USC Picture Of The Night

You can never have enough color pictures from the past. Here’s the 1969 USC-Oregon State game, which the Trojans won, 31-7.

12 thoughts on “USC Picture Of The Night

  1. 1969 – perhaps the best year for Trojan helmets, with the centennial anniversary emblem. Those OSU teams coached by Dee Andros were also tough, but the ’69 USC team was as good or better as any team in the country that year. Texas was voted the natty, but they ran the wishbone, and couldn’t have done much against a Trojan run defense that gave up only about 2 yards per carry.

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      1. Kermit Alexander and James McCalister at right and left HB – they still couldn’t get around the edges with Jimmy and Charlie!


  2. 1969 my freshman year in high school. I still idolized football players and USC was my goal. It was a good year we tied Notre Dame and wound up #3.
    I wasn’t a fan of the football shaped helmet stickers but I loved the way they played.

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  3. I played in that game. Our team had great confidence in beating any opponent! we finished the season 10-0-1 … .955 winning percentage .. 5th best in the 133 year history of USC Football.. Beat Michigan 10-3 in the 1970 Rose Bowl.. Legendary Names Like “The Wild Bunch” and “The Cardiac Kids”
    I was the CoCaptain at LB with the Great Jimmy Gunn.. Great Coaching and Motivation from Coach McKay and Marv Goux.. USC is an embarrassment at this time… Declining to play in a Bowl Game? What? the players are transferring in droves.. Why Not! They know that they will never be coached up to play in the Pros and the program is on the decline..
    It’s time to hire Urban Meyer and right the ship! Helton and his inept dimwit coaches do not have a clue on how to coach and to Win!!
    Folt and Bohn also seem to be completely clueless and don’t get it!
    Bob Jensen #51 LB

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    1. Yes, Bob, you and the defense were memorable, but the quarterback position held the team back from scoring, and just eked out wins against sucla and Michigan. Congratulations on a stellar career.

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      1. Sam Dickerson, in the west end zone, if I recall correctly. It’s been 50 years.
        Wasn’t the endzone painted with diamonds in the team colors?

        I enjoyed watching that game on TV Saturday so much as an 8 year old that I watched the entire re-run on Sunday (KTLA, I think).

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  4. Sam and Bobby Chandler were awesome!
    Clarence Davis and Charlie Evans RB’s
    Jimmy Jones QB!
    The Defense “Wild Bunch”
    DE’s. Charlie Weaver, Jimmy Gunn
    DT’s Tony Terry, Al Cowling
    NG. Bubba Scott
    LB’s. Greg Slough and Me
    DB’s Sandy Durko, Jerry Shaw, Ty Hudson and Ron Ayala…
    No 1 Defense in total, and Run
    Fight On!
    Bob Jensen

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