USC Morning Buzz: An Important Crosstown Rivalry Game Since Forgotten

Nobody talks about this USC-UCLA game but it was huge at the time.

In 1999, USC defeated UCLA, 17-7.

It was for the City Championship but it was a huge game for USC because it snapped the Bruins’ eight-game winning streak in the rivalry, which became a huge mental burden for players and fans in those days. It sort of just hung around the program in the mid-1990’s and some wondered if USC would ever beat UCLA again.

John Fox threw a 22-yard TD and a 5-yard TD to Kareem Kelly, who is pictured above.

Safety David Gibson intercepted two passes while linebacker Zeke Moreno also had an interception. Chad Morton gained 143 yards in 36 carries.

The victory started a streak where USC won 12 of 13 games vs. UCLA.

59 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: An Important Crosstown Rivalry Game Since Forgotten

    1. TONE DEAF: Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott gave an interview to the Sports Business Journal in which he made a strange public plea to stick around beyond his contract. That nighttmare deal expires in summer 2022. Pac-12 fans and ADs are counting down the days, but I suspect Scott is still counting votes, trying to figure out if he can find seven conference presidents or chancellors who still believe in him.

      I currently score it: 10-2.

      Only UCLA and ASU appear to be in Scott’s corner anymore. Makes sense, as the other 10 presidents and chancellors arrived after Scott’s original hire. That faction appears far more tuned in to his lavish spending and tired act.

      This week, Oregon athletic director Rob Mullens told me (podcast) that his operation is facing a $65 million net deficit for the year due to COVID-19. Washington AD Jen Cohen told me (podcast) she’s looking at a loss of $30 million. Amid furloughs, budget cuts, and a lot of concerns, Scott paid himself and his executive team their bonuses. Now, he’s talking about his own contract extension in a tone-deaf manner in a public setting.

      Said one sitting Pac-12 AD: “Inexplicable that he would talk about it.”

      The only thing more cringe-worthy than Scott lobbying for his next contract while his Pac-12 partners are struggling?

      Maybe Scott’s video in 2017 that announced the last five-year extension of his contract. He prefaced the announcement by sending staffers at the Pac-12 an email indicating that some major news was coming. Then, he gave them a video that only Michael Scott of The Office could have dreamed up.

      Send email to:

      Tweet me: @JohnCanzanoBFT @JohnCanzano

      FIGURES Fucla Would support this clown. And owns, the non alum troll


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    2. Statement by President Folt: “I know not what course others may take but give me Larry Scott…. [or give me somebody just as bad] ….”

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      1. So owns. So stupid. I’d like to say it’s those basketball chops carrying over into his football fantasies, but then having beat the Trojans nowhere in basketball for OVER a year with those highly respected players, it can’t be that. I’m left to conclude that it’s only early onset dementia.
        How could he prefer this ruin team who couldn’t even beat a team who lost to BOTH the beavers and wazzu? Somebody restore his meds, he’s lost it again….

        Ding-Ding-Ding Goes the Victory Bell‼️


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  1. Note to the multiple personalities calling itself “Fuck You” I would have answered your request to take my Richard from my donkey yesterday, but I didn’t see it until this morning. Thank You for acknowledging that I might possess a Dick as I certainly cannot say the same for you. The fact that, that and other posts attributed to you are a cross between prepubescent outbursts and post traumatic Alzheimer’s seem to point to a subhuman organism trying to personify its writing.
    To that end I can only speculate upon the number of cells contained in your being. Certainly the fewest of which are dedicated to your thinking mechanism. You take delight in denigrating others, who invariably skip the guttural grunts you post, and have proven the point the cowardly posters pose behind several different emails aliases.
    The verisimilitude of your possible graduation from a state run institution, seems to solidify the existence of subpar education coming from said schools of thought.
    In your own world you king of wit, without any wit to speak of. Your tongue is from the distaff side and sans teeth to chew with. In a few days you will crawl back under the bridge, beneath which you dwell and roll your twenty sided dice to see what the dungeon master has in store for your next quest.
    May you continue to use your ugly moniker until you find someone of the opposite of your kind willing to accept your proposal of a name.

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    1. Verisimilitude: realistic depiction in art and literature.

      Funny thing is Hairy, I find “F**k You” considerably more authentic then you.


