Big Loss For USC As Markese Stepp Enters Transfer Portal

USC running back Markese Stepp has entered the NCAA transfer portal.

I hinted at this yesterday.

Stepp told his teammates last week he was leaving USC. Why? He was furious with the way he was used this season and also unhappy with the way running backs are a secondary feature of the Air Raid offense.

This is a big loss. I always thought he was USC’s best back. And now the Trojans have only Kenan Christon returning unless Vavae Malepeai decides to come back.

When Graham Harrell doesn’t care about running the ball, running backs notice.

41 thoughts on “Big Loss For USC As Markese Stepp Enters Transfer Portal

  1. Stepp, at 6 feet, 235 lbs, 4.4 speed, could have been an even better version of Lendale White. He was plagued by injuries, but still, I can’t say I blame him for wanting to get out, particularly when he was the 3rd string back behind Vavae and Stephen Carr. Helton loses more talent than he recruits.

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      1. Owns, Stepp would be a great catch for ucla, or for any program. Notre Dame is more likely, as he is from near South Bend, and ND is where he originally committed.

        Not sure about better food in Westwood, but better medical care for sure. His ankle surgery in October 2019 was supposed to have been “3-5 weeks recovery” (similar to Tua’s injury when he was at Alabama), but it ended up being a year-long recovery.

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      2. 67 –I bet Stepp’s ankle was fine. But —like a bunch of other receivers and tight ends Clay didn’t like— Clay kept him out of the lineup for “medical reasons.” [If you don’t kiss the bible reader’s ass, he’s happy to fuck you over]……

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  2. This is so aggravating! Things are bad, but now worse then ever! This is just the beginning! Next year is going to be terrible! Why must we wait and watch our once proud program fall completely apart!

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    1. Because it will be better to see Dolt, Bohn, ande Helton embarrassed on the field and off the field. This reminds me of Smith’s last years when he did not recruit like he should or could have. We will wait until the cupboard is bare and another losing season, but after next year, he should be gone.


  3. Told you all he would leave it was rediculous how many times the backs got to run the ball this year. This air raid offense is not for running backs, and definitely not USC football. Texas Tech, Louisiana Tech, or Washington State where they cannot recruit premier running backs yes it will work, but again not USC- once known as Tailback U. The way SC runs the ball they might as well line up wide receivers in the running back slot.

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    1. While every D1 program, and many in NFL use some version of the spread, it is not close to what is being used at USC. The extreme version of the spread is used when one a team has a physical disadvantage against the opposition, particularly on the O-line, where one can cover up that disadvantage with quick-hitting plays. I understand how that would be used at Wazzu, but not at USC, where the O-line should not be worse than the Pac-12 defenses they are facing.

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    2. Really good point, 67. So we recruit top running backs? With Drevno recruiting and coaching the o-line it isn’t gonna matter.
      [I know you’re gonna find this hard to believe but I think Clay may be wrong about a championship next year]……

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  4. Question Clownster’s:

    Would have the bozo’s lucked out winning in the final minute of several cupcake games, had they been running the ball?

    How many run orientated O/L’men did Clown U recruit for 2021?

    Certainly the 3-2 Ducks didn’t much give a sh*t about SUCC’s rushing game.

    Hence, the 5-0 Clown U FB team choka, choka, choka choked.



    1. Just Rent,

      Even without a running game, SC kicked uglies ass once again. It is like New Year’s once a year, you can set your watch on a uglie ass kicking. Now get back in your two story cardboard box and get drunk. By the time you sober up, it will be New Year’s Eve and you can get drunk again. Bring in the New Year, a ruin way, drunk and stupid.

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    2. Question Bruin Rob

      Why should you Traitor Democrats ever be trusted to be in positions of authority ever again?


  5. If Vavae Malepeai decides to come back?

    Vavae Malepeai, she seems like she’s been at USC going on 7 years now.

    How many years did she red-shirt?

    And she got hurt again this year on multiple occasions and she played in limited games against weak teams from the PAC 12…Damn!

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    1. I wish you are right, but unfortunately, the end is not near for Helton. Folt loves him. And she is the de facto athletic director. Bohn seems like just a stuffed shirt.

