USC Basketball Suffers First Loss

USC lost in Bubbleville to UConn, 61-58.

The Trojans were outrebounded, 41-32, after it outrebounded its first three opponents, 141-92.

It didn’t help that USC was 3 for 19 on 3-pointers. Evan Mobley led USC with 17 points and seven rebounds. No other USC players were in double figures.

USC is 3-1 overall.

18 thoughts on “USC Basketball Suffers First Loss

  1. Scottie, you are the best. Trojans trounce BYU and not a word. Nada. Lose by 3 to UConn, and we have the “First loss” post. Team has great potential. I hope you report on future wins as well as losses.

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      1. Hey Guarino, what you say now about the Trojans becoming a
        rising team by beating BYU? Go stick your head up these low
        life conservative asses please.


      2. gt.
        I don’t like talk about people putting their heads up other people’s asses —especially if it’s me…. and double especially if a puppet is saying it…


      1. Johnny W is turning over as we speak over the sad state of what has become ucla basketball. They keep hiring new coaches and just keep getting worse. Steve Lavin is looking like Johnny Jr. about now.

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      2. Dear Pisley:

        With 8:07 left in the game (UConn vs the bozos) , the score was 58-54. At the buzzer, the score was 61-58. A UConn victory. Between them the two teams scored 7 points in over 8 minutes.

        There were 2 layups and TWENTY-TWO missed shots.

        Ugly SUCC BB. The auld Andyain’twinning launch a brick offense. What a f**king joke.

        Bring on the Cupcakes teams.


      3. owns sense of logic is …”unusual.” He likes to speak about a cupcake schedule, when the ruins need OT to beat the Malibu surfer club.

        Speaking of the surfers, they romped over St. Katherine’s College (who knew?) today. St. Katherines starts 5 guards. That is all they have. Just guards.

        owns, you might be able to get them on the schedule next year.

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  2. They had every opportunity to win that game. USC was sloppy, couldn’t hit from the perimeter and terrible on defense. They aren’t aggressive enough. Looks like a Gavin Newsom coached team. We out athlete these guys, but play like everyone gets a medal. Smh.

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    1. Joan, a “Gavin Newsom coached team” is about as low as it goes. You jumped a few other deficient categories with that one. Nothing wrong with that, but personally, I’d like to reserve that one for a horrendously bad outing. Something like ‘Bama in ’16 or Iowa in the Holiday Bowl last year, or ND in ’17. Where the team didn’t even show up on any of those occasions.

      The guys today definitely showed up. Yes, there are things to fix, but I can see this team going good places if Enfield can pull it off.

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    2. U Conn’s OFFENSIVE boards in the last 10 minutes were extraordinary.
      They wanted it. The Trojans didn’t. Trojans had 6 great looks at a “3” and missed EVERY shot. This coach who was purportedly a great “shooter” himself is not teaching shooting.


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