USC-Washington State Live Blog

A dreary third quarter ends with USC up, 35-6.

What’s next? The temperature gauge stays stuck at 75 degrees?

The lights went out at the Coliseum. Some things never change.

It’s halftime and USC leads, 35-7. And you know what, the Trojans are still vulnerable on defense and the offensive line. Luckily, the schedule is a joke.

Washington State manages a TD to remind everyone how the defense can be pushed around too.

You think USC was trying to get Amon-Ra St. Brown some TDs to pad his stats in the first quarter?

End of first quarter: USC 28-0. Trojans lead in talking trash after every play too.

USC special teams had 10 men on field for punt return and a roughing the punter penalty so far.

Washington State is missing four of its eight defensive backs in the playing rotation tonight. And playing man defense!

Kedon Slovis short TD to Amon-Ra St. Brown. Washington State cannot cover USC receivers and is not playing soft zone, for some reason.

USC stops Washington State on downs. But Cougars kind of stopped themselves on bad passes/drops.

Offensive linemen Justin Dedich and Andrew Vorhees are not playing. Are these cordonavirus casulaties?

USC opens as a 2.5-point favorite over UCLA according to BetOnline.

I’m not used to Pete Carroll losing to the New York Giants right before USC kicks off.

48 thoughts on “USC-Washington State Live Blog

  1. If you play enough games you are bound to lose some. The good coaches don’t make it a habit.
    Looking in the stands it is nice to see social distance rules apply to cardboard. Or are there so few cutouts that they spread them out.

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      1. 67,
        If we can keep this up for the rest of the half —we might be able to rest some guys up for the UCLA game (and avoid getting anybody injured unnecessarily)…..

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      2. Michael, do we bring in Matt (The King of the LA River) Fink for the second half?

        BTW, the blitz is working great. 3rd and 30 for Wazzu. Wonder if Scottie is disappointed?

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      3. Scott can still come outta this smelling like roses if USC doesn’t come back energized after the half. [I hope Helton has them pumped for the 3rd quarter …and then brings in the second team]….

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    1. 35 – 0 vs WAZZU who don’t even have one 4 star recruit on the entire team.




    2. If we can maintain even a 28 point lead going into the 4th quarter —call off the dogs.


    1. Probably won’t happen. Helton told us in 2019 he’s afraid we’d get hurt playing that kind of ball (“Stepp can only carry 5-7 times a game without getting tired or risking injury”)…..

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      1. Not that we should be debating play calling ahead 38-6, but with first and goal, and we are running an empty backfield with 5 wideouts…just not seeing that.

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      2. With the score 38-6, why is your QB dropping back to pass and getting sacked? Why are you risking injuring him before next week’s UCLA game?

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  2. So far in the second half the “Helton locker effect” is working it’s magic —just as it has all year (Trojans haven’t scored ONE 3rd quarter TD — Helton sucks the life out of his own team)…….

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  3. Here are some early grades

    Wolf F – WSU only has 6 pts not 7 as you incorrectly wrote
    Slovis – solid B
    St Brown -A
    Fess Parker Lewis – B+
    Defense – A-
    Folt/Caruso – F

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    1. Trojans are playing at 75% speed now. I always remember what my high school coach told me “when you’re standing around & not attacking, that’s when you get hurt…”

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  4. Lolz. Up 32 and still throwing the ball b/c you’re too stupid to not see running out of the shotgun doesn’t work and you go and get your QB hurt.

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    1. There’s a method to Helton’s madness. We’re the only college game on —we were lookin good — might be impressing some people in the process —time to start playing Helton ball….

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    2. Running from shotgun takes too long to develop. I’m not sure Harrell can teach it, but if the quarterback played high school ball he should have some knowledge of the concept. It’s frustrating how stubborn our coaches sre.

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    3. I agree that we stink at running the ball, but it’s not because of shotgun formation. 90% of college offenses run a shotgun spread. Alabama, Clemson, Norte Dame all run shotgun spread. They just prioritize and practice it. We certainly don’t.

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    4. My comment keeps getting deleted but literally every team in the top 10 runs a shotgun spread offense. They also prioritize running the ball out of it, where we do not. But I understand the sentiment of wanting to run the ball.

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    1. One commercial that gets me every time is Spectrum internet. They have three people talking to the spectrum rep. The third is a woman contractor. However she must must be an affirmative action hire. Her took bag has a ball peen hammer, a taco hammer, a fish tape, a hacksaw without a miterbox and three pairs of scissors. Not a contractor bag I’ve ever seen.

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