Discuss The USC-Washington State Game

Did you watch all four quarters?

This is what I meant when I talked for weeks about the “cushy” Pac-12 schedule.

Still, you could see some holes if USC had happened to play a good team. The offensive line was pretty poor. USC had 1-yard rushing with 2 minutes left in the game. USC finished with 5 yards rushing and had 10 points in the second half.

Chris Steele was grabbing people as usual. The offense fell asleep in the second half.

Kedon Slovis had his best game, which is good. And now it’s time for UCLA!

Clay Helton after the game: “This team is making progress each and every week.”

UPDATED: Slovis said the funny bone was hit during the game but he regained feeling and returned to the game.

27 thoughts on “Discuss The USC-Washington State Game

  1. Slovis, ARSB, and the Drake all looked great, some very good individual plays from the defense. WSU didn’t have nearly the talent to compete.

    What is up with running an empty backfield and 5 wideouts with first and goal, then winding up with a sack?

    Next up, sinking chip and the ruins. Don’t screw it up, Clay.

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    1. The ucla game won’t even be close. Trojans have played
      no one so far and stink on the road. Chris Steele is pure
      garbage on the corner. Play calling lacks imagination,
      Sarkisian shows how it’s done, and uses TE to the utmost.
      This will be like two yrs. ago at the Rose Bowl.


  2. Anytime Helton has time with the offense (halftime, timeout) they’ll stink up the field when they come back. There is something weird going on.
    Defense is playing with lots of attitude and enthusiasm. Who cares if they over-pursue sometimes? –they look like they enjoy being out there. Huge step up from Pendergast.
    Helton could blow it with UCLA —and then we’re rid of his fat ass….

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    1. All it takes is one TO with Clay and the offense, and it is like they are completely deflated. How does he do that? I mean, it is hard to totally drain eleven 20-year olds who are so fired up.

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      1. The Helton Effect is hard to explain….until you watch one of his slap happy pressers or home videos— pretend you’re a player listening to THAT man……

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    2. I put this explanation in the previous blog entry and I don’t usually repeat myself repeat myself, but the reason we looked so bad in the second half is on Helton for sure.
      He was worried about the curfew and passed out the post game popsicles at halftime . The team had nothing to play for in the second half.

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      1. So, your theory, RT?

        The half-time popsicles produce a sugar high/insulin surge and everyone wants to take a knap? Hmmm….

        Might hold water.

        USC wins first quarter 28-0; Wazzu wins quarter 2-4 by score of 13 to 10.
        Have we seen this before?

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      2. I’m surprised nobody pointed out that popsicles are incredibly cheap for a multimillionaire coach. When I was a West Covina Eagle I used to get orange halves at halftime (I actually thought that’s what halftime meant when I was nine years old.) And if we lost, we got popsicles, if we won we got taquitos (dog food rolled in tortillas with green liquid poured in them) Certainly Helton could afford Jack -in-the box mini tacos. Anyway whatever they ate at orange halftime they were not ready to play in the second half. Or WSU made adjustments and out coached our genius coach in the second half….. Nah that would never happen.

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      3. I remember those POS taquitos from the OLD FASHION Taco Bell.
        I was undefeated in 5 years of Pee Wee FB but we never got Taquitos.


  3. No way you win a big game with no running attack. UCLA will run the ball on SC just like two years ago at the Rose Bowl. UCLA will control the clock with their strong running game and keep the USC offense again off balance. The UCLA qb will run wild as will Felton with a slow SC defensive line. Sorry to say it Graham Harrell is a “flag football’ coach. Nice offense against weak teams, but will not work on weak team. UCLA will take the SC pass crazy offense away, and then what….. Balance is gone from the SC offense just watch UCLA will win, and I am not a UCLA fan was a USC fan until Helton became coach.

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  4. If I were Marquese Stepp I would transfer. My goodness what a terrible offensive line, and I hate this finesse flag football air raid offense. Time of possession, and a strong running game win big games which is what UCLA will do to SC this year keeping SC’s offense off the field. How many national championships or teams have ever made the college football playoffs with an air raid “no run” offense. Just sayin…….Felton will gain 200 yards against this SC defense, and the QB at UCLA will pick up many first downs controlling the clock by running. The SC offense will be slowed down alot with UCLA controlling the time of possession.

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    1. You got a few things correct tommyd, and the Chipper has the Bruins believing.

