The Rough Life Of A Coach

USC might have zero running game under the overrated Graham Harrell, but how is Kliff Kingsbury doing?

Kingsbury, who spent a month at USC, is now 48-57-1 as a head coach after the Cardinals lost to the 49ers today. That includes Texas Tech, obviously. That’s what happens when you don’t have way better talent every week, like Clay Helton.

At least he can relax at his mausoleum.

27 thoughts on “The Rough Life Of A Coach

  1. Wolfie, your critique of Kingsbury is cheap and not applicable to USC. Kingsbury is an NFL head coach. Perhaps an average NFL Head Coach, but at least his team has improved in Year 2.

    Gomer will never be an NFL coach. And I have not seen any improvement of his teams in years.

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  3. Just off the ESPN wire a lil bit ago. 2 NFL teams have reached out to Urban Meyer about coaching jobs. Urban is considering taking the leap to the NFL. Way to go Bot, gnome, gomer and bohner, by letting USC football suck still. Total fucin incompetence by all of them.

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  4. Lazy worthless Gomer will have a for sale sign up by next year … KK would be a nice replace but then an empty chair would be an improvement over lazy loser Gomer

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  5. Gomer is too stupid to enjoy Cali and the salary this lazy loser doesn’t deserve. After he is finally canned, the lazy idiot will still think he is a coach and take the Eastern Kentucky job, just to show us. If Gomer wasn’t so unlikable, he could hang around SC like Faust does ND … but Gomer has worn out his welcome some 3 years ago, if not much earlier. His Missy Piggy must be servicing the older board members, why else would this loser still have the job.

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