Markese Stepp Update

I’m hearing Wisconsin is the frontrunner for former USC tailback Markese Stepp.

It makes sense. Wisconsin ran the ball 57 percent of the time this season and Stepp looks like the typical-Wisconsin back.

14 thoughts on “Markese Stepp Update

    1. It would be fun to see Markese accepting the award, “thanking Coach Helton and Coach Harrell and Coach Folt and Coach Bohn…..”


    1. True. Stepp was usually on the bench while Helton had Stephen Carr trying to run between the tackles. When the defense was stacked on 3d or 4th and 1, in comes Stepp – gets the first down, then back to the sidelines. Occasionally used on wide runs, not his forte. Great promise, he’ll be very productive somewhere where given the chance. Always great effort.

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  1. I think Helton and Harrell are goners within another week. This melt-down in the USC program just cant be justified any longer. If Bohn doesnt make this happen, he is on a sinking ship and will be blamed for it.

    The running attack will be horrible next season if they dont fire H&H. Can you imagine the o-line even worse and with lesser running back talent? They might average 75 yards a game, a 3 yard average and fall to the very bottom of


    1. If Urban is the replacement, why wait a week?
      Are you speculating that it”s Luke Fickell to the rescue? If so, how Darth Vaderian of the Bohner. But, get real, he doesn’t have it in him as Empress Palpatine has him by the cojones.

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