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  6. USC football is dead! Scott should just stop doing this blog because it pretty much just serves as a place for people to come laugh at USC football and their bougie alumni. 🤣🤣🤣


  7. Helton and Harrell promised Stepp he would be the feature back, and get the ball 20 times a game. Hard to believe I am saying this but why with this coaching staff would any running back come to SC there is no opportunity to develop. Even Petros would have transferred in this offense even though he averaged 2-3 carries a game. WE WERE SC, BUT NOT NOW…..Look at the personnel running this university, and its athletic department- A President who graduated from UCSB which discontinued football, an Athletic Director who sat on the bench at Kansas a losing program every year, and a Head Football Coach who was a backup at Houston in another losing program. I am just saying this is a bad formula for success. The good news might be the ship is sinking quickly now let’s hope that after it finally sinks completely next season things will change.

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      1. Wow. A ship manned by the walking dead ….that won’t sink. It’s kinda like that ghost ship in Pirates of the Caribbean …..

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  8. Steppe should look into playing at Washington or Georgia, he’s been the dog house all season. Put some blocking in front of him and he might be a star (again) His treatment at USC is a highlight of Helton’s one track mind. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that Helton is unbalanced in football.

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    1. This is USC.
      Where we let guys transfer to Oregon (Devon Williams) and Notre Dame (Amir Carlisle). We may have to face Stepp sooner than we think.

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  9. The problem is what we’re losing more than what others are gaining, and how that makes the program less attractive to coaches and players, continuing the downhill slide. You can put this one on Bohn– and some of the fans.

    Bohn decided he would be “Coach Bohn” but his choice of OCs sucked, though a bunch of idiots (the same idiots I used to argue with about Sarkiffin and Helton), were rah rah about Graham Harrell (and his mediocre QB). A lot of fans keep getting what they ask for (outside of Urban Meyer). SC needs a HC yes, but if that’s not happening immediately, it needs the right sort of OC.

    The only problem, if SC gets the right sort of OC you will have Helton around for a while longer, but the team would be much improved, as long as Bohn told Helton to stay out of the way and be the figurehead he now is.

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  10. The real problem is good coaches and good players realize USC is a piece of shit football school and do not want to deal with racist / overprivileged classmates or faculty. Since they know they will not be competing for championships USC is no longer a first choice for top notch talent. Also, Stop recruiting so many Orange County kids. They are SOFT!!! and anyone who played high school sports in Southern California can vouch for that.


    1. You are a true idiot.

      Orange County Kids are very good. Tell that to Matt Lienhart and John Huarte. They both won the Heisman and they both came from Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana. What a Maroon.

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      1. Idiot,

        Add Randy Johnson as well. He is from Brea. There was another pitcher form Brea that is a Hall of Famer. You are a maroon.

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      2. Matt Barkley was pretty good too.
        So was Sam Darnold.
        Neither got the Heisman, but pretty good, No?

        Yeah, the OC produces some pretty good FB players–esp for USC..


      3. You named QB’s and baseball pitchers you fucking faggot! and they all suck in the NFL! what is the problem at USC? TRENCHES!!! you stupid bitch.


  11. Sad to see Stepps depart.
    Hopefully he does not end up at ND or in the Pac 12.

    USC’s offense was #9 nationally per the FPI metric in 2019, and it performed admirably vs some of the best defensive teams in CFB. I think USC’s offense lined up against 5 or 6 of the top 15 defenses (again per FPI)–UW, Utah, ND, Ore, Cal. Iowa had a highly ranked defense also.

    The problem is in the O-line (and the HC/OC coaching to some degree).
    Sark was the last guy to recruit a decent O-line. Remember Mama, Viane, etc? What an O-line class!

    While USC was “TB U,” it was also OL university from Yary to Mathews/Mosebar to all the dudes during the PC years.
    Revamp the O-line and we will get good RB’s.

    We’re not gonna spend the money to buyout coaches right now.
    Prep for 2021 with a new O-line coach and recruits.
    If 2021 goes to shit, then fire the HC & OC.

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  12. The problem is coaching and the air raid scheme. Look at UCLA’s offensive line it is well coached, and no blue chip players. The SC offensive looks slow off the ball, and if you are not practicing the run game or giving the running game reps the end result is what we see in the games. Many times this year after the ball was snapped it was like the players stood and watched still the the defensive line ran right by our lineman. You might run some options outside, or at least take the ball under the center to keep the defense off guard. It is very obvious SC does not practice the running game in their daily practice routine.
    No one should be surprised Marquis Stepp transferred. No running back wants to carry the ball 3 times a games, and when you do get the ball the defenders are right there in the backfield.
    Look for alot more players entering thetransfer Portal. We should be happy it will bring a coaching change sooner rather than later.


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