Ex-USC Commit Jack Yary No Longer With Washington

Tight end Jack Yary is no longer on the roster at Washington.

Yary, the son of USC great Ron Yary, had signed with USC last year. But he never showed up in August and was released from the letter.

Yary quickly committed to Washington. He took the fall semester off but was supposed to start classes at Washington in January.

16 thoughts on “Ex-USC Commit Jack Yary No Longer With Washington

  1. Best of luck to Jack, though we would be hard pressed to say that coming back here would be the best career move for him, given the lack of passing to the TE, and given that he would be ultimately splitting playing time with Jalen Cope-Fitzpatrick (4 star recruit) who arrives next year.

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      1. Michael, you said it – no country for tight ends.

        It has been great to watch Drake London develop and to see how he has become such a big part of the offense. But for every Drake London, there is a Daniel Imatorbhebhe, a Markese Stepp, a Stephen Carr,..guys who sit and don’t get developed.

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      2. Not only is he a great football player, Drake is a LEADER. USC needs him for that as much as his pass catching…..

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  2. Maybe Jack has grown tired of football. I do not know this case, but quite often the sons of football stars are not as keen on playing as their dad thinks they are.
    I keep coming back here to see if the place has settled down or maybe Helton has finally been fired. But for some reason there is no moderator, just glitches that eat posts. Yesterday there were two moderators and that was one too many. I wish someone hadn’t pointed out that any email address works here, but since they did I am thinking my time might be spent at a site where you have to log in to be heard

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      1. At least one guy stopped by to deflect. BTW, I work just as hard as you and I’m self employed.


  4. I’m not sure I would go after him. He’s another one like Jake Garcia…..can’t figure out what he wants. Besides, why bring in another tight end when they don’t even use their tight ends.


  5. Yary has options , he is only 18-19, & lots of teams use tight ends, he even could just go to a good JC team to get back on that horse…I’m sure there is a plan.


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