If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

Sometimes, news comes as more of a relief than anything else.

For several months there has been speculation quarterback Jake Garcia would decommit from USC.

It became official Thursday night. The USC coaches have obviously known for a long time or they wouldn’t be recruiting another quarterback (Jaxson Dart).

How many fans who cheered Garcia’s commitment last year are now claiming Garcia is overrated or “scared” to compete? That is how you know if you are just a fan.

The fact is quarterbacks are constantly shopping now. They go to four high schools, then want to start at QB their first year in college. And if it doesn’t happen, they want to transfer.

The days are gone when Matt Leinart or Mark Sanchez sits for a few years and then start.

Garcia sees Kedon Slovis playing next season at USC. But Miami QB D’Eric King is a senior.

Would JT Daniels have come to USC if Sam Darnold returned for his junior season? Maybe. But the USC coaches knew Darnold was likely to leave and made a golden offer to Daniels if he graduated early and came to USC.

Daniels got to start as a true freshman and when he got hurt and fell to No. 2 on the depth chart, went somewhere else. It’s worked out the past two weeks at Georgia. But if for some reason, it doesn’t he can find another school.

  • Washington State athletic director Pat Chun told the Cougars’ radio station that he spoke to USC athletic director Mike Bohn on Thursday and, “it’s all systems go” for Sunday’s game.
  • Are people starting to tune out on the season? I spoke to a well-known former USC player on Thursday night and reminded them the Trojans play Sunday.

“They do?” the player said. “Who are they playing?”

  • USC sent out a statement Thursday regarding a COVID-19 vaccine update that mentioned the following administrators:
  • Interim Dean of the Keck School of Medicine of USC, Narsing Rao
  • Interim Vice President and Executive Director of Capital Construction and Facilities Management, Christopher Toomey
  • Interim Chief Executive Officer Keck Medicine of USC, Rod Hanners 

How many interims does Carol Folt have working at USC? I’m sure these are not the only ones on the administrative side.

Speaking of Folt, when is she going to do something about renaming Cromwell Field? It’s not like she doesn’t have the time to do something.

Can’t hire a football coach. Can’t rename Cromwell Field. She’s 0 for 2.

And now for some history:

  • Former USC track coach Dean Cromwell might have been anti-semitic and gone to German Day picnics in La Crescenta, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t do a Lifebuoy soap ad.
  • Remember USC basketball coach Sam Barry was also appearing on Wheaties boxes. USC had to be the hottest school in the country for coaches getting endorsements in the 1930’s-40’s.
  • The USC freshman basketball team defeated Pepperdine, 74-63, in 1970. Mike Rae had 16 points. Not bad for the QB of the perhaps the greatest team in college football history (1972).
  • Last week, I asked if anyone remembered former USC basketball player Don Crenshaw, who was drafted in the 17th round by the Los Angeles Rams.

What I didn’t know at the time was when USC upset No. 1-ranked UCLA, 46-44, in 1969 at Pauley Pavilion, Crenshaw had quite a game. He scored 20 points, nearly half of USC’s offensive output and set the screen for Ernie Powell’s game-winning 20-foot jump shot.

UCLA was 51-0 at Pauley Pavilion before that loss to USC and of course was led by Lew Alcindor (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar).

That makes Crenshaw a USC legend in my book.

Don Crenshaw

91 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

  1. Though Wolf doesn’t mention it, UCLA still owns the NCAA record for most consecutive rival (vs Clown U) victories: 54 straight bb wins. How about them Bruins.



    1. “ Hard to believe, but it’s true. USC has more wins than the following programs from 2015-2020 #BasketballSChool has 109 wins. This is more than Wisconsin, Florida, Georgia. Georgetown, Syracuse, Ohio State, and some other well-known basketball commodity named UCLA.”


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      1. Also true, the bozo’s scheduled more cupcake teams than the teams Dear Pisley mentions combined. I mean what major BB team schedules Army BB @ home and loses. I mean what team Dear Pisley mentions has a below .500 W-L record in conf. games like the penny-ante bozo BB program.

        And, Dear Pisley, what is the bozo’s NCAA BB Tournament record for the years 2015 – 2020?



