Happy Anniversary

It was a year ago today that USC lost to Iowa in the Holiday Bowl, 49-24.

So what changed in the past 12 months? USC fans are angry today over a sloppy loss to Oregon in the Pac-12 title game. Kedon Slovis was hurt in the final game last year. And he was hurt last week too.

The big difference is USC won’t have 17 starters back in 2021 like it did this season.

21 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary

  1. Bill Plaschke of the LA Times doesn’t think much has changed either. Here are his columns after the Iowa and Oregon games:

    2019, after Iowa – “USC’s proud football tradition continues to be lost under Clay Helton”

    2020, after Oregon – “Awful Defeats Have Become the Norm for the Trojans”

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      1. Here is one more Plaschke column about Helton:

        “Soul-crushing defeats have become the norm for once-mighty Trojans program”

        Soul crushing. Yes.

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      2. A numskull like you doesn’t have the brains to stay at home
        during the Pandemic crisis. Another conservative asshole
        making things worse. I doubt you got a degree from anywhere.


  2. Whatever you say about Helton and his QBs not getting better, how about Goff under McVey? Goff will never win the Super Bowl with McVey !!
    Goff is simply awful. Case closed.

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      1. P. S.
        Speaking of Seattle vs. Rams —It’s nice to see what it looks like when a team (Seattle) has a great coach and a solid front office….

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  3. Talk about regressing, Goff’s is also paid $33.5M a year. The Rams have another Luol Deng type contract here.

    This won’t stop Wolf’s criticism of Helton but the Ram’s GM Les Snead may be worse than the combo of Haden Swann and Bohn for picking Goff #1 and then paying him a $135M 4 year contract.

    LeBron and AD are a steal compared to Goff’s ridiculous salary.

    Stan Groenke you got suckered and Snead and company set back the franchise at least 5 years with the turnover machine, Goff.

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  4. Would any creditable company in the fortune 500 company hire a person who failed in college at the preferred subject? Helton was second string on his daddy’s team. Would they hire someone who apprenticed under losing managers and had no history of real achievement? Helton’s dad was worse than he is.
    I don’t think Helton is qualified to hold the position he has. If I’m right he lied on his application and should be fired.

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    1. I think Nick Saban was never much of a CFB player, nor was Bill Belichik.
      The difference is that they “apprenticed” under great HC’s and took great methods from each and every coach under which they studied. Helton never studied under a great HC, so…..

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