A Sign Of Potential Discontent At USC

I’m hearing from players that a topic being discussed among team members is whether they improve at USC?

They know the answer but the fact this is being discussed tells you that they aren’t buying the 5-1 record as a sign of success. For years, a knock under Clay Helton is whether he makes players better. I’ve written it myself many times.

Ask yourself if marquee players like Kedon Slovis and Drake Jackson got better this season?

And now the players are talking about it quite a bit this week.

41 thoughts on “A Sign Of Potential Discontent At USC

    1. Folt showed Bohn this clip when he said he was going to override her objection and call Urban Meyer…

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  1. Improvement is as much on the assistants. You see quality coaching with Keary Colbert at WR.

    Is Slovis hurt? He is running for his life most of the time.

    RB underperformed, but the O-line is partially responsible there.

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  2. USC has never had a problem attracting 4 and 5 star recruits. USC recruits itself.

    Clueless Clay has been afforded a bunch of top 10 recruiting classes and has taken 4 and 5 star recruits and diminished their talent.

    The few players that have played under Helton that have gone onto tbe next level pretty much made it on their own.

    There are a whole lot of 4 and 5 star recruits that Helton just ruined with his 3rd rate coaching ability.

    Here is a list of Trojans drafted into the NFL. This year USC had 2 players drafted out of a class filled with 4 and 5 star recruits.

    See for yourself…



  3. “I’m hearing from players that a topic being discussed among team members is whether they improve at USC?”

    Where have these Trojan players been the last 7 – 10 years? Obviously not watching Trojan football. USC has had shit coaching (with the exception of Orgeron) since 2010.

    Anyone that knows football, and these kids are playing it, can see that Clay Helton and the idiots he hires don’t have a clue when it comes to coaching, developing talent or making adjustments.

    Helton is a con man, snake oil salesman, he’s a players coach, letting players play undisciplined with no consequences. That’s what these Trojans like about Helton, soft practices, relaxed atmosphere, practice when you want, they can commit stupid penalties and know that they won’t be held accountable.

    This is what they signed up for and now they’re just realizing that it all wasn’t worth wasting their potential by having it easy playing under this knucklehead know nothing Clay Helton.


  4. Do you believe that Wolfie is truly “talking to players?” Is he zooming them? And why would players divulge intimate topics to a man who comes across, sorry, as kind of creepy.?


  5. That’s a bingo. Why haven’t we heard from Mike Bohn at all? Not one social media post regarding that wonderful performance in the Coliseum….dead silence. How embarrassing was it watching Oregon celebrate their colors, their win in our house? Who’s House is it anyway, now. Helton gives it away every year because every year “we are so close.” Just like these kids’ development. They are so close….but they don’t get second, third and fourth chances like Clay. The get one shot. How about a mass mutiny in the portal? Like IE.

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    1. Why haven’t we heard from Athletic Director Mike Bohn?
      I’m sure there must be some good reason. [You might want to prepare yourself for some pretty long silences next year …. right before and after BYU and Utah and Notre Dame]….


  6. More of the Helton Musical ( you are welcome if these songs get stuck in your head)
    Scene 2 in locker room at half time instead of making adjustments.
    (to the tune of My favorite things)
    Last second field goals and Bowls about Roses
    Pressers with Bohny who drinks from the hoses.
    Bright colored unies on my first string
    These are a few of my platitude things
    Play charts with passes that look like they’re doodles
    Losing the game, the kit and kaboodles.
    Penalties mounting boy do they sting
    I simply spew more platitude things
    When the ball drops
    As they fumble
    When we’re looking sad,
    I simply remember my platitude things,
    And then I don’t look so bad

    Scene 3 at practice on Monday team pulls up a pillow, but before the fight, (sung to the tune of Do, Re, Mi)
    Let’s start from the very beginning
    It’s a very good place to start
    When you play you begin with “listen to me.”
    When you stink you begin with Do Re Mi
    The very first lesson just happens to be….

