Clay Helton Ranks USC 11 Spots Ahead Of Oregon

I wish the coaches’ poll would reveal the ballots of every coach on a weekly basis. Transparency is a good thing.

But they only reveal the final ballot. And Clay Helton produced a doozy.

He ranked USC at No. 13.

And Oregon, who beat USC, is way down at No. 24.

Is Helton bitter that USC had to play the Ducks?

He even ranked them below Louisiana-Lafayette.

Here is the ballot:

Clay Helton, USC

1. Alabama

2. Clemson

3. Notre Dame

4. Ohio State

5. Texas A&M

6. Cincinnati

7. Georgia

8. Oklahoma

9. Florida

10. Iowa State

11. Indiana

12. Coastal Carolina

13. USC

14. Northwestern

15. North Carolina

16. Iowa

17. Brigham Young

18. Miami (Fla.)

19. Texas

20. San Jose State

21. Oklahoma State

22. North Carolina State

23. Louisiana-Lafayette

24. Oregon

25. Colorado

12 thoughts on “Clay Helton Ranks USC 11 Spots Ahead Of Oregon

    1. I believe he’s a “Word Faith” guy.
      That’s why he always speaks in positive terms. They believe you create what you speak. Go figure, it obviously hasn’t worked in making USC a contender.

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      1. Word faith or blab it and grab it will get into trouble. I heard Robert Schuller’s last words were “It’s not hot and I’m not in Hell”

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      2. pudlyfudgepacker69 and gotroll22 are the biggest Helton cheerleaders there are.

        Every year those two clowns go on and on about what a great job Clueless Clay did with recruiting, always with the, “just wait until next season” and the next season comes and Clay sucks as usual.

        Those three idiots are wrong every year.



        AHA HA HA HA HA HA!


  1. USC is 18-14 in their last 32 games. I guess they see that as acceptable. Clay Helton was talking, after the game, about winning national championships. NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS?  NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS? What kind of logic is that based upon. We had everybody coming back this year, with the exception of 3 guys(one on defense and two on offense). Four of our 6 games were played here in SoCal. One of the two road games was against Arizona, who were abysmal this year. The other road game was against a Utah team that had lost much of last years team and hadn’t played a game yet. We had the easiest schedule that SC has had in years. Yet we ended up 17th in the nation in the final poll behind football powerhouses like Cincinnati, Iowa State, Indiana, Coastal Carolina, North Carolina, Northwestern, Iowa and  BYU. None of those schools have anywheres near USC’s talent. And we are talking about NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS? We didn’t even win the Pac-12 championship and we are talking about NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS. What planet are these guys living on? I like Clay Helton. I hope he does win a NC at SC. But I see absolutely zero evidence that it will ever happen under CH. And NO!….we didn’t deserve to be 13th in the nation.

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  2. talk is cheap. if hellton says we are very close (note not only close but very close) to a national championship then he can put his money where his mouth (or is that his ass since it appears every time its open only manure comes out) is. if he wins the nc then double or even triple his pay. if he is unable to do so during the remainder of his contract he coughs back every dime he has swindled from the school. since his judgment is so good and he thinks we are very close he should take the deal.


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