Palaie Gaoteote Enters Transfer Portal

USC linebacker Palaie Gaoteote has entered the NCAA Transfer Portal.

Now he has been inconsistent at best his first few seasons despite being considered a can’t-miss prospect.

But before the season, Clay Helton said this was going to be Gaoteote’s breakthrough season. I guess we can add that statement to the list of things Helton said that didn’t come through.

19 thoughts on “Palaie Gaoteote Enters Transfer Portal

    1. Some 4 and 5 star guys just don’t develop when they get to D1, for a variety of reasons. Whitney Lewis, Dayne Crist, Mitch Mustain are a few examples.

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  1. Obviously that means his younger brother, will not honor his verbal commitment. Well now opens 2 new slots – I will wager – we pick up 1 WR and 1 Defense specialist – thoughts?

    Curious to see if he received different medical advise regarding his concussion or if he is just not a big fan of Tony Orlando and Dawn.

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    1. Whatever improvement the ruins have had this year is not because of Chip and his genius offensive schemes, it is because their D is better – they are no longer routinely giving up 500 plus yards of offense and 35 or more points per game. Trojans hung nearly 700 yards on them last year, including close to 200 on the ground. I am wondering whether the pass happy play calling on Saturday against Wazzu was designed to try to get Kedon’s confidence back. If so, it worked, Slovis looked really good. He was throwing a much better ball than Trevor Lawrence was in the Clemson game.

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      1. I still think he hurt his hand. Hard for me to buy that a guy goes out down by 2 TDs two times and moves the ball down the field and has confidence issues. And he looked great, going 18 in a row at one point.

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      2. Remind us ’67, which teams RB ran through the other team defense for 287 yds – rivalry record yardage I believe.


  2. UCLA is a solid team this year…well balanced on offense, and physical on defense. I don’t see us winning on Saturday with just a passing game unless we win the turnover battle, and stop the UCLA running game including the QB. SC has played a very weak schedule thus far, and can’t even run the ball against a very weak WSU defense. Defense wins championship the Air Raid does not.

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      1. justina, this is not a hard concept, but usually highly rated HS athletes do very well Div. 1 FB. That is why Alabama, Ohio St….etc recruit them. That is not a complicated thought.


    1. Charlie Bucket’s #2 sock puppet is a disgrace.

      I love that you were outed!


      1d ago
      Well this IS interesting. I am not sure if this site is for me anymore. Each email address used generates a unique symbol that represents the email address. One person on this page has 10 such symbols generated for his username. That is some next level trolling. And none of messages upon this thread has anything to do with the the purpose of the thread. It has developed into a prepubescent name calling.


      1. The whiny from post from 22, an in-bred deplorable, whose political messiah spends much of his time calling/tweeting about his opponents with pejorative names – ex. “Sleepy Joe Biden,” who, much to the loser/succer’s acute distress, is now the 46th President of the US elect. How sweet it is!



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