Saturday Buzz: Could Graham Harrell Still Be An NFL Candidate?

Graham Harrell apparently interviewed with Boise State on Wednesday.

Now that Boise hired Oregon defensive coordinator Andy Avalos, does this mean Harrell is back for another year at USC?

Well, there is still a potential path for him to the NFL.

The Philadelphia Eagles have an opening for an offensive coordinator and Harrell interviewed last year.

Would Eagles coach Doug Pederson call Harrell again? Philadelphia went without an offensive coordinator this past season. Maybe they will make another run at Harrell. It would probably depend on if Pederson let Harrell call plays.

I don’t really see Harrell enjoying Philadelphia, where the media will not tolerate the Alfred E. Newman routine and NFL defensive coordinators will enjoy facing a one-trick pony offense.

That’s not quite like wearing your slippers coaching against the likes of Washington State and Arizona. Better for Harrell to stay another season at USC.

49 thoughts on “Saturday Buzz: Could Graham Harrell Still Be An NFL Candidate?

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    2. “Saturday Buzz: Could Graham Harrell Still Be An NFL Candidate?”



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  2. Harrellโ€™s miracle season was last year (2019) when he took a lineless offense and an unknown quarterback and magically transformed a team. This year (2020) his offense didnโ€™t improve, it went backwards. He has been figured out and nobody is falling for his rabbit in the hat. He had two and a half top of the line running backs who looked lost. He had a stable of receivers and threw junk at them. His day in the limelight has passed and the Helton effect has taken hold. Heโ€™ll finish his days at USC and then take up gardening, where rumors have him planting just red roses. (No other plants just red roses)

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    1. None of us are sold on a full โ€œair raidโ€ system, we know what it looks like and itโ€™s no fun, but there is some hope. Harrell needs to go talk with Lincoln Riley. He is also a Leach disciple but managed to put together a massive run game out of air raid looks. Itโ€™s not impossible to do, but will he even try? We all know Clay wonโ€™t be of any help.

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      1. How COULD Clay help? Remember when he became his own Offensive Coordinator (after pretending Troy’s sub-shitty season was all Tee’s fault & he would save the day) and he got snuffed by sub-shitty CAL & UCLA teams?

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      2. If you knew shit about Harrell, you would know with this same offense at North Texas they ran the shit out of the ball. What they have to have is bodies that can actually block, no matter what type of offense they run.

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      1. Saban whispered to Clay, “I really like what I see in your coaching” after Alabama crushed Troy 52-6…. Clay’s been waiting for the Big Call ever since but either (1) Saban’s welching…. or (2) Saban didn’t mean what Clay thought he meant….


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  5. “Maybe the Eagles will make another run at Harrell.”

    No they won’t. They already passed on him.

    And anyone who watches our 4th and one performances would pass on him as well.

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    1. Ha! “Okay, boys I called this time out to tell you we’re running up the middle outta the shotgun again. Carr, based on your prior success, you’re our guy on this! Nobody block, ok?”

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      1. Shit up bitch! All you do is complain without knowing what is actually going on. You know about as much football as you do politics!๐Ÿ˜‚ Trump is gonna win in a landslide remember???๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚


      2. Michael, among the assistants, I suspect Orlando might be ok (the defensive stats were pretty good this year, and it wasn’t the D’s fault that Oregon won – Ducks only got 243 yards of offense, nearly half of what they usuall get), but Harrell seems wed to one offense, no matter the talent he has available.

        Why couldn’t he use Stepp more? Why couldn’t he develop Carr, who was a 5 star? Why keep trying to do the same thing, over and over again, against an 8-man zone? Imagine closer to a 50-50 run/pass mix, with the o-line fired up to run block, and with Stepp getting chunks of yards up the middle, thus opening up the passing game.


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      3. I honestly don’t think Helton liked Stepp. I don’t remember him ever talking about Stepp in superlatives —you know, like he did with Toa….

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      4. The most offensive aspect of Clay is that he deceives everyone.

        Right before the Oregon game, Clay said in an interview “To be honest, I really believe Markese is going to explode.” Really?

        Markese is one guy who has had enough. Good for him to enter the portal.

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  6. Anyone see hit on Wofford in Rams game? No penalty called?
    Definitely not PAC 12 officials. 100% flagrant shot to head.

    Sucks because $135 million dollar kid from Cal forced into action.

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    1. They got it done today but Rams fans aren’t happy with Goff.
      I see their frustration but he can break out of his funk with confidence behind him like a win today.

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      1. He almost upset SC that Thursday night at the Coliseum. I was pissed off Mike. Damn defense can’t hold anyone.


  7. Can everyone please say nice things about Harrell. We need to sell this defective OC to some sucker and trashing him is not helping.

    Really, he is great. Dont look at those periods of offensive drought, just look at the shiny passes that happen a couple times a game.

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  8. Its obvious USC only hires rejects.

    A small football program like bouse gets their kitchen cleaned out and USC has zero coaches leave for higher positions. Says a lot as a sign of a good program is the poaching of coaches.

    I knew harrell wouldn’t get offered as he never does. How many interviews and how many offers? Nada.

    All the losers will remain at usc as no one else wants them.


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