The Pac-12 Adds A Bowl Game!

With the Pac-12 down four bowl games, it just secured a partnership with the Armed Forces Bowl, where it will play an SEC team.

No word yet on what seeds from each conference will be in the game, which takes place in Fort Worth, Texas.

25 thoughts on “The Pac-12 Adds A Bowl Game!

  1. Trojans lost this game vs UConn.

    UConn 61

    USC 57

    with 2:48 in the 2nd half…it’s over.

    Mobley just threw up an airball brick of all bricks from 4 feet away from the basket



      1. Only in my world is a bullshit tweet from a questionable source considered “proof”.
        Anyone wonder why these things aren’t even presented in the constant stream of failing lawsuits?


    1. Overall, I like what I saw. Syracuse- style 2-3 zone that can be tightened up a bit near the foul line, and a bit better ball movement, and this can be a really good team.

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    2. Reading comprehension is not something pudwacker76 is known to grasp.

      UConn 61 – USC 57 was the score with 2:48 remaining in the 2nd half. Where Asshat pudwacker76 came to the conclusion that was the final score is anyone’s guess, most likely he pulled that assumption out his ass just like every other thing he posts.

      And like I said, at 2:48 the game was over, the Trojans went on a 1 – 0 run to close out the game and secure the loss.



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