USC Stat Comparison Of The Day

In 2019, Clancy Pendergast gave up 1,721 yards to Arizona, Arizona State, UCLA and Utah.

In 2020, Todd Orlando allowed 1,720 yards to those same teams

29 thoughts on “USC Stat Comparison Of The Day

    1. The common denominator is Opie Harrell and Gomer “Hugs” Helton are still coaching. The defense can only do so much when the offense is NOT even pretending to commit to the run allowing so little time to run off the clock that our defense is on the field a majority of the game. Teams take on the personality of their coaches. That’s why Alabama, Ohio St, Clemson look like they do and perform like they do. I also agree with Vault91 post game comments that the in-game preening and post-game antics last night is indicative that the inmates run the asylum and should be used as the lever to force Dolt and Bohner to act. That behavior should NEVER be tolerated and rarely if ever occurred under McKay, Robinson, Carroll, any coach in USC history. Unfortunately, I don’t see this coaching staff being removed after this season under any circumstances simply because Athletic budgets are hollowed out and keeping this staff another year means another $5-$7 million reduction in the buyout clause.

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    1. I wish they’d give us a fucking break and schedule for Saturday or Sunday —2 short weeks for USC in a row is a bit much even for Pac 12 scheduling….
      P. S.
      I liked the way Chip was holding his play card over his mouth even though he was wearing a mask…..

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      1. With that play card over his mouth, “Show Cause” Chip was reminiscing about his days at Oregon, when NIke $$$ bought him 4 and 5 star guys, and he never had to recruit. Now, no more Nike.

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      2. Consider that they’ve put the quacks and the buffs on the schedule to play in the Coli so if uw doesn’t make it the alternate is already in town..

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  1. Regarding Orlando vs. Pendergast, and that the USC D gave up the same number of yards in games against the same opponents in ’19 and ’20.

    Another stat is that USC was 4-0 in those games in both years, so the D wasn’t that big of a problem in any case.

    Orlando is a clear upgrade over Pendergast. Not saying that Orlando is the best. Rather he is clearly better. Pendergast laid so many eggs over the years, including giving up 59 last year to Oregon, 49 to Idaho, both losses, and giving up almost 300 yards rushing to Joshua Kelly in ’18.

    Thus far we haven’t seen that from Orlando. And Orlando makes halftime adjustments, Clancy never did.

    This year, USC D is ranked around 40th in scoring defense, last year USC D was ranked around 75th in scoring defense. Just saying.

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      1. I agree. Orlando is way better than Pendergast. And I agree that Orlando did not have the benefit of coaching the team in the spring or the summer. And he may have been hamstrung by Gomer into not having physical practices with live tackling when they opened camp in the fall.

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    1. Orlando isn’t perfect —but making halftime adjustments is something new for the defense. Now if Clay/Harrell could bring some of that to the offense. In his postgame presser Clay said they don’t make offensive adjustments, he just tells the offense to “execute better.”

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    2. Great points above.

      I don’t have the data to support, but it appears that Orlando’s D is a little more ball-hawking/TO producing. If I weren’t so busy, I’d get the stats on
      TO ratio from 2019 to 2020.

      I also surmise that I see a lot more “rallying” to the ball and gang-tacklin’.
      Pete’s fellas were awesome at rallying and played with “intensity.” I sense that there is a bit more “intensity” from these D warriors. Seems everyone gives up “chunk” yardage these days. In years gone by, Pendergast’s D gave up “chunk” TD’s. While I don’t have data to support, I sense that this D is giving up fewer “chunk” TD’s. Plenty of 20-40 yard gains but not a ton of easy TD’s.

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      1. Bourbon,
        UCLA got a couple of chunk TD’s (first time I recall seeing that this season)—but, other than that, yeah —Orlando isn’t letting teams in the endzone the way Pendergast did. Hope that continues for 2 more games (Oregon and Indiana)!


      1. There’s a lot of “people” hating on this kid because he’s successful and they want the team to falter. But honestly, I can’t remember a kid so young staying within himself and carrying a team like he does.


  2. Harrell was right about him. On Chip’s presser that you posted, when they asked Chip about their choice of defensive alignments, Kelly said “Slovis is one of the best QBs in the country – he can carve up any defense.”

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  3. Poor Wolf. I have never seen any person who so consistently dwells on the negative. Did USC play a perfect game? No. Mistakes were made. But they won. Be happy for the kids Wolf, they never gave up and it was a great game. Be happy, they are 5-0. Helton is horrible but these kids over came his coaching. Let’s beat WA and see what happens next. Lighten up Wolf.

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