Keyshawn Johnson Shreds Mike Bohn

Mike Bohn basically admitted Ohio State is better than USC, which is not controversial, but also not what Keyshawn Johnson wants to hear.

“I think their brand and recent performance helps them immensely,” Bohn said in a radio interview. “(Coming from Cincinnati) I get a good sense of what their prowess is . . . my hat’s off to them.”

Johnson fired back: “You got this dude come in and be our athletic director from Cincinnati? He doesn’t even understand what being a Trojan is all about. “Like, why would you even say something like that? Ohio State ain’t no bigger than USC. We on the same level, if not better.”

MY REACTION: If Bohn believes Ohio State is the superior program, he should hire a new coach to get USC to Ohio State’s level.

29 thoughts on “Keyshawn Johnson Shreds Mike Bohn

    1. USC’s scandals are worse than Ohio St. scandals.

      C.L. Max Nikias covering years of drug addiction and fraternizing wirh students by Carmen Puliafito, not to mention putting up with a rapist doctor sexuallt assaulting foreign students.

      Then the Lori Loughlin mess.

      C.L. Max Nikias has made USC The Best Of The Worst


    2. Those two pussies on Fox Sports #MattLeinart and #ReggieBush, if they gave two shits about USC Football, would speak out and tell the truth about how Clay Helton is in over his head and is a shit coach.

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      1. This is above Waste Management (a truly progressive, well-run corporation, BTW) level, TFL.

        I’m thinking more “superfund” clean up.

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      2. Teal-bow craves attention and this the only way he knows how to get it. He goes on these boring rants everytime his mother lets him out the basement or he doesn’t get his promised lollipop.

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      3. Anytime there are negative facts being stated about C.L. Max Nikias and how he let the drug addict Carmen Puluafito fraternize with students and get them pregnant or the cover up C.L. Max Nikias did for the rapist doctor…the USC administration sends out its faculty members to try and quiet the noise about it all.


    3. The last 10 years it has been true that SC could not stand up to Ohio St., but prior to that they were usually looking up at SC out-classing the Buckeyes. The 1972, 1974, and 1985 teams conquered the Bucks and 2 of those were for national championships.

      But although Keyshawn argues too dramatically, a lawyer-like argument would have been better, it is true you do not give the opposition any ammunition, especially when in direct competition with them.

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  1. Nice one Bohner*!

    *he’s not wrong, just can’t say that out loud.

    Also maybe do something to even the playing field then Bohnerino. That’s literally what your job is.

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  2. “he should hire a new coach to get USC to Ohio State’s level.”

    There is a quick route to achieving OSU’s level. Hire a certain Fox Sports announcer as HC. But I doubt Folt would approve that. I don’t think she would approve firing Clay at all unless the team is under .500 next year. And it would take some doing to go under .500 in the Pac 12.

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      1. I wish he’d said, “No one respects USC cuz they picked me as Athletic Director…”
        #….[i.e., Dr.Folt]

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  3. Ohio State has 10 all time victories over the Trojans. USC has 13 all time victories over the Butteyes (spell check?) Ohio State’s largest margin of victory over the Trojans is 33 points. USC’s largest margin of victory over the Butteyes is 40 points. But really sets the Butteyes apart is the marijuana leaf stickers on their helmets that stand for the number of doobies they had before the game…
    Certainly that is where coach Bohn is coming from.

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    1. You’ve been on a roll (not a doobie roll, I hope), RT.
      Keep ’em coming.

      Can’t forget a true freshman, Matty B, going into the Horseshoe and owning the Butteyes in front of 85,000 screaming redshirts on a Saturday National TV night.

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  4. From 1974 until the recent Clay Helton Cotton Bowl. USC was 7-0 against Ohio State. If memory serves correctly, the 2008 35-3 Final was Ohio State’s largest margin of loss since 1989. which also just happened to be USC’s 42-3 Win.
    Ohio State Recent History = Urban Meyer
    USC Recent History = Clay Helton

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  5. Boner thinks that his program is not respected…….because he is not respected…….the difference between an executive and a guy at the office with a big salary and title becomes very clear to the workers in no time. His job is to explain what others have decided. Just a suit.

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  6. Bohn should have kept that comment to himself. He has not studied the series between SC and Ohio St. He then throws SC under the bus be declaring OHio St is better. AD’s would have been reprimanded for that but with Dolt, she will fire up a new bong and go along with the flow. She is clueless.

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  7. Bonehead is the AD, not some sportswriter or fan… For him to diss the football program is unconscionable. His boss, Dolt, should have a sit down with Bonehead but that won’t happen. The Pac10 was a great conference. The Pac12 has become a mid major conference, occasionally, able to pull an upset, But, Bonehead was right…and only a few think that SC is a good team able to hang with the cream and that few (I was one) refuse to face reality. SC under Helton isn’t tough. It shows up whenever they meet a team that is physical. They get destroyed. It’s gotten to a point that recruiting is endangered. It won’t begin to change until Helton is replaced and practices become a battle.


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