USC Morning Buzz: Will Coach Bohn Hire Strength Coach?

Cal strength coach Torre Becton is expected to go to Texas, according to Horns247.

Becton spent 2016 as an assistant strength coach at USC and turned down Clay Helton’s offer to be the Trojans’ strength coach in 2019, which led to the hiring of Aaron Ausmus.

Becton was considered a logical-but-long shot candidate to replace Ausmus. He worried two years ago how long Helton would have a job so there was little reason to not worry about it again.

Who will Helton hire now?

Coach Bohn will probably hire the new strength coach anyways. Hopefully from the SEC or Big Ten. Maybe he can hire the Cincinnati strength coach as a precursor to Luke Fickell.

  • USC president Carol Folt sent out this statement on twitter and Instagram on Wednesday night.

As you can guess, many of the responses involved Helton.


40 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Will Coach Bohn Hire Strength Coach?

  1. Absolutely Ms. Folt; F**k the Clown U loser Trumpturds: MG, 22, Dear Pisley(PJM), PasadenaToejam, buddhakarma, Toejam1967, Mr. Bogus and “all about Evil.”



    1. Back to sports – only ucla could lose a $280 million athletics sponsorship contract from underarmour, and replace it with a $50 million contract from Nike. That level of failure takes some real doing, owns.

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    1. You fail to mention the Sleepy Joe received 7.5million more votes and secured 306 electoral votes to Chump’s 232.

      Wm. Barr, Trump’s own AG found no election fraud likely to overturn the Nov. 6 balloting. At least 50+ Trump/Ratpublican election legal challenges were laughed out of court or dismissed for lack of evidence or legal standing.

      It’s you “Its(sic) all about Evil” who is brainwashed and a pathetic crock of sh*t.


      1. You rent,

        You forgot to mention that Biden is China’s cream of young son. He is their pump bitch.


  3. Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t recall Folt making any such statements when Antifa and BLM were burning down buildings and looting business’s and beating people up and throwing rocks, bottles and molotov cocktails at police all summer long. They were even openly bragging that if they didn’t get their way, they would burn the city down. For 4 years the libs have fought Donald Trump. Their foreign policy was “Impeach Trump”. Their domestic policy was “Impeach Trump”. The just spent 4 years fighting Trump. Now that they have power their slogan is “Unity”…”let’s come together”….”Kumbaya”….”Auld Lang Syne” and they wonder why the conservatives will have none of it.

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      1. Obviously Carol Folt doesn’t agree with the generally peaceful protests of the conservatives. But what did she say about a whole summer of rioting and looting and destroying business’s that took certain people a whole lifetime to build and also where 26 people were killed and hundreds were injured? Here’s a quote from her: ““This is as service-minded a generation as I’ve ever seen,” Folt said. “And I think the COVID-19 pandemic has really inspired people, as well as all the movements associated with Black Lives Matter. People want to help others. We have that amazing group of people to really help us. “They inspire me every day, and hope is a great inspiration in times of travail. I think we all turn to it — so now, let’s make it be real.” Yeah right….let’s burn down some more buildings.

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    1. Please be aware 007 Snowflakes don’t give a shit that racist, Nazi “…conservatives will have none of it.”

      Bottom line 007(LOL) Chump is a loser/succer and so are you.

      Trump should be escorted to Gitmo today to await his public trial for inciting an insurrection and treason.


      1. Truth is, there are slightly more people who are willing to have the government be a nanny state for them than there are people who favor personal responsibility. Anyone paying attention can see that from Obama on the Democratic Party took a very hard left. Liberals scream fascism, nazi, and other nonsense while voting for a government that doesn’t hide the fact they are going to tell you how you receive healthcare, education, freedom of speech, your income, and soon to be, religious liberty.

        Silly name calling means nothing to me, Liberty does. One day when you wake up and see that you were intentionally groomed to vote for a government that will strip away your freedoms in exchange for their power, you will be praying there are conservatives left to fight the good fight.

        In the meantime, take your victory lap and pray you didn’t just buy in to the very thing you claim to oppose.

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      2. I love my family and like my friends (all of you) no matter who the president is.
        I worked with high ranking dems the entire time I was in Los Angeles. They said one thing and did another. And The L. A. Times covered for them. I’m only guessing but it’s probably the same at the state and federal level. It will probably get so bad that the media will be 24/7 committed to denigrating the truth.
        I hope people stop listening to them between now and 2022 and ask simple questions like: am I more or less free to assemble? am I more or less free to speak? are my taxes going up or down? are government services merely promised or efficiently delivered?
        Wake up, America. Time to stop listening to the talking heads and look out the window. Ask YOURSELF if you like what you see.

