Jaxson Dart To USC

Quarterback Jaxson Dart just announced he will sign with USC.

So the question is whether Dart or Miller Moss eventually transfers when they don’t win the job in 2022, assuming Kedon Slovis goes pro.

Did you hear Tom Luginbill say after the commitment that “Clay Helton’s done a wonderful job on the field.”

Earlier Wednesday, wide receiver Joseph Manjack, who decommitted from Washington State in November, committed to USC. Never can have enough wide receivers.

24 thoughts on “Jaxson Dart To USC

    1. From a very reliable WW recruiting junkie:

      ” Oregon #6, USC #12, UCLA #49
      12/16/2020 11:04:14 AM
      By: Contrarian

      It has always has been an excellent class for the Duckies. No surprise they are getting these LOI’s.

      The word is that 5-star Foreman and 4-star Ceyair Wright will sign LOI’s to USC today, but won’t announce doing so until the January 2nd, All American Bowl signing program. This isn’t 100%, but is the prevailing wisdom.

      Jaxson Dart has not announced yet. He is still a 4-star QB, but that could change in the final rankings. Kid put up almost 6,000 of total offense this year, and look amazing doing so. Passing for over 4500 yards, rushed for well over 1,000.. The most recent crystal balls have all been for him going to USC, some with very high (9) confidence ratings. He cancelled his ASU trip last weekend. UCLA is still in the mix as well.

      Getting the above commits would put USC well into the top 10 I’d imagine.

      UCLA has signed the only 2 4-star OL’s in California. Not sure if the DE flip from Michigan is included in their ranking or not. “

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      1. Foreman and Ceyair in Jan, Kirkwood (ruin flip) and the receiver from Hawaii tonight, and possibly Raesjon Davis and Alton McCaskill in Feb….

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  1. The negativity just flows out of your mouth (i.e. they call you “flow).”

    Do you ever say anything positive ?

    I am sure if didn’t get Moss or Dart you would be going ape shit!

    Even during the Pete Carroll years, you were negative and railing on a team that went undefeated for 34 straight!!

    No wonder you live alone, life is too short to be so damn negative!!

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      1. That’s an easy one gotroy 22. We get more info from the die hard Trojans fans and alumni, that post comments on here. Then we do the blogger. He just posts some nonsense, Topic to be a troll. Then sits back and becomes a moderator. Not too hard to figure out. He’s been doing it for years! That’s his shtick! Lol At least we don’t have to pay for it!

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    1. That clown still looks at it this way. They did lose to an overmatched Cal team in over time 37-34 in 2003. Or Wtf is Reggie doing on the bench against Texas in the 2006 Rosebowl natty game? I still question the ladder myself! Lol

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  2. No matter how many receivers we pick up, if we don’t get a few blockers we might as well stop playing big boy football and find a passing league. Slovis-“Coach it’s first and goal from the two what’s the play?” Helton- “GO Long”

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    1. Drevno picked up a bunch of OL in the 2019/20 season–10 or 11 I think.
      QBs, LB’s, Safeties, and really RB’s and DL are needed.
      Of course, could always use the mythical 5star OL Left tackle.


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