Connor Murphy Enters Transfer Portal

Defensive lineman Connor Murphy is the latest USC player to enter the NCAA transfer portal.

Murphy never really got his career untracked for whatever reason and probably should have transferred a lot sooner.

REACTION: Who’s next? There are several candidates. Stay tuned.

14 thoughts on “Connor Murphy Enters Transfer Portal

  1. Not a big loss. So far he has been a bust. But, then again, I remember Wole Betiku who was also a bust at SC and then he went to Illinois and became a star. So who knows.

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    1. I had high hopes for Connor during his underclassman years.
      Just never seemed to get on track.
      I think Pendergast wouldn’t play him, and Connor likely didn’t fit
      in the Orlando scheme..

      Wish Connor well. He had some good games along the way for us!

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  2. He should of just went to Michigan after that creepy recruiting sleep over with Harbaugh. Just wasted his time at SC. Hopefully he got his degree already.


  3. Here is what Helton was quoted as saying earlier this month:

    “I think Markese is on the verge of exploding, to be honest with you,”

    Helton is now at the point where he will say anything. Don’t come to USC unless you want to be lied to.


  4. Remember that scene in ‘Goodfellas’ when they cornered the postman and tried to throw him in the pizza oven?

    The pizza oven is the transfer portal, Helton is the postman, well you get the idea.





  5. I hope Mike Bohn, Graham Harrell, Todd Orlando, and Clay Helton enter the portal.

    They would all be back likely as no one will take them but us.


  6. UCLA, on the other hand, seems to be getting stronger.

    They had a decent early period recruit signings, no one is leaving via the portal, all the veteran DBacks are returning and we just landed a good QB, Ethan Garber, via the portal.

    UCLA should be ready for a strong 2021 season.


    1. Hey Rents, Right now UCLA has better coaching than SC. Honestly I would take Chocolate Chip over the Village Idiot. The Chipster was successful at Oregon with an Athletic Dept/Corporate Sponsor (Nike) that helped feed his recruiting pipeline. The main difference between the schools right now is that USC’s players are better (in general) than UCLA’s players.

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  7. That cover picture of the FG beating Texas … should had been the shot from 2006 Rose Bowl. Even after VY scored , F stick Kiffin had great field position and time to at least get an attempt. The last play looked like an amazing talented veteran offense had no idea what the play was.
    But hell it should been SC 35-10 at half but Kiffin was so goddamn stupid.


  8. It would be interesting to get the (+/- net) transfer portal numbers from other colleges to compare against USC. It’s likely USC is having more players abandon ship and enter the portal than average.

    In a way, this is how players vote on the state of their respective football programs: with their feet. If USC is so flushed with talent that players are entering the transfer portal for playing time at other schools, it might also be that those players don’t see USC as a truly winning program by staying and competing. Our near-loss “wins” from this year may adequately attest to that (ASU, AZ, UCLA).

    Daniels, Stepp, Murphy… what other 4* and 5* talent From USC will agitate the gravel next?


  9. His name rings like Notre Dame material. I always want to know why is he leaving? It’s not me it’s you? Also does Helton ever talk these kids out of this move? Honestly sometimes it’s a cry for attention, which we know he’s not getting.


  10. We are a mess. I wish the entire team would hit the portal to protest the coaching. Maybe then the stupid decision making by the adults in the room would finally listen. Its becoming apparent that the Heritage of Football inside Heritage Hall and Bovard Administration building cares little about the sports at USC. It’s sad to lose our identity.


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