      2. And what dufus lives and breathes ucLAMBb from a century past?? Hmmm, owns‼️ ruins basketball a relic from a century long past.


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      3. Pudly,
        The “sewage back up” is a new low….. no one is prouder of your streak than I am ….

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      4. Don’t forget all the organized-crime assisted wins between 1965 and 1975. As Bill Walton says, “We should have given up 8 nattys and should have been on probation for about 100 years.”

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      5. 67 –The illegal recruiting, the backdoor payoffs —these are things I [and my friend Owns] actually admire most about Wooden…

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      1. LMFAO!

        That kid Mobley threw up a 4 ft. brick that hit nothing but air yesterday. Four feet away from the basket and the kid hit nothing…AHA HA HA HA HA!

        That kid will never live that shot down. How the fuck are you 4 feet away from the basket, as tall as that kid is, turn and face the basket and throw up an absolute brick that misses everything?

        I don’t think that’s ever been done before, someone throwing up an air ball from 4 feet away. Gawd Damn…the worst shot in the history of basketball, bar none.


      2. Yes, Charlie Bucket’s sock puppets universally dismiss any news unfavorable to the ruins as being biased and false but then post some random anti-USC they find by a guy with a Twitter account and expect everyone to accept it as the gospel.
        It may seem a little hypocritical to some of you but trust me, somehow in Charlie Bucket’s unhinged brain, it’s all perfectly logical.

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      3. bozo BB, 4 points in the last 8 mins of their loss to UConn. Just f**king Yuge.

        Andyain’twinning calls T/O to diagram an AIRBALL play.


      4. Waves nearly swamp ruin ucLAMBb, leave team feeling salty. serious rip current nearly drowns ruins.

        But, but, but, but we were great in the 1900’s

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    2. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      How about Lady Ruby Freeman!

      Has the DNC sent you the talking points about Lady Ruby yet, you brainless piece of dung?

      Cheat On, Libtard!

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      1. Yes, I universally dismiss any news unfavorable to Trump as being biased and false but then post some random shit I find by a guy with a Twitter account and expect everyone to accept it as the gospel.
        It may seem a little hypocritical to some of yous but trust me, somehow in my unhinged brain, it’s all perfectly logical.


      2. Charlie Bucket loves cheating Democrats as much as he likes impersonating other posters. You are the Lady Ruby Freeman of Inside USC you corrupt creep.

        I love that Charlie Bucket was outed!


        1d ago
        Well this IS interesting. I am not sure if this site is for me anymore. Each email address used generates a unique symbol that represents the email address. One person on this page has 10 such symbols generated for his username. That is some next level trolling. And none of messages upon this thread has anything to do with the the purpose of the thread. It has developed into a prepubescent name calling.


      3. Little jimmy hoft = the 4 Stooges

        Twenty-Two, you AH Neo-Nazi Trumpturd, the fat Lady has sung. Sleepy Joe is a winner and the disaster that is Adolph J. Dumbo is a loser/succer.



      4. Lady Ruby Freeman is singing all right, OWNS the Socialist. You ruins rationalized Wooden’s cheating so no wonder you support the Democrats coup attempt.

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    3. This Jaxson Dart kid plays in Utah, that’s the equivalent of someone playing in an 8 man league up on the Palos Verdes Penninsula at the level of competition of say a Chadwick High School.

      That kid will fold like a cheap lawn chair once he faces competition of a St. John Bosco or Mission Viejo.

      And he was only listed as a 3 star…LOL!

      Another powder puff just like Kedon Slovis. Pffft!


    4. trojanbooger and the rest of the trumplicans who have their tin foil hats on too tight are taking their cue from this clown Lin Wood…



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      1. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        You Cheating Libtards are so obvious!


        AHA HA HA HA HA HA!

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      1. Oh my, those were my exact thoughts…but you have to admit the visual of he and owns running thru the house, sliding around counters and finally landing in a heap (not that there’s anything wrong with it) is worth a chuckle.

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      2. You’d think so, then explain this…

        I wonder if they all got the same clown shoes whenthey gradumacated from clown college?

