A Coaching Hire That Could Impact USC

Marcus Freeman of Cincinnati was the hot defensive coordinator this offseason with offers from job offers from Notre Dame and LSU.

Freeman chose Notre Dame, which announced it this afternoon.

This affects USC in two ways: Does Luke Fickell become a less effective coach without Freeman? We will find out next season.

Would Freeman follow Fickell to USC? He supposedly turned down LSU to remain in the Midwest.

Cincinnati was No. 4 in the country in fewest yards per play allowed and No. 3 in pass efficiency defense in 2020.

Of course, it also impacts USC because Notre Dame now has one of the hottest defensive coordinators in the country. A year ago, USC hired a guy who got fired by Texas as its defensive coordinator.

29 thoughts on “A Coaching Hire That Could Impact USC

  1. Fickell just got extended to 2026, so probably not going anywhere. But still, the Cincy AD was a lot smarter than Swann, as Fickell’s buyout is “only” $4 million right now and drops $500K each year. The genius Swann evidently set up Helton’s buyout at the full value of the contract every year. Swann is the gift that keeps on giving.

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  2. Swann was an idiot. It was so obvious that even Folt moved to “fire” him. The only AD worse than Swann (arguably) was Haden, b/c Haden picked Swann. Lesson here: do not ever hire for political reasons when competence is required. AD and HC positions qualify as “requiring competence.” C&H fails the competence test, but does Bohn? And does the university president’s position require competence? I guess the jury is still out on that last one…

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    1. IMO, none of Folt, Caruso, or Helton are qualified for their USC positions. Not close.

      Maybe Bohn is qualified – hard to tell because Folt might be preventing him from making a move yet.

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      1. We need to face the truth, my friend — Bohn is either a nice guy who doesn’t know which end is up….or…. after one or two meetings with Nurse Ratchet Folt—he got scared & decided to just take the money and run…

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      2. Inquisitive One — I am posting from D.C. It’s my new favoritist state….

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      3. P. S.
        The artist in me hates it when a bracket is left hanging like that….


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    1. Not to put too fine an edge on it ….but, yeah, basically.


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  4. Time is running out for Clay Helton. He can’t fire anymore assistants now. He’s standing on the part of the ice that has a puddle of water also on it. Very thin.
    He can’t fire his OC or DC now because that’s the button that fires him also. And all the position coaches are all new from a year maybe.
    The OLine Coach was the coach that finally got the boot. Now he’s fired two Oline Coaches. Fired them instead of “replacing”.
    Doesn’t look good for him if the OLine plays worse.


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    1. Sam –Helton has fired THREE o-line coaches…. and THREE running back coaches and THREE defensive line coaches ….but that doesn’t necessarily mean Helton can’t hire & fire the next o-line coach…. and the next defensive line coach and the next running backs coach….
      #Folt: “It’sAllGood”…

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      1. Three Oline Coaches?
        Did I miss one? Callaway and Drevno I thought were the guys I thought but I may have missed someone but my point is he can’t do very much at this point having overhauled his whole staff last season was already bad. He won’t be able to tip toe and justify to Bohn that he has to fire a DC or OC. That wouldn’t sit well where even Kirk Herbert would have to say a change needs to be made. I think he’s fired everyone possible except his landscaper. And that’s probably because USC pays for his yard to be taken care of.

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      2. Sam –I forget their names (I repress things that give my stomach knots) but I think Helton had as many as TWO other O-line coaches besides Callaway and Drevno —(I think one of them went on to coach a grammar school team—seriously).
        But I’m with you–if Helton tries to pin bad results in 2021 on say, Orlando, it would be nice if Folt gave Mike (mini-balls) Bohn permission to say adios to Helton……


    2. So, SamBam!* (should always be followed by an exclamation mark, IMHO).

      I looked at the paltry stats from 2020. If nearly all the RB’s leave as expected, then USC offense will have less than half of the total yards gained returning in 2021. Despite lots of YOUNG talent, the USC offense could “struggle” in 2021.

      Only great coaching will be able to take this less-experienced Offensive talent and produce 450-550 ypg in 2021.

      *I still recall that cover photo of Sam Cunningham on a 21 jump vs OSU in the Rose Bowl with the underlying caption, “SAM BAM and its a TROJAN runaway.” Was it the LA times or Sports Illustrated? I was about 10 years old and my memory is failing me.

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      1. Thanks, Bourbon —Now I’m gonna spend the rest of the night trying to remember which one it was — it seems like there was a glossy photo that accompanied the caption — so I’m going with Sports Illustrated….for now……


      2. I wish I could say I remember that play but unfortunately I am a “millennial” and born in 1981. My uncle loves calling me Sam Bam being my name is Sam and he really liked Sam Bam Cunningham so I’ll take it. Haaa. But I think it’s a real possibility that the offense struggles next season and has to rely on defense which is also gonna struggle. Possibly. I don’t see Helton getting the best from his players not with his leadership.


  5. Well, with Marcus Freeman at Notre Dame, our offense is going to collapse in that second game.

    Clay Helton is not the problem. The problem is Folt/Caruso, i really think it is Caruso.


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