Drake London To Concentrate On Football

USC basketball coach Andy Enfield said Drake London would concentrate on football and not join the basketball team this season. I think he means ever.

It makes sense for London, who is already drawing a lot of NFL attention.

But it also shows how difficult it is to play football/basketball effectively. London tried last season but was a non-entity. When you can’t join the team until around New Year’s Day and then you need to get in basketball shape and shake off the rust from not playing every day. Even for London, that was a big ask.

  • Evan Mobley scored 17 points as USC defeated Santa Clara, 86-63, at the Galen Center. Tahj Eaddy and Isaiah Mobley added 13 each.

6 thoughts on “Drake London To Concentrate On Football

  1. London is a beast as WR and is a problem for defenders. He’s gonna have an NFL career because he is tough after the catch. He doesn’t go down after first contact.

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    1. I hope you are correct for MBB 2020/21, triple R.
      It would be nice to see the Trojans compete strongly in the Pac12 and get
      well into the NCAAM tourney.

      I think last year’s Trojans would have gotten into the 32 and maybe even sweet 16….but I’m an optimist.

      Time for this coach to show that he’s the real deal….*

      *….or not.


  2. If you have not, watch the SC men’s basketball team. I have been following SC basketball for a very long time and i don’t think i have seen as much hieght, skill, and athleticism ever. They should make the tournament again.

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