Ex-USC Player Marv Marinovich Dies

Former USC football player Marv Marinovich, a member of the 1963 national championship team, died Thursday. He was 81.

Marinovich had been battling Alzheimer’s. Most fans today remember him for being the father of former USC QB Todd Marinovich.

Marinovich lettered at USC in 1959, 1961 and 1962 and was a two-way lineman. 

He was known for his volatile personality and got kicked out of the 1963 Rose Bowl. It was one reason USC was short-handed on the defensive line during the game and Wisconsin QB Ron Vander Kelen passed for 401 yards in the Trojans’ 42-37 victory between the nation’s top two teams.

He was a co-captain of the 1962 team and named the team’s most inspirational player.

John McKay era assistant coach told me about 20 years ago that Marinovich got into the most fights of any USC player during that time.

“I can still remember the time Marinovich got into a fight with (USC football player) Lloyd Winston,” a former classmate told me in April. “It started in Marks Hall, went through the kitchen and ended in Trojan Hall. They were both bloody. No one wanted to break it up because they didn’t want to get beat up.”

In the photo above, Marinovich (No. 70) is the lineman standing on the left during the 1962 USC-UCLA game.

Funeral services are pending.

37 thoughts on “Ex-USC Player Marv Marinovich Dies

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      3. Charlie Bucket the corrupt Board Moderator and his 10 sock puppets won’t go away.

        I love that Charlie Bucket was outed just like Bruin Rob!


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      1. Agreed.

        Todd is just a glaring case for Trojans of what happens all over the Entertainment world. Female gymnasts come to mind as equally abused children/teens. …Jon Benet Ramsey and her weird baby beauty show story.

        The Williams sister are both delightful and well-adjusted, despite having what appears to be a challenging father figure.

        Many of us still hold out hope for some sort of happiness for Todd.
        Any boy, could he “throw a dime” when he wanted to.


    1. Within 10 minutes of Bohn’s tweet on retaining Clay, Bohn’s twitter account received over a thousand responses, 9 to 1 negative. Then they shut it down.

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      1. I don’t get it. Why would people react that way when Bohn saved USC from losing Clay to Clemson or Alabama …or the NFL….??

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  2. Marv is an example In several teaching texts. It is never a complementary mention, rather a cautionary tale of a parent on overdrive.
    Also I am old enough to remember his playing days as well as the fact that linemen played both ways not too long ago. This fact was disputed by another “fan” but I was at Mt. Sac when the Trojan freshman team played Mt. Sac. During the game a player, left to join the varsity squad. They jokingly called the players the “taxi squad.”

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    1. To paraphrase Gary Shandling —when Todd was found naked and coked up in a neighbor’s backyard, he told the police he was doing research for a movie…..

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    1. No one can stand working for Helton….

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      1. USC OC vs. Utah State HC…the assistant coaching carousel wheel continues. Maybe this could be a little more nudge to get Clay out the door…

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      2. 67,
        Let’s just pray that Clay doesn’t take over the offense again…. (the way he did for the Cal and UCLA games after he demoted Tee—- when USC couldn’t buy a touchdown)…

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      3. It’s a mixed blessing,67. On the one hand, I hate to see a very good offense stifled by Clay’s play calling. But, on the other………

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      4. “Let’s just pray that Clay doesn’t take over the offense again.”
        🤣🤣 Imagine Clay calling a quarterback sneak on 4th and inches from the pistol formation.

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      5. Dude — At least if it were 4th and 1, Clay could only call that play once…

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    2. At first, I thought this would be a sideways move, but with consideration
      this would be a backwards move for GH. Part of Harrell’s results are from
      having fantastic talent with USC’s RB/QB/WR.

      While USU has had some good results “lately” (mostly defensively), Harrell would be dealing with a lot of lower 3star talent. If he is smart, he’ll stay at University Park and bide his time. USC’s offense in 2021 will be really special, and better offers would surely come in for GH.

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      1. The defenses he plays against would be littered with lesser talent too… I suppose it’s all relative, no?
        I don’t really buy this scenario though.

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      2. I find this hard to believe actually. $ is not going to be significantly more – Utah ST? What are they known for? If he was smart? he should hang in. Maybe Clay gets canned if USC finishes strong offensively he could get a shot at USC. Who knows in this crazy year. Total rebuild at Utah St. I would stay put and see what happens.

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      1. Just curious about urban’s coaching tree. Would that be the guy in texass about to get fired? Or maybe Franklin’s. And even saban’s coaching tree is what, 0-42ish vs their master, with the best game against him by kiff. Perhaps bobbie Bowden has one worthy of emulation?? Or Pete Carroll’s?

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  3. Gdamnit, you leave Coach Helton alone. Just the pure stress of trying to keep track of those Bimonthly $163,000 direct deposits is enough to drive a man nuts.


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  4. He was a real warrior . I think he was a just of a different era,like I am. He was a real father who had real , and loving interest in seeing his son be as good as he could be athletically. Unfortunately it appears he did not work on the other areas which also matter,ie… in the areas of ethical and moral conduct. I only had girls but helped/guided them all, in all those areas. None have had any run ins violating the criminal laws, and all played sports and 2 received Div 1 volleyball full ride scholarships, now married to real men , and have college degrees. I think Marv was a class act.

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    1. So knocking a man’s teeth out is a classy act for a father to do in front of his son or anytime, save life threaten defense.

      Marv smacking Todd around and screaming at him after a poor game performance is classy. That’s what Marine DI’s do.

      With all due respect Leftwich, MM was a terrible father and husband, and boarder-line demented.

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      1. I am also a former Marine from early-mid 60’s…you are are sos with zero respect ,discernment,or graciousness.


    2. The ESPN 30 for 30 on Todd was must see TV, Tim.
      I think your impressions of Marv above are borne out in the episode.

      We see so much bizarre mental behavior in men who have played tough-nosed FB at a high level. I always ask myself, “how much (if any) of this is CTE?”

      Congrats on raising wonderful women. NCAA Div 1 Womens Volley is my second most favorite sport after CFB. The One-and-done hoops/March&April madness is no longer #2 for me. Haven’t cared about College baseball since our last Natty.

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