USC Sunday Buzz: A Post-Game Comment That Struck Viewers

More than a few USC fans have mentioned the post-game comments of announcer Dave Pasch after the game.

I can’t remember it exactly but it was something to the affect of USC being fortunate or making the right decision to keep Clay Helton.

  • The Coliseum is hosting two games this weekend: Friday it’s USC vs. Washington and Saturday it’s Colorado vs. Oregon.

That way, Colorado and Oregon can fill in if either USC or Washington are unable to play.


44 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz: A Post-Game Comment That Struck Viewers

      1. SC wins Saturday and completes their 14th perfect regular season and Hugs joins the rarefied group of SC head coaches with undefeated regular season teams and stays for another season.

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      2. He was last game too. Guess they wanted him to practice some before letting him return kicks, those are the worst turnovers of all, and real momentum swings.

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      3. I love the way tebow is trashing the USC victory when he was predicting a UCLA win less than 24 hours ago…..

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  1. That was the second odd statement from Pasch.

    The first was before the game, when he said:

    “And Chip Kelly has brought these ucla bruins back!” I know he has to create some drama for the viewers, but still…

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  2. The game was entertaining, and USC beat the gutties, that’s a win considering most USC games these days are bore fests.

    Slovis threw 2 great passes on the last drive and Vaughn’s made a hell of a catch, Slovis also threw some ducks and looks like he’s a mess in the head, can you say Darnold ?

    What has Stepp done to get the treatment he gets from Gomer and Opie ?

    Can we recruit a center who can block and doesn’t get shoved around ? At least this one can snap the damn ball to Slovis.

    Hufanga prances around after making a tackle, act like you’ve done it before. He didn’t prance so much chasing down #85 who was so wide open it was sad.

    USC cannot tackle to save themselves and the defense lacks playmakers and looks slow

    Apparently USC doesn’t know other teams have and actually throw to their TE, #85 looked like Gronk last night, only Gomer & Co can make average ucla players look all world, remember the walk on from UC Davis who set a rivalry rushing record ?

    The end of the game was embarrassing, but it’s what you would expect from such a poorly coached team and one that has ZERO discipline, London looked like a fool and someone should tell Williams that if he’s going to run his mouth he might want to put his helmet on.

    Gomer is the luckiest coach around, USC could easily be 2-3 but here they sit 5-0, it’s good to be in the WAC 12.

    This is not a good team, far from it, they have talent but this team couldn’t beat any top 10 team.

    And yes, that idiot FOX play by play announcer did say that whoever decided to keep Gomer was right for doing so, moron

    And anyone who thinks USC is getting screwed for not being considered for the football playoff should have their head examined.

    Gomer isn’t going anywhere for the foreseeable future and USC football will be irrelevant for as long as he, Bohn and Folt are at the school.

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      1. Michael, not sure about honor for at least some of the ruin players. Remember the total throw down of Kenan by the bruins WAY after the whistle blew? Christon could have been badly hurt. The sad excuse for Pac-12 referees were afraid to throw a flag on that.

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    1. I liked his answer for why he had his smallest back run the ball on the failed 4th and one attempt:

      “He ran the ball because he was the back in the game.”

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      1. Felton could have changed that, though Trojans did get good penetration on that play. Still, it is not all that inconceivable for Clay to give Chip the game ball.

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      1. Well there are so many complaints about the schedule, it would be a way of gauging the teams progress… that is what most here like to complain about. Seeing them vs a top program would be a statement one way or the other.

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      2. USC –on the right day, under the right circumstances —could play with anybody. But —based on their uneven performances— I have a hard time finding them more deserving than Clemson to compete for the championship.

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      3. Well from my understanding, you’ll not be making that decision. Haha. Honestly tho, I could make the same argument for several more teams too.

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      4. Actually —IF it were up to me I’d put USC in the playoffs….. and tell Clemson to fuck off when they complained….

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      5. I’d love to see them play a top program. If they compete, then that is great. If they lose badly and give up, that is an important negative mark on Clay’s scorecard. That is what happened last year in the stinking Holiday Bowl (though Iowa is not a top program).

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      6. 67 — My opinion for what it’s worth: This team believes in itself. Big time. They might get beat…but they wouldn’t get humbled…. and they sure as hell wouldn’t give up….

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  3. Dave patch Needs to PAY OFF clay. Hell ton s CONTRACT…. to get RIDD of bozo hell ton then Go get a Top Level Coach and offensive coordinator to play like Alabama. ..then every will be. Ffff in. HOPPY


  4. I hope he is right. I like Clay Helton. I want him to succeed. But so far he hasn’t convinced me that he is the guy to take this program to the promiseland. I hope that changes. How much does Dave Pasch know about USC football? Has he ever played football in his life? He majored in speech in college. I’l bet almost everyone of the football fans on this Scott Wolf forum know more about USC football than Pasch does.


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