Who Has Better Heisman Chance? Kedon Slovis Or JT Daniels?

Here’s some interesting new Heisman odds: Kedon Slovis and JT Daniels are both 12/1 to win the 2021 Heisman according to BetOnline.

Who would you take?

Is Slovis healthy? What was his injury?

Here are the full odds. Note that former USC commits Bryce Young and Matt Corral are also on the list:

Heisman Trophy Winner 2021                                     

Spencer Rattler – Oklahoma                               5/1

D.J. Uiagalelei – Clemson                                   7/1

Sam Howell – UNC                                             7/1

Bryce Young – Alabama                                     12/1

D’Eriq King – Miami                                            12/1

JT Daniels – Georgia                                          12/1

Kedon Slovis – USC                                           12/1

Breece Hall – Iowa State                                    14/1

Brian Robinson Jr. – Alabama                             14/1

Emory Jones – Florida                                       14/1

Jayden Daniels – Arizona State                          14/1

Michael Penix Jr. – Indiana                                 14/1

Tyler Shough – Oregon                                      14/1

Bijan Robinson – Texas                                      16/1

Brock Purdy – Iowa State                                   16/1

Graham Mertz – Wisconsin                                 16/1

Kyren Williams – Notre Dame                             16/1

Deuce Vaughn – Kansas State                           18/1

Isaiah Spiller – Texas A&M                                 18/1

Matt Corral – Ole Miss                                        18/1

Kevin Harris – South Carolina                             20/1

Carson Strong – Nevada                                     25/1

Dillon Gabriel – UCF                                           25/1

Grayson McCall – Coastal Carolina                     25/1

John Metchie III – Alabama                                 25/1

Jordan Addison – Pitt                                         25/1

Zay Flowers – Boston College                            25/1

43 thoughts on “Who Has Better Heisman Chance? Kedon Slovis Or JT Daniels?

  1. “Who Has Better Heisman Chance? Kedon Slovis Or JT Daniels?”

    Neither of those girls will make it through a full season without getting hurt.

    If either one of those girls survive the year with an injury that sidelines them for one game or less…I’ll eat my shoe.

    Either of them with a chance to win the Heisman?




    Mr. Wolfe should moonlight as a comedian

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    1. ” If either one of those girls survive the year with an injury that sidelines them for one game or less…I’ll eat my shoe. ”

      I guess eating your shoe would beat you eating Phuc U’s penis !

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      1. You eat shit everytime you come out with that crap about Helton’s buyout being $20 million dollars.

        You might want to take some elementary remedial math classes if you think the buyout stays the same every year during Helton’s contract you stupid fuck.

        You’ve been saying Helton’s buyout is $20 million dollars for years now…you have no clue what the fuck you’re talking about.



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      2. ” While fans demanded Helton’s firing, the remaining years on his contract carried with it a considerable buyout believed to be more than $20 million. ”
        Jul 16, 2020 LA Times

        And since you’re so ” smart ” what is Gomer’s buyout ? Any guess you beau-ho ?

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      1. Gee —If I were the dems, I wouldn’t wanna turn the multi hundred million dollar machines over either[even if it would be pursuant to a lawful subpoena] if they had that kinda incriminating label on them….

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      2. I believe every tweet I ever read to be the stone cold truth – as long as it contains right wing bullshit.


  2. I think Daniels is a better QB than Slovis. Slovis is good. I was surprised how well he did when Daniels went down. But Daniels just has more zip on his pass. He doesn’t throw the floaters that Slovis often does.

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    1. Slovis had a shoulder injury against Iowa, he may have had another injury this year, his shoulder is hurt again, Dart better bone up on the flag football offense ASAP.

      But I think the reason his balls were ducks and floaters this year was his shoulder and possibly something else.

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    2. I think Slovis has a better chance, parcelman. He’s our TOTAL offense. USC averages 95 yards a game that aren’t attributable to Slovis. Poor Daniels operates in an offense that generates 175 yards a game without him….

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        #buddhakarma: whatastupidPOS.


      3. OWNS the Lying cheating Libtard traitor loved it when Sam Gilbert won all those tainted championships too!

        Now he’s still using Talking Points from 3 days ago! whatastupidPOS.

        You are so proud of your heroine Willie Brown’s Bimbo! She lies just like you!


    1. In other news…that Rat Bastard Son Of A Bitch Red Chinese Commie Low Life Treasonous Piece Of Shit Biden better die before he gets tried for sedition!

      That Mother Fucken Shit Stain Biden knows his criminal ass is going to be indicted on a multitude of felony charges

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      1. You forgot to say, “I’m Charlie Bucket and I just got Sanduskied by Buddhakarma.”

        10h ago
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        *BruinRob spends a lot of his time touting the greatness of UCLA, despite the fact that he’s never attended the school, aside from never attending a UCLA basketball/football game, even though tickets are relatively easy to come by. *BruinRob really came into his own during the 2011 season.

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        He soon changed it to his current monicker of “JustOwns” after USC sent UCLA and Josh Rosen packing three years in a row. *BruinRob’s anti USC dystopia hit an all time high shortly after it was announced that USC would be playing Penn State in the 2017 Rose Bowl.

        He went on an all day rant about how the Bowl Selection Committee was violating their own rules by choosing USC over Colorado, who just lost the Pac-12 title game to UW. He conveniently left out the fact that USC beat both Colorado and UW that season.

        *But this was nothing compared to the Mother of all Meltdowns during the fourth quarter of the 2017 Rose Bowl. I was at that epic comeback and when I got back home I read this blog and let me tell you, BruinRob was strutting around like a Bantam Rooster during the Third Quarter. But as the Fourth Quarter began winding down, you saw him going absolutely haywire, culminating when USC won in the final seconds.

        *After that, BruinRob seemed to disappear for some time, keeping a really low profile. But now with USC sucking hind tit so to speak, he’s back spewing his constant garbage. FIGHT ON!


    1. If She-don Slovis lasts 2 games without getting hurt they should name her…”Girl Friday”





      1. Democrats are leading both of the Georgia Senate races right now so by Trump logic, the races are over and they should stop counting votes. Any reversal means cheating by the corrupt election officials.
        Holy shit it sounds stupid when I say it that way!

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      2. Holy shit you sound stupid when you post here with your sock puppets and impersonate other posters, Charlie Bucket.

        Meanwhile in other news your Democrats are using the Dominion ballot stuffing machines to perfection to steal 2 more elections.


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