USC Finally Replaces Art Bartner

I tweeted this afternoon an announcement was coming and USC just sent out that associate director Jake Vogel is the new director of the Trojan Marching Band.

He replaces Art Bartner, who was the director since 1970. I’ve written previously that Vogel was the frontrunner but it took forever to name a replacement.

I heard today Carol Folt was directly involved in the process. And they used a search firm!

From the announcment: “The search process included a nationwide search by Stanton Chase.”

Vogel takes over officially on Jan. 1, 2021.

USC Photo/Ben Chua

19 thoughts on “USC Finally Replaces Art Bartner

  1. Did Mr. Wolf bring some of those idiots running the SI blog over here to this one?

    Wolf jinxed this blog with the sign in issue just by associating himself with those imbeciles at Sports Illustrated.


  2. A search firm? Are you kidding me? And you hire from within? That whole fee could have been put to a buyout of Helton contract. A typical liberal/woke mentality to cover all the bases from an HR standpoint. Fort was involved in hiring the band director. This is scary folks.

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    1. It gets worse. Folt was overheard saying, “he’s got the cutest butt ever —maybe he can double as my pool boy in Santa Monica…”

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    2. Evidently there have been harassment issues in the band also.
      So, yes, admin is blowing wads of cash to cover its arses.
      It’s how bureaucrats do their job.

      Bartner was a once in a Century gift.
      Can’t be replaced.
      At least there is someone to start working on the next version for 2021.

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      1. If President Carol Burnett sincerely wanted to clean up the harassment scandal, why would she promote someone who was prominent in the Art Bartner Administration who either knew about it and did nothing, or was involved in it?


  3. My first high school band wasn’t until I had been out of college since the late 70s. (Prop 13 killed music for ten years and then I was not an affirmative action hire when I finally went into teaching in the 90s)
    But I was hired a week before school started and half the kids quit in protest over the release of their former band director. band kids are fiercely loyal. The best thing I did was take my small band to high school band day at USC. My kids thought football was something to do if there wasn’t a field show competition. So imagine their surprise when they saw Dr. Bartner’s band. They finally got with the program. He recognized me from the 70s in front of the band which also helped build the program. He was a remarkable leader.

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      1. Actually Prop 13 lowered taxes to preexisting levels. The State was raising the tax on homes to the appraised value of the home. The home I grew up in coast my parents 25K but by the 70s was worth around 50K or more. The taxes were higher than the mortgage rate. When Prop 13 was proposed Governor Brown (Jerry the first) warned that he would cut funding to music and art in our schools if it passed. It passed and he did. Long story short I spent about 25 years working in maintenance as an electrician. Then because I didn’t finish my credential in College, I had to go through the new system of tests and other crap to become a teacher.


  4. CAL 75,

    Union Square was a sight to see when Barnter and the band showed up. I also like how he would keep the band playing at SC or on the road way past when the ohter band had left. I hope Mr. Vogel will keep the tradition going.

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