    Doh, My name I’m called Clay Doh
    Rey the guy who passes out all the towels
    Me, the name I look for most
    Fa a noodle dish from Nam
    Sol, a place where losses hurt
    LA the city that we own
    Tee the place to kick the ball
    Which brings us back to Doh. oh oh oh (repeat until you throw up)

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    1. Pittman.
      and others.

      I think it has been the Assistants, however.
      Give Claiborne the LB job and let Orlando just be DC.


  7. I am hearing Clay could be gone after New Year’s bowl games and that Fickell would be the new head coach, if Fickell agrees to a deal, I think it happens. It all makes perfect sense. No reason to can Clay and force Fickell to field questions before his game against Georgia.

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      1. I hear Clay is fighting real hard to add Alabama to the 2021 schedule as our opener …being how we’ll be a National Championship contender and all…..

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  8. Just getting away from Helton is best. A player can only be harmed here. Sam Darnold had to leave to save himself. Isn’t it obvious? I would not send my dog here, now. I know they would say: “we would not take your dog.” I guess it would be because Helton would say no to my dog. But, if he said yes they would take my dog. What a spell he has cast.


  9. Just getting away from Helton is best. A player can only be harmed here. Sam Darnold had to leave to save himself. Isn’t it obvious? I would not send my dog here, now. I know they would say: “we would not take your
    dog.” I guess it would be because Helton would say no to my dog. But, if he said yes they would take my dog. What a spell he has cast.


  10. Helton hasn’t put any effort to improve his coaching, other than read the book “Catch phrases for dummies”. Why should his players be forced to improve their ability. Mediocrity is his life and Helton played it with 4 million a year for 6 years. Sadly he’s not the problem but the result of those in charge. Change happens at the top my friends.

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    1. Wow, BruinRob, that’s deep. Did you stay up all night thinking of that one? So where does that leave ucla? Last time I checked, Helton is 4-1 against the gutless little bruins.

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      1. Thing is, eight ball, Clown U doesn’t win NC’s by defeating UCLA. During and after the UCLA game SUCC players were celebrating like they won a NC. They didn’t, they just won a recess bell.

        But during the 5-0, SUCC home Pac-12 Championship game vs 3-2 Oregon, SUCC players celebrated bozo their missed tackles, Solvis Ints., Oregon TD’s and ultimately, suffered another choka, choka, choka choke big-boy FB loss.

        Remind me eight ball, what’s Clown U FB’s all-time W/L record vs ND.


  11. Not hard to predict– USC may have to turn to walk ons next year to field a team. There is going to be a mass exit of usc players this spring, and a huge numberentering their names on the transfer portal. The NCAA has made it too easy to transfer these days, and things are only getting worse at SC so it is a no brainer to leave now rather than wait.

    The program has hit rock bottom under Helton we must start over now rather than later. Oregon is getting the last laugh on the stupid decisions that are being made.

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  12. If you have a bad CEO employees leave the company. Just watch the transfer portal if all the returning starters walk it will force a change especially if Covid-19 continues into next season. The players came to USC to play ball for a full season not a shortened season with no bowl game, and if they can’t be guaranteed that they will transfer to the Big 12, ACC, SEC, etc to showcase their talents. Loyalty only goes so far, and if players aren’t getting what they were promised they will leave.
    I have given up on Clay Helton, Mike Bone, and Carol Folt. The players deserve the best, and perhaps by saying goodbye to USC it might force the change we are all looking for. The 2021 football season looks it will not be pleasant to watch, but sadly it is probably needed to finally force a changing of the guard because winning is important to usc the new regime just does not want to admit it.

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  13. Sadly, between the two Dux beatdowns, Gentleman Clay is 8-1 (against 8 terrible football teams) and 2-0 vs the “rival.”

    While I would love to see Fickell or Urban or maybe the guy at Iowa State, it ain’t gonna happen. I’m not staying up tonight to see if Santa is coming down our chimney, either. We have a gas fireplace anyway. Santa is not visiting Heritage Hall tonight.

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