Pac-12 Won’t Let USC Play Colorado

The Pac-12 said today it will not alter it rules in case USC and Colorado both go undefeated by having them play each other in the Pac-12 championship game.


There’s nothing wrong with this statement but it is also another example of how the Pac-12 is hardly nimble. And how waiting too long to start the season hurt the conference in being able to make up games.

18 thoughts on “Pac-12 Won’t Let USC Play Colorado

      1. Given the circumstances, it is ridiculous to stick to the north-south rule. Everything about the season is an asterisk, including so many “rules” already broken. Provide the best conference championship game, period.

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      2. Unless you’re a duck or fuskie, then you want a shot at the title too. Why play the game if you can’t follow the rules.
        Both teams probably need a chance to win the pac to save their recruiting classes.

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      3. Yep, the Huskies and Ducks want a shot. But Ducks with 2 bad losses, Huskies with one. Worst outcome is that Ducks beat UDub in a sleeper game, so that both have 2 bad losses and both look like totally mediocre teams. If Boulder did go undefeated, then that would be a more interesting conference championship and might generate some interest outside the conference.

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      1. I’m wondering if playing 10 games vs 4 helps you play better. Or maybe have spring and summer practices as a team while ca was in lockdown and parks were closed?

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  1. There’s sanctions mentality and there’s pandemic mentality and finally there’s California pandemic overload mentality put all of them together and what do get? PAC12 mentality. Beyond the obvious lack of vision from the top down, there’s the lack of will to do the right thing. The committee on thinking for the PAC 12 has been out to lunch since 2009. But it shows the saying is true as well as witty that a camel is a horse designed by a committee.

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  2. Well technically speaking Colorado is further north than Stanford or Cal, but that’s what happens when you have tennis players drawing the lines


  3. Meaningless season no doubt about it. The Pac 12 is irrelevant anyway sadly that may continue for quite a few more years until USC is good again. Bowl games with no fans in the stadium is another waste.
    Prediction: Colorado wins Pac 12 South anyway when UCLA beats SC which looks like a probability, and then Bonehead will give him a 5 year extension which means the SC program continues to spiral downward.


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