USC Night Notes: It’s Rivalry Week

So it doesn’t feel like rivalry week but it is. No students on campus. No rallies.

Think back to 2005, when USC defeated UCLA, 66-19. It was the Trojans’ 16th-straight victory over a ranked team. And 34th straight victory overall. Does it feel like that long ago?

No rushing for 5 yards in that game.

  • Meanwhile, John Robinson took a tumble last weekend.

19 thoughts on “USC Night Notes: It’s Rivalry Week

  1. Bezerkely, the gift that keeps on giving…

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    1. The email only asks Berkeley students to do 2 simple things — [okay, so the two directives, in practical terms, contradict each other….so what? is that so bad?]
      Note: Maybe Cal75 should spend more time harmonizing U. C. Berkeley emails and less time correcting our posts…..

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      1. All I can say is I wouldn’t want to be associated with U. C. Berkeley when it comes time for the Last Judgement.

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    2. The assistant director of student housing, or whoever wrote that screwball email is probably getting paid $150K per year, plus bennies. I guess it’s right what they say about finding good help…even at $150K per year.

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      1. MDMA? That weak stuff? Why, son, I’m old enough to remember my UCLA buddies pedaling MDA — the real deal!

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  2. MG, it hurts me more than you each and every time. So be thankful that I’m here to help.
    Good luck against chipper. F the ruins.


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  3. It’s shameful that USC has shipped John Robinson off to LSU I really think he deserves better. Ironically I am privately hoping U. Can’t. Learn. Anything. (Ucla) does to Helton, what they did to Orgeron. We lose one game and maybe liberate a generation of future football players. Bohn cannot ignore the faithful for much longer. My only hope we don’t usher in someone worse …if that can be imagined.

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  4. You’ll eat those last words, Rialto —-when Folt hires her brother-in-law…..


    1. Horrible thought of the Day…(night) What if we lose to the baby bears on Saturday and USC BB loses to them and Stanford loses in BB will Just Owns become Just Owns California? The upside is we can petition him to remove Gavin McClavin the worst governor in my lifetime (and one of my relatives was the first governor of California so I go way back.)


      1. Damn RT, your wit and wisdom fails to spark the Owns ho-hum meter. But you can make yourself useful (What an oxymoron) and announce the bad news to 22 – Adolph J. Dump flunks legal reality again.

        (CNN) “The Supreme Court on Tuesday denied a request from Pennsylvania Republicans to block certification of the commonwealth’s election results, delivering a near fatal blow to the GOP’s long-shot bid to invalidate President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.”

        “The Supreme Court’s action is a crushing loss for Trump, who suggested as late as Tuesday that he thought the justices — including three of his nominees — might step in and take his side as he has continually and falsely suggested there was massive voter fraud during the election.”

        “The one-line order was issued with no noted dissents. The court is made up of six conservative justices and three liberals.”



      2. Are you saying that Supreme Court Justices, even conservative ones that I nominated are not right-wing nutjobs like me?


  5. No 22, I’m saying Adolph J. Screwball is out of viable Supreme Court options. Come 1/20/2021, he will be just Mr. Screwball dodging subpoenas.

    Remember 22, you can fool some to people all the time; and, you can fool all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time – especially judges who can easily spot an AH like Don the Con.

    #1/20/2021- Sleepy Joe Biden’s Day – Hee, Hee.

    The O/U # of months before Melania files for divorce: 3


    1. Well that’s a huge surprise to me. I was under the impression that any justices nominated by Donald J Trump would forever submit to his will and be single minded partisan hacks, just like me.


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