified through contact tracing.

“The game was moved to allow for the return of USC players who are in isolation due to COVID-19 positive tests or in quarantine as a result of contact tracing,” Washington State said in a statement.

14 thoughts on “USC-Washington State Game Moved To Sunday Night

  1. Well now that I have an account, I need to fix my name, but I will still be able to post.
    I said (as best as I can remember)
    This is all a vast conspiracy setting USC up for another fall. After three games and a whiff, USC sit in an unearned spot of respect in the polls. However, this is no coincidence, this has been planned since the PUK 12 (spell check mate) announced a season lite, the plan has been brewing. Sources close the heart of the matter are putting Mickey Bohn at the head of a plan endorsed by the college football world (and 3 unnamed NFL coaches) The plan is simply to move the Trojan football club up as high as they can go in the polls. Once there, lighting will strike. The power five conferences have been aghast by the utter buffoonery that passes for coaches at the marquee program out west. They have been trying to help USC regain some dignity in order to balance the nation. This has been the reason no quarter has been given by non league teams beating the Trojans. Their ruthless beat downs have been an act of mercy.
    Once the Trojans teach a zenith (radio dial) they are headed for a trap game of epic proportions. Then Bohn will have the ammunition to pull the trigger and two other gun analogies. Ms. Folt, who has given Mickey Bohn a vote of confidence and stood behind his call to retain Helton, will have to agree to let Helton go. She will have the ammunition, lock, stock and barrel to approve the trigger pulling and other heavy artillery.
    The trap game is such a blind, that it will appear natural but it has been endorsed by coaches from every high school Helton has ignored while “recruiting.” A Nationally ranked USC will play a team from outside the conference even if the game replaces the Ucla game. The most likely team is SDSU in San Diego the state university, the team who stood toe to toe against the team Helton dodged Saturday . It was a sucker punch having the Buffalos beat the Aztecs. This is a throwaway season so this is the greatest chance to throwaway the garbage and move on toward dignity.
    Or I could be wrong…

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  2. Guys and gals,

    SC has a problem in being bolw eligibile. In order ot go to a bowl game, the team must win at least 6 games. That means SC has to win all the reamining games, if they play them. That means SC would be 6-0 with the playoff game. If they don’t win 6 games, will the ncaa allow SC and other teams to play in a bowl game, will they even hold that many bowl games, will the ncaa allow losing teams in a bowl game? Only time will tell.


    1. LOL!!! PT’s Clown U weekday FB bolw(sic) eligible update. Clownster’s, be careful what you wish for. If Helton goes 6-0, and is annihilated (like last year) in a major “bolw” game, it still isn’t grounds to fire him. Hey 6-0 + a major “bolw” defeat isn’t bad for a private, mediocre, expensive Methodist Univ.


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