Steve Sarkisian’s Transformation Is Complete

Steve Sarkisian won the Broyles Award today, which goes to college football’s top assistant coach.

The image transformation is complete. Thank you, Alabama.

Now someone who never won more than eight games at Washington and went 12-6 at USC can get hired by another college and make millions of dollars. Again.

I’m sure Nick Saban thinks he deserves a commission. For Sarkisian and Lane Kiffin.

35 thoughts on “Steve Sarkisian’s Transformation Is Complete

  1. Good for Sark, always good to see people turn themselves around. On the other hand, maybe ‘Bama is so good that if you are the interim HC, as Sark was , all you need to do is not get in the way of the players heading out of the locker room onto the field.

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    1. A monkey could call offensive plays and be just as good, if not better, than Lane Kiffin and Steve Sarkisian with the amount of talent Alabama recruits every year.

      Saban knows that it all starts with the offensive line even though defense is his thing. All of his Alabama teams have been able to run and pass block better than any other team out there.

      So pretty much anyone with the exception of Helton and Harrell could be highly successful running Alabama’s offensive with the quality of players they have.

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      1. I think both Kiffen and Sark are very srategic and innovative offensive minds. As a former coach myself, I can see how both coaches attack defenses.


    2. Trojan1967,

      My thinking on Saban has changed. I thought he was an evil ol’ troll. Sorry for that. I have changed my mind about him and i think he truly wants to help others. He has helped manhy others including Kiffin and Sark on getting them on their feet. Sark owes all for his revival to Saban. Saban goes to Catholic Mass everyday and that does change a person in helping them to live more Christ like. Good for Saban.

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    1. Sark has shown twice that he can take 5star players and win a lot of games as an Assistant Coach under a superior program manager (First PC, then Nick Saban).

      The tell will come when he is offered the HC job at a middling SEC or ACC or Pac 12 school. He’ll likely get a promotion in January, but recall it was Bourbon4me who saw the UCLAns firing the Chipper and hiring the Sark this year. The Sark knows how to recruit the West Coast. It would be a brilliant move for the Bruins.

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      1. the bruins have fallen on tough financial times, no buyout for Chip is in the cards, so new new HC.

        Here is how bad it is. After signing with Under Armour for a record $280 million for 15 years, Under Armour bailed on them. Now they have a 6 year, $50 million deal with Nike, including the value of Nike equipment. That will barely cover their “loan” from the university to cover their current deficit.

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  2. Good for Sark. I hope he gets another solid head coaching opportunity. I am sure he’s grown as a person and coach. As a Christian I always root for redemption. I know that I need it.

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    1. I think Sark would be good at a mid level college for now. Let us see how he does with that first. If he doesn’t fall back into his old bad habits and he shows improvement wiht the program, then in a few years let him have a larger program. I hope he does well.

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  3. Still happy for Sark.

    There is a long list of former HC who have then apprenticed under Saban and then regained HC gigs. Remains to be seen how many of them will enjoy success. If they were wise, none would take an SEC gig, cuz Saban never loses to his understudies.

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  4. “Now someone who never won more than eight games at Washington and went 12-6 at USC can get hired by another college and make millions of dollars. Again.”

    It sounds like someone might be a little jealous.


    1. That fat mental midget Suck is as lucky as Gomer … Saban picks him off the curb (same agent) after he was canned,once again, by Atlanta. As mentioned even Gomer could call play at Bamer vs all those crappy D’s they play.
      Hopefully, Saban drops soon and Suck gets that job and turns It into shit like everything else he touches. After he is canned, try suing those people Suck and see what happens.
      Suck is a pile of crap, always was always will be.

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    1. Typical Bruin Rob meltdown…

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  5. We hated Lane Kiffin and the school listened. He barely tolerated Sark and they canned him. But everyone I know loathes Helton, why has the school plugged its ears? Helton is the remaining member of Kiffin’s staff. Can’t they see has been the problem all along?

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    1. Folt and the BOT have made a decision to deemphasize football in favor of keeping Helton, who “doesn’t smoke, drink, do drugs, or sleep around.”

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  6. scott seems to never believe people learn more from their mistakes,obviously he never has or will, and coaches like Saban are great mentors…football has had many such coaches. He also is a no mercy ever if it has anything to do with sc.


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