      For Trojan fans, it will be painful to watch the Bruins running game.
      I am optimistic that Orlando and So’oto will dial up pressure/fill the gaps and neutralize the Bruin RB’s.

      A scramblin’ QB will give us fits, per usual.

      The NFL and power 5 CFB are QB driven leagues. The Air Raid/spread is just an efficient way to get 4-6 yards on first down with high percentage throws. Even the best teams struggle against STRONG teams to gain 4-6 yds running on first down.

      No one cares about TOP any more. With TV time outs and frequent D-line subbing, TOP is mostly irrelevant. Red zone TD efficiency DOES matter, however..

      Few teams dominate the LOS any longer–though the ones that do go to the CFB playoff series, so you are correct there.

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  5. UCLA is not sinking………my friends. They have a running game we do not, and that wins big games. We need a running game to return to national prominence not flag football. The Air Raid is a timing finesse offense yes when your on capable of scoring alot of points, but also is easy to slow down by rushing 3, and a good running game on offense that controls the time of possession. John Mckay is rolling over in his grave watching this offense. Folks the Air Raid is not USC football, the word balance is meaning equality between the run and pass.
    Not looking forward to Saturday…..Chip will run the ball on us all day controlling the time of possession, and then put a rush on Slovis which will slow down the passing game.

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  6. SC has a real good passing game but their running game is bad….worst than last year. In fact their whole offense is worse than last year. Their defense is definitely better. SC dominated on the score board but if you just looked at the box score you might think that WSU won. Their O-Line really looked bad. True they used one or two younger players on the O-Line but if you can’t get more than 5 yards rushing against WSU, you’ll be in big trouble against the really good teams. I’m a long time SC fan so I’m always rooting for SC but I really don’t think they will beat UCLA next week.

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    1. Thank you for your incisive comments. I take it you are working on your essay assignment at UCLA in your creative lit class.


  7. SC offense is one dimensional- good passing game very poor running game. A good team that controls the line of scrimmage on both sides will slow down sc’s passing game very easily. UCLA is more balanced on offense than sc with a mobile quarterback that will move the sticks, and keep the ball from the SC offense.
    SC is very weak at linebacker, and an average defensive line so UCLA will be able to run the ball no doubt about it.

    I remember Pepper Rodgers had a high scoring one dimensional UCLA wishbone offense with Mark Harmon, James Macalister, and Kermit Johnson. I believe it was 1973, and how did Mckay beat that team well folks he ran the ball on offense with physical football, and moved the sticks keeping the ball away from the UCLA offense which led to controlling the time of possession. Unfortunately, folks we have no running game so I think the opposite will happen on Saturday vs. UCLA with UCLA controlling the clock with a strong running game unless our defense can stuff the run, and keep their qb in the pocket. The SC defense lacks physical play at linebacker, and on the defensive line so I have the feeling we are looking at a big disappointment on Saturday. We will score points but with fewer ball possessions it won’t be enough. Chip, ..makes adjustments Helton and Company do not. Please remember Cade McNown, and Brett Hundley both ran wild on sc with a fine running game to support the QB, and if the running game was not there the QB took over to secure first downs, and keep the chains moving producing long time consuming scoring drives.
    If we win Saturday it will be a surprise, but probably a disappointment due to a coaching staff that refuses to admit that a strong running games wins most football games.


  8. What has happened to Stanford lately? No running game the winning percentages go down. TIME OF POSSESSION STILL MATTERS……….USC can score quickly against weak teams, but will struggle against teams with strong running games like UCLA has this year. If USC had a great defense it can slow down the opponent, but I don’t see that this year or in recent years.
    No Pac 12 team has a strong running game it’s flag football time in this conference, and if it continues a Pac 12 team will never make the playoffs and that includes those teams that run an AIR RAID offenses


  9. SC gained 5 yards on the ground this week against that mighty Alabama defense….good grief Charley Brown…I stand corrected…..it was against WSU not Bama. Colorado gained 407 on the ground against Arizona this week. SC is a good team but nowheres near being great. I hope SC wins next week. I just don’t think that they will.


    1. Well if they do not win at UCLA next week, there will be a lot of heat on the Bohner to fire Gomer. And by keeping him around for this season has lowered the Gomer buyout by $5M. Dolt wouldn’t agree to Urban Meyer but she probably wouldn’t object to Luke Fickell at UCinn


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