When Do We Get A Real Answer From USC Football?

I don’t want to hear some end-of-season propaganda from Mike Bohn in a puff-piece interview.

But I would like Bohn to explain how despite all the changes he made to the football program, the team looked as a sloppy in 2020 as it did last year and consistently played down to the level of competition?

That’s a real topic. I don’t want to hear about winning five games, recruiting, letters to Gavin Newsom or making the Pac-12 title game.

I just want to know when the product on the field looks crisper and plays to its potential? When can USC fans expect to compete with Alabama, Clemson or even Notre Dame?

Bohn’s problem is he doesn’t want to admit things have not improved because doesn’t then he will need to answer why he hasn’t made a head-coaching change?

  • Arizona hired Jedd “the” Fisch, the former KROQ DJ?

That means San Jose State remains a red flag for Clay Helton because Brent Brennan remains with the Spartans and signed a contract extension today.

The UCLA-Oregon basketball game was postponed because of COVID-19 testing and contact tracing protocols. Apparently, it was the same crew that worked the Oregon State game last night.

Is there one Division I crew in the state of Oregon? Larry Scott strikes again!

34 thoughts on “When Do We Get A Real Answer From USC Football?

  1. Scooter knows a KROQ DJ ? What’s next, a Rodney Bingenheimer or Shadoe Stevens ?

    KROQ will always be famous for having a contest for parodies, this one is a classic

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  2. Are you saying that the administration of the university prefers to keep people guessing?
    I can answer at least one question.
    No USC isn’t going to replace their head coach. Even though they are not now, nor ever have gotten their money’s worth, the time to switch is passing with each day.
    It is quite clear that the administration is like a proxy stock buyer, they don’t know how the stock market works, but as long as they see some results they are happy. They certainly don’t want to know that their investment could do much better if they got involved.
    Please address any other questions to this blog.

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  3. I’m not expecting the Bohner to say anything. He felt the backlash last year when he tried to speak for Gomer. This year he isn’t going to say anything. And Gomer will be back next season to burn another $5-$7M off his eventual payoff..

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  4. I still like Bohn. He’s a definite improvement over Swann and Haden. I think that he wants to bring this program back to the glory days. I don’t know what Folt thinks and I really do believe the Board of Bustees want a mediocre team.

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  5. Bohn should have fired Clay last year. As one D1 coach said, “USC was a mess, everyone thought Clay was going to be fired.” Why didn’t Bohn pull the trigger? Probably because coach folt told him not to.

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    1. If Coach Folt tells him not to, what is he going to do. Coach Folt is his boss. What needs to happen is that instead of trashing Coach Helton, the fans should be writing in and trashing Coach Folt. Why fly banners over USC saying “fire Helton”? All he did was take a job paying a whole lot of money that was offered to him. Anyone of us would have taken the job for that money. It never should have been offered him. He’s not qualified. Instead, fly banners over USC saying “fire Folt”. Start a new ground based group of fans, students, boosters, donors, ex-football players and call the group “FF”(fire Folt). She’ll get the message. Then Bohn will have more leeway to do what I think that he wants to do.

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      1. “If coach folt tells him no, what is he going to do?”

        Easy – he should resign. Would you stay working for a person who wouldn’t let you do your job?

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      2. First off, Folt is a nothing. She takes her marching orders from C.L. Max Nikias.

        Second, Folt gets blasted every single day because Helton is a crap coach. Folt is despised every bit as much as Clay and she couldn’t care less.

        Everytime Folt tweets, no matter what it is she is tweeting about, the immediate response to her is, “Fire Clay Helton”.

        Folt and Bohn are paid to be puppets and to take heat for the shit job Helton does.

        But by all means, go give Folt hell if you think it will help.



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      3. tebow, et al —have you noticed Carol Folt NEVER tweets about anything she herself has accomplished?

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      1. Bohn needed to get rid of Helton the first day he was named AD. Why, to send a message of who was in charge of the athletic program, right away. He hesitated and lost power of the program within the first week. Now he is just a gnome puppet yes man for Folt. He didn’t even do his homework before he stepped 1 foot on campus with the CL Max Nikias situation. Now we are stuck with Helton until the next AD is hired.

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  6. Answer: we won’t.

    Consider first that any “answer” will have no upside for USC’s situation.

    If Bohn responds with the parroted party lie of our 5-1 season being successful and growing his confidence in C&H leading us into the future – he will destroy any remaining credibility simply confirm he is a vacuous yes-man bureaucrat for the Folt machinery.

    If Bohn wheels around and acknowledges to any degree what we all saw in this dumpster-fire train wreck of a season, and not wanting to see USC embarrassed and exposed in a bowl – it will beg the question about how he is incompetent as an AD in tolerating the situation as-is (much in the same line as his predecessors).

    Aside: can’t believe my previous post was nixed by the moderator. No foul language. No offensive subject matter. Odd…

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  7. The best answer is USC football is shutting down for 1 year, and all football coaches and the Athletic will be laid off, or USC has decided to withdraw from the Pac 12 conference, and become independent in 2021. Either way trust me it is time to start over, and rebuild the program its dropped so far its almost like receiving the death penalty from the NCAA. I don’t see many players staying as most will transfer unless major changes are made. Why pay high salaried coaches for a limited season, and no bowl let the kids go free and play elsewhere.

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    1. I guess you missed the part where it’s reported Clay actually got a RAISE this year for participating in a shortened season, shortened practice schedule and skipping a bowl game…

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      1. If you can’t buy Helton out……remove him from his current position and give him another desk job so everyone is not held back a year including the fans, and players. Carol Folt, likes to create positions that report to her well why not put Helton in charge of the USC Covid-19 task force,Campus Security, or fundraising. Move him out of the atheltic department until his contract expires so he will quit.

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  8. Exactly, go after Folt … and yes, she will get the message loud and clear. Gomer can take this abuse, he will never make anything close to this money, so he stupid act through it. But, going after Folt changes the game. She won’t like this.

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  9. Clay Helton isn’t going anywhere, he’ll serve out his contract and probably get an extension.

    As long as Clay Helton keeps the Trojans mediocre there’s no reason for the media to be interested in USC.

    The less media surrounding USC the better it is for C.L. Max Nikias.

    Nikias made one hell of a mess out of USC, the last thing he wants is an Urban Meyer taking over the Trojans, making them a legit contender and having all sorts of media and attention focused on USC.

    Nikias will continue to ignore the calls for Clay’s head just as he has done for years and the BoT won’t be pressured because they were all put there by Nikias and that’s where their loyalty lies, with Nikias.

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  10. Mike Bohn is the best in the biz. He has made sweeping changes in all the sports programs. Look at how many national titles we compete for since he has been around. Zero. Great guy this Bohn. My right hand man.

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    1. When Bohn fires Clay Helton somewhere between Jan 2 and Jan 5, you will have to eat your words.

      After Bohn fires Helton and hires Fickell, USC will close in on some top 2021 recruits and end up at #5, one spot above Oregon.

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      1. I will be one of the first ones replying back. I don’t mind eating my words if it’s Christmas for all of us Trojans fans, and Helton is finally gone. Hopefully the gnome will be gone next year also with her woke nonsense she brought to the University, after she was hired.


  11. Gomer and the gnome need to go asap. The BOTs and Max Nikias need to go along with them, time to drain the USC swamp and bring back some stability and respectability to the University.


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