USC Adds Another CB Commit

Fabian Ross, a Class of 2022 four-star cornerback from Bishop Gorman in Las Vegas, committed to USC today.

He is the seventh four-star defensive back to commit to USC for the Classes of 2021/22.

The question now is whether Donte Williams can recruit some offensive linemen, since we know he can recruit defensive backs.

20 thoughts on “USC Adds Another CB Commit

  1. Who would want to play for Clay Helton….they all know he is gone next year along with the assistant coaches that are recruiting them………..Why would a running back or offensive lineman give a committment to USC with this air raid offense not featuring the running game. Just saying it is time for a new captain of the ship before it sinks next season.

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  2. Donte is one of the top recruiters in the country. I suspect any HC would want him on their staff. But in any case, I fear that the village idiot will survive another season. Next year’s schedule is weak – no Oregon, no Washington. It will be hard (even for Helton) to lose more than 4 games next year, and 8-4 keeps the idiot within the village. Even 7-5 probably keeps him safe.


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    1. You’re warm. Orlando is bragging about putting a “new 19 Cornerback” defense on the field in 2021.

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      1. I only know that the refs will call it: “Too many men on the field…”


      1. Just to get the discussion back to football and the mess that has become ucla football in particular:

        “I firmly believe Chip’s innovative approach to coaching student-athletes make him the perfect fit for our program.” – Dan Guerrero

        Chip is 10-20. Why does he have the worst record in the Power 5? Read on:

        “At UCLA, Chip Kelly inexplicably runs a boring, uninspired pro-style offense. The Bruins ranked 98th in the nation in scoring last season with 24.6 points per game. And with the exception of a clear anomaly in the team’s 67-63 win over Washington State, UCLA has averaged only 18 points per game in its losses.”

        Owns? Are you there? Don’t CA taxpayers deserve an explanation?

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      2. Bruin Rob, STFU you fat sub six Fake News CNN quoting loser.

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        *BruinRob spends a lot of his time touting the greatness of UCLA, despite the fact that he’s never attended the school, aside from never attending a UCLA basketball/football game, even though tickets are relatively easy to come by. *BruinRob really came into his own during the 2011 season.

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      3. Just Rent,

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      1. Good point, 67! There’s an 87 year old guy here on Maui named Larry O’Brien —who played trumpet in Glenn Miller’s Band and worked with Sinatra and Bennett — he runs and swims daily —and on his worst day he’s 100 times more on the ball than Joe Biden….

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