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      3. Notice how all these conservatives here are pretending like yesterday didn’t happen?


  4. Helton continues to……..

    Sneek by as the coach known for coaching teams with no discipline or toughness while failing to reach the Playoffs in the sad Pac12 conference. Again. Like the previous seasons.

    Almost every player relevant with the option is leaving the school because it took these kids 3 years to realize Helton is a bull shitter so they just want to get away from USC as fast as they can. SAD. Again. Like the previous seasons.


    Man I am gonna be cheering for the opponent more than ever now until they get rid of the trash.

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    1. Sam Bam,
      It’s obvious that the only way for the Village Idiot to be tarmac’d is to go 5-7 or worse next year. So that it is obvious to Dolt and the BOT that even “a good guy” like Gomer cannot successfully run a program. It’s not enough that a bad football product, dwindling attendance, loss of revenues, low merchandise sales, and lack of donations gets these Idiots (Dolt & BOT) to do what is needed and sack Gomer. Texas fired their coach and staff, paid the $24M buyout for the same reasons because their AD sees that a good coach with a good program will make that money back and more.

      The only way for the Idiots (Dolt & BOT) to act is for the program to be embarrassingly awful. 5-7 or worse. Even 6-6 may get USC into the Cheeto Bowl where Gomer will tout that USC won the City Championship. It will be hard for me to root against USC next season, but if they lose games then I won’t feel so bad because it will be for the greater good.

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      1. At least “if they lose games I won’t feel so bad” [cuz I know it’ll be leading to a greater good].
        The ancient Augustinian Principle of “Double Effect”….

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      2. You are partially correct. What will draw their immediate attention is a lack of butts on the seats. As the saying goes “money talks; bullshit walks”. Fans should let Coach Folt, Coach Bohn and the BOT know in no uncertain terms that “enough is enough”.

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      3. I was annoyed more than usual yesterday because its so embarrassing to see all these players and not just this year all of them under Helton that have wasted their good years at USC with the leadership they get. Honestly Sark (a sober Sark) and Kiffin let their personal problem and ego’s ruin them but they at least were tougher and weren’t as blind as Helton pretends to be. When does a Trojan parent go on sport center to speak his mind and just say out loud that Helton is bad and everyone knows it except Folt and Bohn. I couldn’t cheer for another team so I was rambling there haha.
        And these days a team with 5 wins can reach a bowl game. I could just hear Helton right now after finishing 5-7 and spinning by saying “this is a team that made it to a bowl game” and makes him really feel as if that was an accomplishment. Heltons goals aren’t very tough to reach because there is no pressure at USC to win which is sad.
        I mean the facts and truth will surface eventually and that will most likely be against ND or UW beating us convincingly and I think that’s when we have to pull the plug on this experiment. It’s wasting a lot of time/money for the university and fans.


      1. I hear you, she’s just such a nothing President, her recent posts tell you where USC is headed as a University, and it’s not a good place.

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      2. There was a great scene in an Italian political comedy in which a woman executive is asking her male co-worker why he hates her —“Is it because I have a better education? Is it because my politics are more progressive? Is it because I make more money?”
        The guys sez–“No, it a whole simpler than that: You’re a phony”….

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  5. Parcelman007
    Dead nuts on.

    Schummer is drunk with power. Never a good plan.

    This blog has a lot of keyboard warriors. If the defecation ever hits the oscillation, I pity them.

    Bruin Bob, golden spatula award winner seeking that AA degree, lolol.

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    1. Bruin Bob means well. He just relies on misinformation.
      He’s being lied to and he’s buying it. Wait! I just figured something out. It’s not CNN lying to Bruin Bob. It’s Bruin Bob lying to himself. The only reason he buys their lies is cuz he WANTS to.

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      1. MG it must be hard for you to bet on a horse race because even though your nag finished dead last, your mind thinks it won. You just can’t cash your fist full of winning tickets.

        SUCC FB, MG, Trump the Chump never lose gracefully: they never lose period. There’s always an excuse – bad coaching, fixed elections, cheatin’ defense Attorneys and so forth.

        There was no excuse for what happen yesterday at the Capitol other than the fact that Trump incited his stupid base/mob to insurrection to intimate Congress to vote the 2020 lost election in the loser Trump’s favor – in short, base Trump treason.

        Thankfully, Congress refused.

        But in your mind MG, it’s the Democrat’s fault. As usual MG, a non sequitur excuse.



    1. Harrell won’t leave. No USC coach under Helton has actually gotten a major coaching job. There is a difference between teams being interested and actually offering a contract.

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