USC Adds Alabama Transfer

Ishmael Sopsher, a reserve defensive lineman from Alabama, announced he would transfer to USC.

Sopsher decided to leave Alabama in October after falling out of the Alabama defensive line rotation. Alabama had two true freshmen, Jamil Burroughs and Tim Smith, join the defensive line rotation in the third game vs. Georgia.

Sopsher did not make an appearance in 2020 and played in one game in 2019 for Alabama.

16 thoughts on “USC Adds Alabama Transfer

      1. Dear Good gt: “This is my black arrow, Sir Guy –it is my court of last resort. It’s verdict is always final.”
        —Robin Hood
        Dear Evil gt: I was wondering the same thing. [Thanks for making me smile]….

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    1. Trump, Texas and the Confederacy of Dunces all slapped down by the very courts Trump packed…how embarrassing.

      Trump just keeps on losing




    1. Let’s not count our chickens before they hatch. Clay is absolutely capable of messing up a wet dream. I think this years Bruin team is a match for our Trojans. If there is a way to screw it up, clay will find a way.

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      1. Yep, Clay is the great equalizer when it comes to underperforming. But I think this group of players can rise above him.

        The ruins best games this season were when the backup QB was in. Now DTR is back. Ruins barely beat ASU, in which ASU had lost a bunch of guys to the virus, they still recorded 5 sacks of DTR. We shall see – fingers crossed.

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      2. It’s gonna take me a while to get over the “Clay messing up a wet dream” thing…..

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