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    1. Dear Pisley, you pathetic loser, what is Andyain’twinnings all-time W-L record vs UCLA? Like below .500!

      The only category where Andyain’twinning barely exceeds a .500 WPct. is vs non-conf. cupcakes he routinely schedules.

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      1. Sorry, did you ask something? Can’t here you over all the laughing….

        How come they don’t show the real play of the game? You know the one where the ruin TRIPS on the 3pt line….Choka-choka-choka 🙀

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      2. OWNS loved the Sam Gilbert Era when the John Wooden coached ruins cheated to win. John Wooden would love this cheating by Lady Ruby Freeman!

        No wonder OWNS the Socialist rationalizes the blatant Democrats cheating in the presidential election! His school’s whole tradition is Cheating!

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      1. …by way of defense, their parents will say, “they’re great kids MOST of the time”…..

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  2. If Dart is smart he’ll head to any program that will develop him, Gomer sure won’t.

    Garcia is a head case, good luck to the program that gets him.

    Cromwell was anti semitic ? So is most of the Democratic/Socialist party, a party Wolf loves.

    Maybe the blogger should change the name of this blog to Inside Woketardness with Scott Snowflake

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    1. Once again, buddhacrap, a half-wit Trumpturd AH makes an ignorant statement w/o a soupcon of evidence.

      Thing is buddhacrap, 99% of deplorables, like yourself, couldn’t prove 2 + 2 isn’t 5.


  3. Trojans 38, Wazzu 28

    Orlando has his work cut out, Wazzu is strong offensively, 2 of their receivers average over 100 yards per game and their tailback averages 7 yards per carry. But Wazzu D seems lacking…they are giving up about 40 points per game. Trojans by 10.

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      1. Michael, if Slovis is healthy, which he says he is, then I think we will see a strong game from him. Tighter throws, no more ducks.

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  4. Clearly Scott doesn’t grasp sarcasm. Any former player would know where and when we play. Unless he has brain damage, or was at USC during the reign of Clay. So asking who we’re playing was condescending.
    There might be a silver lining having untested offensive linemen playing. They weren’t tainted by the position coaches that were here a few seasons ago. Maybe the freshmen will do their job.

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    1. Rialto,
      If the frosh play spectacularly they’ll be out as soon as the starters are healthy…. guaranteed…..

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    1. I guess it’s better to squeeze in a walkthrough while in town than to do nothing at home. I’m sure they’re in violation of some sort of stupid mandate our governor imposed. Meanwhile Idaho played an entire high school football season without any issues.

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  5. So we lose one of the better QB prospects……..
    at most universities the athletic director reacts by asking the head coach what happened.
    At USC he just enjoys getting hit in the nuts and asks for more.

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  6. Dear Pisley, even losers win once and an while, the NY jets excepted. UCLA doesn’t hang bozo banners like Clown U does that celebrate their few victories over UCLA BB. The bozos are a Bruin BB cupcake game.

    Once again Dear Pisley, remind the Clownster’s of Andyain’twinning’s NCAA Tournament record for 2015 – 2020.

    What’s the difference betwixt UCLA, the #1 public Univ. and Clown U, the #85th rated Private Univ.: Clown U regularly gets caught cheating. No Univ., public or private, shoots itself more in the foot than SUCC.

    #SUCC BB, OOOOO forever and proud of it.


    1. Since this will be your last post here on Inside USC…ENJOY!


      A “water pipe” did not burst at the State Farm Arena!

      Election officials LIED in order to send observers away, but four people stayed behind, pulled out hidden ballots, and continued counting… unobserved… against… Georgia… law… until… 1AM.

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      1. This is a complete lie. You must be on meth! Trump is packing as we speak. Maybe you and the rest of these Nazis on this thread can still catch a plane and help him pack!?


