Let’s Check In On The Non-Uniform USC Uniforms

A reader passed along these photos from the USC-Washington State game.

You’ve got the black undershirt with no socks below.

And the long-sleeve yellow shirt with high black socks (and some red stuff going on with the feet).

And more red going on with the socks.

28 thoughts on “Let’s Check In On The Non-Uniform USC Uniforms

  1. This is just another indictment on Clay Helton’s head coaching approach. Did you ever see the great USC teams or Alabama doing this garbage? Clay has a mental block about enforcing discipline and being the “bad guy”.

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  2. I am old school. Every team member should be the same. Looks like every kid has a different interpretation of how he should look in a USC uniform. Personally, I hate the black socks. USC has traditional uniforms, not like those loud, outlandish Oregon uniforms. Since there is little to no discipline on the team due to a horrible head coach, how come I am not surprized?

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    1. So Mike, none of the baseball players wore their pants and socks different heights? I see it all the time, one old school with stirrups showing and others with pants below their ankles.

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      1. Pudly in my day every buddy had a standard uniform. Sanitary socks were under the cut stirrups that showed white in back. All standard length. I absolutely abhor the look of baseball pants all the way down to their ankles with no socks showing. Looks sloppy as hell IMO. Do you think Rod Dedeaux would allow that look today. No friggin way. I am old school traditionalist. I don’t apologize.😎

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      2. I hated sanis and stirrups. Not sure why that was ever a thing. It’s like having a wrinkle or balled up sock under your heel or arch all the time. Plus the sanis were the worst made sock ever. Loose and wouldn’t stay up without the stirrup. Anyone else hate them as much as I did?

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      3. Pardon my blush…when a lady first starts talking sanis and stirrups, well you know.
        Anyway, yeah the seem on the bottom of stirrups were bothersome.


      1. Charlie Bucket’s sock puppets once again are the racist at the Bahai meeting.

        I love that you were outed!


        1d ago
        Well this IS interesting. I am not sure if this site is for me anymore. Each email address used generates a unique symbol that represents the email address. One person on this page has 10 such symbols generated for his username. That is some next level trolling. And none of messages upon this thread has anything to do with the the purpose of the thread. It has developed into a prepubescent name calling.


  3. how do you expect hellton that pos to even take care of this when at the beginning of the season he says how much gaoteote has improved, his great relationship with orlando, will be his breakout year and ends up he plays like shit and wants a transfer. this is a typical example of his judgment which is a danger to the team.


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