USC Recruiting Is Good Like It Should Be

USC’s recruiting class was ranked No. 3 in the nation in 2018. It was ranked No. 6 in 2017.

I mention this because the L.A. Times has a column today that credits Mike Bohn for the current recruiting success and rebuilding the football program, “with the addition of eight support staff positions, fund the hiring of ace recruiter Donte Williams from Oregon and encourage ingenuity with the oncoming ability of USC players to profit from their name, image and likeness in the L.A. market.”

USC’s recruiting class is currently ranked No. 8 by Rivals. This is good. But it is not unique. It is not special. It is not revolutionary. It is normal for USC. No, Bohn is doing anything special.

But the Times column will make Bohn happy.

  • Kedon Slovis is looking good in the 2021 Heisman odds from MyBookie Sportsbook.

What are the odds Slovis will be healthy or USC will admit the extent of his shoulder injury?

Spencer Rattler- Oklahoma +450

Sam Howell- UNC +550

D.J. Uiagalelei- Clemson +600

Kedon Slovis- USC +700

D’Eriq King- Miami +1000

31 thoughts on “USC Recruiting Is Good Like It Should Be

  1. Scott, that was a tough read. I think I understood what you meant, but so many typos or missed words. If Slovis is healthy, and our offensive line is developed, and we have a run game, and we have more creative play calling to exploit our weapons, he will be in the run for the Heisman. Lots of ifs.

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    1. Slovis will be lucky if he’s not in the ICU by game 4 with our pathetic excuse for an OL, and remember, no run game and Slovis isn’t mobile, even a dope like Orlando could scheme for our schoolyard offense.

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      1. Slovis is losing his blind side tackle (AVT), who is projected to go in the first 2 rounds. All I can say is good luck to him and let’s hope USC can hire a coach who can produce a much better O-line.

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    2. While many think WR’s are a “dime-a-dozen*,” replacing Vaughns and St. Brown will be a challenge for Slovis and the brain trust in 2021. Still, Joan, you nailed all the talking points for 2021. We all have forgotten that Slovis had about 10 full games in 2019 and 6 games in 2020 (with no Spring ball in 2020 and lousy Fall prep in 2020). The kid is doing pretty well with about 16 games under his belt.

      *I was a talent-poor WR. Getting open vs the zone is harder than it seems.
      In 2021 we will have a very young, very talented but inexperienced WR group.

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      1. I agree losing Vaughns and St Brown is a lot. When Vaughns was on, he made great plays; St Brown was smart, had good hands and had a tough as nails attitude but many teams would still envy us. McCoy, Ford, London for starters with many other really good prospects waiting to get their chance. I am way more concerned about our O-line play, thus our run game and QB health. I am optimistic about our D too, lots of good prospects and returning starters.

        Ah, what the hell am I thinking, the village idiot will still fuck it up.
        We’ll still get our asses kicked my any team with equal or better talent.

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      2. “Ah, what the hell am I thinking, the village idiot will still fuck it up.”

        Brad, never have truer words been spoken. The village idiot would make a hash out of pouring milk into a bowl of Cheerios.

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      3. Bourbon, I’m optimistic about the WRs next year. London definitely has it, I think that McCoy has it, and Gary Bryant and Kyle Ford have a ton of potential. What I worry about is that the 8 man zone defense that results from having a limited running game forces Slovis to work through so many progressions that it takes way too much time to get the ball to these guys. It’s been said a hundred times here, but one really needs the threat of being able to run between the tackles to take the pressure off of Slovis and hence the WRs.

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      4. I have no idea what the run game will look like in 2021.
        My optimism for 2021 ended when Stepps portaled.*

        New verb coined by Bourbon in 2021. Send it to Urban Dictionary.
        Regrettably, it is a verb oft used by we Trojans.


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    1. I’m shocked! pjm is such SUCC loser he resorts to using homophobic slurs to promote pussy Patriotism. I bet pjm blows his .45 every night.



      1. WowBow, FU (also known as Skippy) and JustOwnsPinkSlippers–out in force today. Charter members of the One Syllable Club. What, no cartoons on TV now?

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  3. I have to argue with your point Scott. To have the #8 recruiting class with Helton still in charge after these last three years where nothing changes. The big losses against good teams. If you can convince kids to come in this current situation, that’s an accomplishment!

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      1. We got #1, 2 and 3 classes under Sarkiffin and Hackett. I recall when we struggled under JR 2 and people said, you got the #1 class, and the response was that they are not developed yet. So the next year we got the top class with a bunch of JC players which was supposed to end the development problem. (Even our prospective disaster class recently under Gomer wound up being retrieved by a bunch of unexpected late signees and transfers). SC has all the advantages that we know of on top of the grimy part of recruiting.

        Coaching and wins slide classes a few slots up and down, but the power of the machine is really what keeps SC, SC. But bad coaching causes a few crucial misses, and bad coaches that target the wrong mix of players hurt performance. Then there’s development… At SC 90% of dominance is just not getting in your own way as a coach.

        #SportsAgents #Boosters #HowTheSausageIsMade #IKnewAgentRunnersInCollege
        #BigProgramsRecruitingIsntPrimarilyCoaching #SomeAssistantsAreBagMen

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  4. “Kedon Slovis is looking good in the 2021 Heisman odds from MyBookie Sportsbook.”


    She-don Slovis still hasn’t and most likely won’t recover from when she hurt her elbow against Iowa.

    She-don Slovis a Heisman candidate?



    Shit…that’ll be the day!


  5. I’m starting to think that all this effort that Bohner is committing to (new assistants, new O-line coach, etc.) just to prop up Gomer, is going to be way more costly and less successful than just biting the bullet and firing the staff and hiring someone with experience to run your football program.

    This is akin to Bohner acting as his own contractor, hiring the plumber, Carpenter, etc. And with the Village Idiot as the contractor of record. You will have a costly mess. Better to hire a competent contractor with experience and let him finish the job.

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  6. There was a time when I would follow USC recruiting more closely than my kids sporting events. Now, who give a RATS A$$. Even if it was the number one class in the country it wouldn’t matter. Helton can’t coach these kids up. How many of them are now in the NFL? They win games because of their talent not because of his coaching or leadership.

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  7. USC coaching Needs to Have a FULL BACK in Front of the Running Backs to Block and Open up the Running Lanes… when you have a Weak offensive line. ..

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  8. Ah, and here it is! The inevitable post about USC “recruits itself ” that gives zero credit to the staff when USC recruits well, after a year of criticizing coaches for not recruiting well. All too predictable, Scott.


  9. Good recruiters and SC recruit top players. However, the class should always be in the top 4 every year. With good coaching and good recruiting, that should happen. We need the coaches to coach up the players so they can win the games if they play physical or finess teams. Oline has to be tougher. Have Drakes rush and not play lber. That is a start.


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