USC Morning Buzz: Job Opening In Football

Do you want to work for USC football?

USC is looking for a director of marketing and branding to “oversee all football social media accounts and internal marketing for the recruitment of potential student-athletes.”

And you only need a minumum of “2 years experience in football recruiting and/or brand management at the collegiate or professional level.”

Are we headed to the day when a football program has more social-media influencers than coaches? Probably not. But USC is definitely going to try and recruit its way out of paying a buyout for you-know-who.

  • You want to know why the Pac-12 has such little leverage?

John Ourand reports the Michigan-Maryland basketball game on New Years Eve drew 1.408 million viewers to ESPN. The Colorado-USC game afterward averaged 631,000 viewers.

  • Here’s a game for you: Which USC players below thanked Clay Helton in their off-to-NFL announcements? It’s a close call.

30 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Job Opening In Football

      1. Zero….matches Korey Foreman’s football I.Q.

        Dude got tossed around like a rag doll in all the Nike camps.


  1. USC is looking for a director of marketing and branding to “oversee all football social media accounts and internal marketing for the recruitment of potential student-athletes.”

    Didn’t they just do this a year ago, hiring the LSU guys? Constant hiring/firing of everyone football-related except the village idiot really shows what is rotten at the top.


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    1. Think of USC as you would any Government institution.
      You have people who do A, but you now think you must have people who do B, pretty soon you think you need people who do C, D, E etc. Most of the positions are redundant and needless, but it looks like you’re doing something good when all you’re doing is clogging up the works.

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      1. karma understands government.
        [“Job enlargement” works in another, more individualized way way, too. At Zucky’s Deli in Santa Monica there was a guy behind the counter who had secretly appointed himself Secretary of State. He’d discuss affair of state with all those who wanted —and those who didn’t want— to listen. When someone would interrupt and ask for a pastrami on rye he’d get pretty annoyed —but it was his own fault cuz he never made any official announcement about making himself Secretary of State. btw, Pat Haden made a similar mistake when he secretly made himself World Diversity Chairman]….

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      1. Exactly, 67! Many of the people led to the platform we’re proud to be there.
        “It’s a far better thing, I do than I have ever done.”

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  2. I’m not saying USC bball has an impressive following or anything, but the USC game started at 10 pm ET on NYE so it was never going to get a lot of national views considering the NYE shows. So it’s not really a fair comparison.

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  3. Most of the players thanked the coaches who helped them. One USC coach was mentioned. I believe these young men are waving a hand towards all of their coaches and thanking them. This makes it seem as if they are thanking coaches who were present during their stay on campus.
    It also encompasses the coaches who set them on a path towards USC. While it doesn’t exclude USC coaches it doesn’t really include them. Most of these players were at or near the level of talent they are now and are probably aware that they need to seek further guidance. It’s sad that they don’t feel the need to specifically mention a coach.
    But if they did would they also need to thank their parents for hounding Helton to put them in?

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      1. Oh TO you can’t troll me. Rialto has many beautiful features and it isn’t crowded like say…Westwood. And I can go to google and find many famous athletes, but without looking I can think of Ronnie Lott who attended Eisenhower high here in Rialto.
        Finally inside my home I am blessed to have people around me who make me a king in my wife’s castle. No ghetto here thank you

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    1. I can buy that and put it on top of my 2006 Rose Bowl sweat shirt. I actually wore the sweatshirt once and haven’t done anything with it since.

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  4. The extra staff is a good thing. Like it or not, BLVD studios is a good thing. We should be, and are, out ahead of the NIL train that is headed for college football. It will be a huge factor in recruiting, don’t take my word for it, listen to Korey Foreman.

    All of this is good for USC football. Unfortunately, none of it outweighs the anchor we have as head coach.

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    1. Dear Mrs. Helton,
      I am not a sailor –but I have been told that anchors are a good thing to have. Your husband …..

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  5. I think that they gave up on Tom Herman a little too early. I would have given him one more year. I still think that he’s a good coach. He’s much better than Sark. I think they made a mistake hiring Sark.


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