Palaie Gaoteote Update

I’m hearing former USC linebacker Palaie Gaoteote has UCLA and UNLV as his top two transfer destinations.

Gaoteote is from Las Vegas. But I’ve also heard some SEC schools are looking at him too.

19 thoughts on “Palaie Gaoteote Update

    1. If he has UCLA as one of his choices, I’m guessing there might be a girl involved who he wants to stay close to.



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  1. Another case of stupid is as stupid does. He could have added to the effort but he selfishly left his teammates behind. However instead of fighting to keep the kid, Helton shrugged his shoulders and let him leave.
    Number sign SMH Number sign (is this how it’s done MG?)

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      1. Hey, MG, I agree Tom Cruise knows how to play women (at least in the movies, not real life), but Sean Connery as James Bond was the king of women-conquerors (because he had great movie script writers)

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  2. Another stupid is as stupid does storyline. He could have been helpful in our last games but chose to abandon his teammates. Helton’s response was to shrug his shoulders and do nothing.
    number sign SMH number sign.
    (Is that how it’s done MG?)

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      1. Not me. [If you really scrutinize the two, the second response seems better constructed —it’s as though Rialto had matured tremendously in between the first and second posts—the second reply seems wiser, more thoughtful —yet retains the same spirit of fun seen in the first]….

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  3. Helton 2020, after losing to Oregon – “We have made such strides, winning the Pac-12 South and putting ourselves in the league championship game.”

    Helton 2019 after losing to Iowa, 49-25 – “I think this team will be really special, right on the cusp of being great.”

    Guess what’s coming in 2021…

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  4. Orlando loved this young man, and I know previous 5 stars have been wasted like Betiku, Marsall, and Jones. But he seemed a good fit with Orlando because he would utilize his talent. 2+2 do not add up to 4 in this equation. If he isn’t going to Michigan State with his brother, why would he leave a program like USC for UNLV, or UCLA, for the matter. Doesn’t make sense. And also, I know from a few other players, the portal isn’t kind. Always better off staying, especially if you are playing. JT was special. He got screwed his freshman year. He almost didn’t start at Georgia, and wasn’t at the top of the ladder. It was a desperation move by Smart to make something work. Of course JT is that good that it did. IE should stay. He will ball out next year. P S. Helton should still be fired ASAP.


    1. Add Josh Imatorbhebhe–who did quite well at Illinois, I believe.
      Jack Sears?

      There are so many 4-5stars who’ve entered the portal leaving USC.
      However, few have come to USC via the portal.
      I bet the number is 2 or 3 to one against USC FB.
      If I cared, I’d go back and accumulate the data.
      I find this item embarrassing.

      At USC Med, they taught us to gather a group of symptoms and signs before making any diagnosis. The more symptoms and signs and data–the more sure one was of their diagnosis. Business people make their plans similarly. Detectives and. Trial lawyers gather their evidence similarly. Expert sportswriters do so. I am hopeful that educational leaders think as we successful private business people do.

      Thank Drevno for his service and settle up his contract. I will admit that I stumped for Drevno during the Calloway years, and I will admit to my mistake. New O-line coach for Spring Ball. The only acceptable outcome for 2021 is 10-2 and a Pac 12 champ. Anything else and it’s time to move on.

      USC hoops anyone?*

      *Owns excluded. He He.


  5. i don’t know what happened to him he was great the first year. as usual after look at the tape hellton has been with him long enough he became lackluster and this year he apppears to pretend just going through the motions when on the field


  6. Helton is the master of making great talent mediocre. Or not recurring where it counts. Or just not playing it. Remember Pittman on the bench? I also love the way C&H has gone out and prioritized the recruitment of top notch O-linemen. You know, the guys who really plow the road, open holes, and move the pile for our all-world backs to really churn up opposing defenses, and gave JT and Kedon Slovis such consistently clean pockets to throw from without hurries or sacks. Perfect example from the O game – see how they completely neutralized #5 with that gutsy 1:1 matchup the whole game? Slovis barely had to move or scramble when they dropped 8 into coverage, especially with our devastating running attack gouging the duck defense – it’s like we never needed to put the ball in the air at all!

    Looking back and waxing nostalgic, my favorite quote from this season came (surpringly, not from Petros, but) from a Fox sportscaster in the ASU game: “this USC offense is really hard to watch.” Amen, brother.


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