USC Sunday Buzz: Keep An Eye On Roster

With Christmas now behind us, it probably would be good time to start to monitor the transfer portal.

USC is already going to lose quite a few players to the NFL Draft (Alijah Vera-Tucker, Talanoa Hufanga, Amon-Ra St. Brown among others). And if a couple other players decide to transfer, that could really impact the roster for 2021.

USC can also add transfers. But so far, the Trojans have added a defensive lineman from Alabama who fell out of the playing rotation and appeared in one game along with a Texas safety who fell to No. 3 on the depth chart.

They might flourish at USC but it’s not a sure thing.

36 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz: Keep An Eye On Roster

  1. We have no hope out here in Trojan-fan Land. Helton is staying, we have to. listen to his befuddling ( I am using a nice word here) pre-game, and worse, post-game comments, and as a USC grad, this is an insult to my football and life acumen, and my intelligence. Thanks so much to the stupid and stubborn administration(they usually go together and I hate taking shots at people, but I’m so tired of this situation) for perpetuating this farce. Happy New Year to all.

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    1. Pretty much summed up the feeling of most alum. They’re tearing down the school, including the football / athletics program (the front door of the university they say)… and of course things like the Row, turning away children of alumni, but that’s another story.

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      1. What are they doing to the Greeks at USC? I have read that many other colleges like UVA are trying to remove or diminish the frats and sororities in the name of being Woke.

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    2. Happy New Year, Joan.
      We’ll see if Bohn has the gravitas to upgrade the Trojan Sports Products.
      I shared a few hours with him and a small group of Buff alums a decade ago, and I was favorably impressed. I’m giving him a few more years before I jump ship.

      Even during the lost decades of 1983 to 2001, we could count on Zumberg and Sample uprgrading the academic prowesss. We must wonder what President Folt will do to their laudable achievements.

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    1. That’s the plan, karma —and Folt’s sticking to it. Look at the comedic upside: this time next year we’ll get to hear Helton say once again, “We’re closer than EVER!” [Of course Chip will be saying it too —only difference: brubabe fans will believe him]……

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      1. He’d have every right to celebrate, gt — 6 games in win column would be a miracle for bruins under Chip’s obsolete offense….

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  2. Add Marquis Stepp he wants to play for a team that will run the ball. 2021 will be a long season for the Trojans I am afraid if they continue with the air raid.

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  3. Happy New Years Joan. I don’t know if you heard the news already. Urban Myer is considering a jump to the NFL
    According to Adam Shefter,ESPN. He’s been contacted by 2 teams already.
    He’s going to take a week to consider. Way to go USC the coach that would help bring some respectability to the program is going to the NFL now. Helton devaluing the program doesn’t mean squat to this rotten fish heads at the top. As long as everyone is getting paid that’s all that matters.

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      1. You stupid fucking pussy! Trump is gone you little bitch! Learn about politics before you comment you little faggot!


      2. Charlie Bucket sock puppet, you poor pathetic Libtard! Why so angry and bitter? You are as evil as this lib creep:


      1. And goes 8-8, my friend.

        IMHO, there are HC destined for CFB success and HC destined for NFL success–and never the two shall meet. Over the last decade, the NFL has been ruled by mostly NFL Coaching talent. Harbaugh was mildly successful for a short run–going from CFB success to the NFL. We’ll see about Kingsbury, etc. McVay–an NFL “lifer” for the most part.
        Pete Carroll is an “exception” to my “rule,” but he likely would have been successful at his first go around had the NFL (Jets, Pats, etc) given his method a little more time.

        Leave us not forget that Nick Saban was not doing well in the NFL and wisely jumped back into CFB.

        I think I’m right on this one, but I expect many on this site to blast holes in my theory. Remember, this is a decade-long trend which I am proposing.
        Jimmy Johnson made the leap, but that was a long time ago. Barry Switzer?
        Chip Kelly.

        I’ll stick my neck out here and predict that IF URBAN were crazy enough to make the jump to the NFL, he will have MOSTLY mediocre results in his 5 or fewer seasons.

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      2. Great point gotroy 22. The only place I would rather see him coaching in the NFL then USC is in Vegas for the Raiders. After that debacle of a game last night, pathetic 19 sec hose job. That was garbage Chucky. Your defense sucks. Your play calling is worse then Opie boy Harrell in the Red Zone. Time to resign.

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      1. Just off the wire! Well that didn’t take long Markese Stepp inters his name into the transfer portal.


  4. Stepp.. will transfer please give a reason for him to stay. All that off season training for 3 carries a game in the air raid. Notre Dame, and Wisconsin are the leading candidates to land him because they know how to win football games with the run the first option. USC , will need walk ons at running back next year.

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  5. Cal75 year end recap
    P-12, sad. Colorado much improved.
    USC, one qb, questionably healthy. Doesn’t use TE with sub USC OL, good RB depth with little output. Outstanding receiving Corp but unbalanced mostly predictable offensive. TOP, substandard time management leaves D on the field too much.
    D undisciplined. Poor tackling, needless penalties. Taunting, personnel fouls. 4/5* athletes not blending well.
    Team not crisp. Bows out of mid tier post season bowl.

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