Morning Buzz: Pick The USC-UCLA Score

You want to sum up today’s game?

The teams UCLA has beaten are 1-9.

The teams USC has beaten are 2-10.

What a rivalry.

Some USC fans told me the Trojans can only play who is in front of them. I never saw much effort to do much more than find a soft landing post-COVID-19.

  • USC never tried to play Oregon in Game 1, when it would have been a hot game.
  • There was nothing done to set up a USC-Notre Dame game at the end of the season.
  • Do you hear any chatter about USC trying to play overrated Colorado recently, who at least is undefeated?

No, it’s just full speed ahead on playing Utah and Washington State.

So who wins today’s edition of the Crosstown Rivalry? Some USC fans tell me they think UCLA will win but that feels more like a lack of faith in the Trojans. On paper, USC should win. Will they?

Time for you to decide. I’ll give my score before the game.

59 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: Pick The USC-UCLA Score

  1. The game ends up to be a triple OT thriller.

    UCLA takes a lead in the 2nd half only to see USC rally furiously with a FG by Parker Lewis evening the score late and sending it into OT. In the third period, both teams score TD’s but UCLA misses their 2 pt. try, ending the game.

    Final: 45 – 44, Trojans




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    1. Even Merlin admitted his predictions could be overcome by boldness….

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      1. 67,
        I averaged a bunch of USC scores in games that featured Pac 12 running quarterbacks and came up with this average margin of victory for USC…

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    1. So Stupid Phuck you are saying 76&22 are known to drink chicken soup through a straw? Is that a new thing? It sounds good if the straw isn’t paper like the ones they have in Westwood. Those suck because they don’t suck. Good to know


    1. Thank you for putting up the actual Supreme Court Decision….
      [as it was displayed to reporters by Profile In Courage, Justice Barrett]….
      We need Scott to show HIS score first —it would nullify some of the dumb scores …

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  2. If USC wins, it is because of talent. If ugly wins, it is because of, I hate to say this, better coaching. uglies line is opening up running lanes. SC’s oline looks like the keystone cops. Slovis wins the game with better talent in throwing the ball and better receivers. SC wins 28-24.

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    1. 24 for the gutties is about right IMHO. If Stepp is back running the ball, and if Slovis throws like last week, Trojans should go for 40 or more. Maybe Clay can stay in the locker room for the second half.

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      1. We don’t run the ball, throw to the TE or have a head coach with a clue.

        With what happened at Utah St this week, don’t see Opie leaving for that clown show

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  3. Navy isn’t very good this year, their QB isn’t dynamic and the defense is poor, looks like an Army win but you never know in these games.

    I do know this, neither team will quit, showboat or help each other up, but they will stand at the end of the game for each other’s singing of their academy song

    GO NAVY, BEAT ARMY !!!!!!!!!!!

    As for the COVID battle, Gomer f’s it up and gets beat by a terrible team, hope I’m wrong but how can you have confidence in that fat clown.

    I hope this pleases the moderator on my 3rd attempt

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  4. USC defense kicked ass last week and now some of you thinks it’s going to be a close game against the defenseless ruins.? They showed improvement in each game. Which most of you been crying about for years. They won by 1, 4 , 16, 25 points now they will win by 30 over the ruins. Oh never mind Clay Helton is still USCs head coach. Sorry I got carried away there . lol Fight on Trojans

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    1. “1 point or more”……. that takes in a lot of territory, my friend….

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      1. I know I’m getting metaphysical here — but I say ALL four of these scores will materialize today……

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  5. Running game and turnovers win this one. Dorian Thompson Robinson will move the chains., and be the difference.. UCLA will put pressure on Slovis … UCLA 31 — USC 24…. Hard to say this, but with no running game SC is not going to win the big games.


    1. Playing against ucla is no longer a “big game”. Hasn’t been for a long time, because the gutties have been lousy for almost all of the last 20 years. Including last year, when Trojans ran the ball easily and rolled up nearly 700 yards of offense. They could have scored 70.

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      1. If the running game does materialize today —not necessarily in short yardage or goal line situations, in which we stink —-but in surprise 20 yard first or second down bursts, we’ll blow the bru-babes out…

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  6. If the SC defense can control UCLA on the ground, they should win it by 17 points. If they can’t stop the run, I can’t get myself to type the rest.
    Fight On SC!!

    J. Daniels’ stats through 3 quarters. 16-26, 299 YDS, 3 TD
    Good for him!

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    1. Thank you for holding back on the bit about what could happen if we can’t stop the run….

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    1. Stupid Phuck you said this already, no wait that was a different Stupid Phuck. Maybe you guys should take a number. Come to think of it I don’t remember seeing Pudly 75 every. Anyway repeating your classless posts is a sure sign someone has slipped a laxative in your Alzheimer’s meds. You have diarrhea of the brain.


  7. It’s 2020. Slovis gets hurt in 2QT. Things go downhill from there. Westwood wins 24-17 with SC on the goal line and unable to punch it in from the 1yd line on four plays. To make matters worse, Helton gets a new five year contracting after giving the game ball to Dolt. Ten Years without recruiting 5star linemen has effect. The good thing is that special teams has the correct number of players on the field. The bad thing is that Slovis announces he’ll go in the NFL draft.


  8. First I need to know if this is an away game jersey year? Tradition only works if both teams agree. So I am conflicted here because I want always beat the Bruins but I want lose Helton


    1. Didn’t say you were taking your wit and wisdom elsewhere, yet here you are. What’s the deal? What are you; a fly that won’t quit buzzing a pile?


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