My USC-Washington State Pick

I will have a live game blog this afternoon.

But first, who will win?

Washington State has not played fot three weeks. I can’t keep track of how many players have been out with COVID-19.

Everything about this year is unpredictable but I don’t think they can push USC for four quarters, even if USC plays down to competition.

So I will take USC, 42-20.

By the way, USC’s first three opponents are 1-8. Do you think the College Football Playoff committee notices that?

17 thoughts on “My USC-Washington State Pick

    1. Personally, I think Scott is hoping that it’s another squeaker —so he can compare the actual score to predicted score and shit on Helton….

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      1. John Canzano summed up the the State of California, the Pac 12 and USC: “Here’s a secret wrapped in a provocative truth: Qualified, competent employees are rarely happy working for controlling, heavy-handed dolts. Funny how that works.”

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  1. Inside the Bowels of USC. Scott working 24/7 to find the turds inside USC. Scott is an expert finding and manufacturing turds.


  2. I don’t like predicting USC games, my mom once lost a week’s pay betting on her school. Fortunately her boss allowed her to earn it back. She was a pharmacist apprentice at the time and had to spend her off hours rolling condoms. As a kid I once asked if they came in sizes, she didn’t skip a beat saying, “ 2, 12, 36.” The numbers actually referred to the amount in the box, but when customers asked that question she sold more 36 boxes to the guys who were full of themselves.
    So I’m expecting USC to win today but I won’t bet on it.


  3. It’s early …but the Giants are already losing 5-0 to the Seahawks….

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    1. The Seahawks Russell Williams is being subjected to “protection” from Chad Wheeler —who is showing the same skill set he exhibited at USC….

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