USC Saturday Buzz: A Rivalry Suffers Under Clay Helton

How happy is Clay Helton that he didn’t play Notre Dame?

He is 1-4 against the Irish and would have been heavy underdogs to beat this season. Even Paul Hackett was 1-2 against Notre Dame.

Among Helton’s many transgressions is letting this rivalry become one-sided. Since Notre Dame isn’t incompetent for Helton, this game has been a big problem. Helton’s lone victory over Notre Dame in 2016 came when the Irish were 4-8.

Mike Bohn can make more staff/office changes but USC isn’t gaining on Notre Dame under Helton.

  • Will Jake Garcia have second thoughts about signing with Miami?

Canes QB D’Eriq King announced Saturday he will return for the 2021 season.

King has passed for 2,573 yards with 22 touchdowns and five interceptions. He rushed for 520 yards and four touchdowns

25 thoughts on “USC Saturday Buzz: A Rivalry Suffers Under Clay Helton

  1. Oh, by the way…..Helton would’ve lost to that 4-8, injury riddled Notre Dame team if it weren’t for Adoree Jackson having the game of his life…..

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  2. Even though the fan base is calling for Gomer to be tarmac’d, here is what will occur (just like last year and the year before that).

    Bohner is going to tell Gomer to fire his O-line coach and maybe his running back coach (making them the scapegoats), with the usual promises “that the culture is changing” or we are “building for championships”. When even the blind can see that to do either is to fire Helton. I have to believe that Bohner’s hands are tied by Dolt.

    If I were Bohner, I will tell the entire coaching staff (including and specifically Gomer) to visit Saban and/or Sweeney and see how they conduct Spring practice for a week. It’s common that other coaches look in on other coaches practices. Cristobal was at Saban’s spring practice last year. And then tell the coaching staff, if future camps/practices do not look like the camps/practices that these 2 winners run in terms of pace, efficiency, physicality, etc. they should expect to be fired at the end of spring ball.

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    1. Great idea –except Gomer has already said he’ll have too many players out to even have a Spring Practice…..

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  3. everything starts at the top, the befuddled drunk goes to alabama and he looks like that greatest oc. until the loser is removed (if the self proclaimed god worshipper still doesn’t have the decency to resign) nothing will change.


  4. there is no answer for how to fix the offense under graham harrell. all the solutions wont happen under harrell. 1) they need to open the QB competition up and allow Jaxson Dart to win the job, which would give them a QB with a run threat 2) they need an offensive coordinator with another 5-10+ years of experience at teams that run an offense other than the air raid 3) they need an o-line coach that can recruit 4) they need to actually practice football at football practices (with tackling and blocking even) 5) they need a schematic offense that tries to create strategic leverage and get players open rather than simply training the QB to throw into tight windows that require a super-human player.

    harrell is simply a rookie coach and is nowhere near being qualified.

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    1. Usually with a list that long a couple of points amount to nothing more than filler —but every fucking point you made was right on the money.


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  6. Clay Helton should resign or Mike Bohn should fire him. Helton has proven he is not Head Coaching material and neither was Lane Kiffin or Steve Sarkesian. USC needs a proven, tested, & a HC that can develop talent & demand excellence. The Alumni & fans deserve better than this. Class of 1982 Alum.

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