  7. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the artist formerly known as BruinRob. Much like Charlie Bucket, A.K.A. Tebowbama, BruinRob has had a long and infamous career posting his constant BS on this blog, beginning around 2009. Here are some of the career lowlights of BruinRob.
    *BruinRob is a long time resident of Cerritos and has been employed at the Cerritos McDonald’s for quite some time. He is a three time Golden Spatula winner and has enrolled in just about every class at Cerritos C.C., without earning that elusive Associate Arts Degree.
    *BruinRob spends a lot of his time touting the greatness of UCLA, despite the fact that he’s never attended the school, aside from never attending a UCLA basketball/football game, even though tickets are relatively easy to come by.
    *BruinRob really came into his own during the 2011 season. After the epic 50-0 beatdown of USC, BruinRob claimed that he and his “two kids” were verbally and physically harassed before, during, and after the game.
    *Two weeks later, BruinRob claimed that he and his “girlfriend” were going to drive in a convertible up the 101 to San Francisco to see UCLA get thumped by Illinois in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl. It was during this time that BruinRob got exposed by a 12 year old for his DateMeLA profile. A link was posted and on that site there was BruinRob in all of his glory. All types of anti-USC propaganda and a portrait of BruinRob in a grey suit. By the looks of it, he goes around 5’7″-245 lbs.
    *For two seasons after that, BruinRob did exact some revenge on USC when Brett Hundley single handedly tore USC up three games in a row. This is when BruinRob changed his name to “UCLAOwnsLA”, mimicking the UCLA flavor of the month coach Jim Mora. He soon changed it to his current monicker of “JustOwns” after USC sent UCLA and Josh Rosen packing three years in a row.
    *BruinRob’s anti USC dystopia hit an all time high shortly after it was announced that USC would be playing Penn State in the 2017 Rose Bowl. He went on an all day rant about how the Bowl Selection Committee was violating their own rules by choosing USC over Colorado, who just lost the Pac-12 title game to UW. He conveniently left out the fact that USC beat both Colorado and UW that season.
    *But this was nothing compared to the Mother of all Meltdowns during the fourth quarter of the 2017 Rose Bowl. I was at that epic comeback and when I got back home I read this blog and let me tell you, BruinRob was strutting around like a Bantam Rooster during the Third Quarter. But as the Fourth Quarter began winding down, you saw him going absolutely haywire, culminating when USC won in the final seconds.
    *After that, BruinRob seemed to disappear for some time, keeping a really low profile. But now with USC sucking hind tit so to speak, he’s back spewing his constant garbage.


    1. I am not, nor have I ever been BruinRob. I originally joined the blog as something trope. I changed it to “UCLA owns LA” after a Bruin rivalry FB victory. The next year Clown U mugged the Bruins so I changed my name to JustOwns. It’s been that way since and will remain so.

      As I have stated before, I’ve never attended a UCLA class, therefore I’m not a UCLA grad. They are, however, my favorite Univ. sports program.

      Until Wolf requires a past or present Clown U student ID to join the blog I intend to remain a member of this funky blog.

      One post on this particular thread, a Clownster’s wrote UCLA is a “Softball” school. Maybe, but UCLA has a Softball team that has won NC’s as opposed to SUCC’s non-existent Softball team.

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      1. Ah, I did hurt your feelings…but as far as the team goes, it’s easy to have teams when there’s no need to balance budgets. How many millions were y’all in the red this year???

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I still love you, Owns —no matter how much abuse my favorite little bad boys dole out….
        InsideUSC wouldn’t be the same without you…..


    2. Good grief, I remember all of that! That picture of Bruin Rob was classic on that dating sight. You were right, about 5’7” and 250 lbs. he was in the back yard of his dual wide in Palmdale. Nice recap of the whole troll story. Too funny. Owns really tries to sound like he is educated but the JC comes through loud and clear. Owns thanks for all the fun.

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    1. Your typical trumplican Trojan fan, they would take a white golden hair 3 star 8 man football level talent QB over a 5 star minority recruit who plays in a legit inner city league with tough competition.

      No wonder the Trojans have sucked going on two decades now.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Let me see, 2-decades would take us back to 2000. SC almost won an unprecedented 3 national titles in a row in 2003, 2004 and 2005. Perhaps your calculations should be reduced to one decade, the last one.

        Liked by 3 people

      2. My bad…10 years feels like two decades.


        You walked right into that one.



      3. Offhand, I’d have to say it’s pretty obvious that John Wolcott is NOT the one who walked into it, tebow….


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