      1. Let me see, with a public school edumacation, maybe you could get it right if I gave you multiple choices…

        A) Then


        B) Than (hint: it’s not A)

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      2. Of course, you do Justina. That is the Bruin way! You would be rendered speechless if you could not use “F**k” and “s**t” in a sentence. Punctuation marks no longer needed.

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    1. Dear Pisley, It’s not such a big deal. None of our O/L recruits have decommitted.

      Those UCLA recruits that decommitted are easily replaced by more mature, experienced recruits from the portal – the collegiate FA market.

      Dear Pisley, how’s the Clown U O/L rushing offence working out?


      1. Like all else that matters, we’ll see Saturday…and while we’re talking about how’s things working out, I noticed you finally made it to the top 100 in turnovers ‼️ Yeah for the ruins….💋

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  2. Forgotten? Hardly. First & only time I ever charged a field. I can still feel the pain in my knees when I think about the wall, but damn it was worth it.

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    1. My nephew said it was the best game he ever saw. Granted, he has seen few games live, but I believe the electricity in the air and the fans rushing the field did it for him. Me too.

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  3. Not that it would have changed the outcome of the game but Kareem Kelly’s 2nd TD catch that day was a bad call.

    His foot landed out of bounds first but the ref missed the call and called the TD good. Some UCLA fans said USC cheated.


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      1. Thank you, brother. As far as Trojans hoops goes, no broadcast info here, only after the fact stories about losses or underachieving wins.

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    1. FS1 is not quite National TV. It is national to those who subscribe. FS1 is not so prevalent in the MW, South, or the EC regions. That regions Clown U “Give a Sh*t” factor audience recognition is 0.00000000000000001 of the total population.

      If you want National TV, wait for the 12/19/2020 UCLA vs Kentucky game on CBS.

      There’s much rumor of some “verisimilitude” that the restrooms in Kentucky’s Rupp Arena and Memorial Coliseum, are larger than the bozo’s sandlot court, Galen Barn.



      1. Well I’m glad their playin at rupp arena, we all saw the deluge caused by the backed up pauley sanitation system…took weeks to dry the court!
        I mean, jus sayin!


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  5. The first live USC vs UCLA game I attended was in Pasadena. Just a few blocks from Westwood via taxi I guess. The game was so poorly executed by the Trojans it killed the superfan. He had a heart attack in the stadium and end his streak of consecutive live games just 3 short of 800 ironically at the stadium that he saw his first USC game. UCLA won the game against USC’s second worst coach of all time. (Helton is currently first).
    I also went to the Rose Bowl to see University of Westwood with my wife and the preacher who hitched us. Another USC loss and I had to curb my tongue for three agonizing hours. Most of my memories are not as traumatic as those two, but occasionally Uclalaland comes up with a win. My feeling which has been bubbling all week is that the Bruinz are due again in spite of their tax supported multimillionaire coach. As much as it pains me to say I want to eat my words Monday.

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    1. “ My feeling which has been bubbling all week is that the Bruinz are due again in spite of their tax supported donut worshipping multimillionaire coach. ”

      Fixed it for ya… and no disrespect but I can’t remember, in all my years in this rivalry save once, a time when the ruins weren’t due. Just can’t bring myself to feel your angst tho…and I hope you eat those words on Monday too.

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      1. UCLA’s only chance is to defer to receive until after halftime —- and, then, try to score as many points as possible in the first 5 minutes of the second half ….while USC’s players are recovering from “Helton exposure”….

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  6. This has to be mistaken….there are NO ruins on this list. All those great ruin moments and couldn’t do it, ah poor brubabes…hahahahaha


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    1. Bush doesn’t belong on the list. His Heisman was officially voided and the SUCC displayed Bush Heisman returned to the NYAC by St. Pat. Actually it was one of the only ethical things St. Pat did on behalf of Clown U.

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      1. owns, you want to get into collegiate sports ethics? Really? Shaking my head over that.

        Bill Walton stated “We should have been on probation for about 100 years and given up 8 natties” because of Sam Gilbert’s involvement in ucla basketball. Ethics is not a winning line for ucla.

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      2. Actually, I like my friend Owns thinking on this one…..

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      3. BruinRob, is there a medication available for your USC/OCD condition? I’m sure the Golden State Corporation/McDonald’s has excellent medical/psychological benefits for their employees.

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