USC Picture Of The Night

Can you imagine this kind of Victory Bell celebration today after beating UCLA?

This is what happened on campus in 1952 after No. 4-ranked USC defeated No. 3 UCLA, 14-12.

The rally was hastily planned after the game and took place at 11 a.m. Monday. And George Tirebiter was present.

USC won the game when Al “Hoagy” Carmichael caught a 4-yard TD pass on fourth down in the third quarter from Jim Sears. Carmichael and Sears teamed up on a 70-yard run-and-lateral for USC’s other TD.

Photo/USC Digital Library

10 thoughts on “USC Picture Of The Night

  1. “Can you imagine this kind of Victory Bell celebration today after beating UCLA?”

    Scottie, you should ask:

    “Can you imagine UCLA ever being ranked #3 again?”


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  2. Perhaps poor jaded Angelinos have grown tired of watching USC defeat Ucla. Hah I don’t think so. Sock hops are a thing of the past and the University has so many foreign exchange students, that rally are long past too. Stupid kids get sent to USC by their parents to get an education. Where’s the fun in that? This ain’t the school my parents went to.

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  3. that was a great game and my all time favorite team & game, ’53 Rose Bowl champs too…one of my first games to attend@ 9 yrs old…
    too bad scott did not incl in his comment how SC got to the ucla 4 yd line, one of those miracle plays ,it reversed what seemed to be the soon to come ucla nail in the coffin for SC, a ucla game ending winning score,but defense was SC’s strongest part of the game…

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