What About Some Less-Discussed Players Who Could Leave?

You don’t hear much about players who could graduate but have the option of returning for another season.

Two of the high-profile players in this position are tailbacks Vavae Malepeai and Stephen Carr. Neither has announced their intentions.

Currently, within the program, there is a feeling Malepeai will return. He seems happy and doesn’t seem to mind that running backs are undervalued in the Air Raid.

Carr is a different matter. Sources say he was not thrilled with his role this season, especially after a strong training camp. Like Markese Stepp, he could seek a transfer to a run-oriented program. He also has the option of making himself available for the NFL Draft.

16 thoughts on “What About Some Less-Discussed Players Who Could Leave?

    1. 1967,

      I respectfully disagree. Malepai, I think will get drafted. he is a tough runner inside. He almost has enough speed to make a difference to get to the outside. This is my opinion. Thank you

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      1. I agree, Pasadenatrojan.
        Vavae is a tough, north-south runner who is rarely (never?) caught for lost yardage. He is a value in the mid-rounds. Never gonna be a marquis RB in the NFL.

        That said, I hope Buddhakarma is correct and Vavae returns and gets an advanced degree.

        Otherwise, looks like Christon is THE MAN–third year for Kenan. Hope he is given the opportunity to shine.


    2. Carr just didn’t seem to recover that explosiveness that he showed alongside RoJo in the Freshman year. I think his surgeon* or his rehab specialist failed him.

      *spoken as a retired surgeon


    1. Think before you talk, ff! If NO ONE comes back next year it could mean the end of the Pac12 Network……

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    1. You’ll be singing a different tune when we claim the California Championship (Cal, Stanford & UCLA) next year…..

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